New Texas Activity Report
for 1st September 2006

In attendance: Rocky Gleason, Sally Just (director of Conservation Management, DCNR), Tim Draude, Andrew ?, Ruth Galantino, Jim Dudley, Kent Wagner, Henry Whitesel, Sandy Whitesel, Tammy Whitesel, Mike Bertram

Accomplishments: A very productive, if somewhat wet, day. Nearly completed clearing grassland M.

Issues: I am running out of places to clear at New Texas! I think I see some possible serpentine areas I have not visited on the latest aerial photos. Will map them once the smilax dies back.

Rocky, Tim and Andrew were taking Sally round the serpentines showing her the different restoration efforts. After helping us at New Texas they were going onto Rock Springs and then Goat Hill. Rocky was hoping to persuade Sally to back the change of status of the Forest Bureau land at Goat Hill.

Reporter: Mike Bertram