New Texas Activity Report
for 22nd June 2002

In attendance: Jim Dudley, Kathy King, Mike Bertram, Jack Lawes, Richard Van Aken, Leslie Bosley, Walter Homan, Sara Heln, Geoffrey Higgins, Kevin ?

Accomplishments: Cleared grassland #9. Started clearing #26.

Issues: What do you do if you have a keen volunteer who wants to saw, but you feel watching him that he could be a safety concern? I tried to give him advice, but he was still a concern. If I had insisted that only volunteers who had been certified could saw then another sawyer (who was very productive and not a concern) would not have been able to continue. It would have also caused bad feeling and the day to be disrupted.

Obviously, if I had been really concerned I would have stopped the sawyer, but it was in that gray zone. No easy answer unless we insist that only certified sawyers can work and to do that we would have to run many safety training days.

Reporter: Mike Bertram