New Texas Activity Report
for 14th September 2002

In attendance: (18 in total) Jim Dudley, Mike Waltz, Brett Transue (all sawyers), Kevin Mock, Bob O'Neill, Kent Wagner, Wood and Nancy Bouldin, Tim Draude, Lynn Carroll, Kathy King, Mike Bertram plus a. n. others (who may have included Karen Cappuc, Steven Smolins, Geoff Higgins, Shannon Erdman, Louis Bernste) - you can see how good I am at names!?

Accomplishments: Cleared previously unmapped grassland (know known as part of V). Cleaned up grassland #23. Made a good start clearing Y.

Issues: The sawyers decided to start early, which helped in a number of ways. They did not find the planned work area but cut a previously unmapped grassland, rather than the one planned. After the main party arrived they moved onto the planned grassland, Y.

We nearly ran out of drinks.

Reporter: Mike Bertram