New Texas Activity Report
for 6th October 2012

In attendance: Henry Whitesel, Cathy Cooper, and Rocky Gleason

Accomplishments: We started at 0900 and quit shortly after noon. We pulled small invasive pine trees and just a few Sassafras, Red Maples, and wild cherry in Area 1. Rocky very kindly brought a tree puller that helped immensely, enabling us to pull many of the roots out with the main stem of the small trees. Cathy took over the brush whacker and cut invasive greenbriar and multiflora rose. In general the serpentine grasses are doing very well in area 1, with an occasional spot of invasive green briar. I give a special thanks to Rocky Gleason, and Cathy Cooper for coming out and enabling us to meet the minimum of 3 attendees.

  8/10/2006 crew8/10/2006 crew

8/10/2006 crew
  Cathy running the brush whacker Henry pulling a pine sapling Rocky carrying pulled pine saplings

Issues: Recommendation to the Board: We need a large size tree puller like Rocky brought; see attached picture.

Reporter: Henry Whitesel