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There are two ways in interacting with the Image Database, through either a BROWSING INTERFACE or through SEARCHING (see the next paragraph). The browsing interface allows you to easily and quickly navigate down through the categories of topics in the database. The downside to using this interface is that images of interest may be under multiple categories. So if you want be sure you are seeing every image that relates to a topic then use the searching interface.

There are also two ways of searching for images in the collection, Quick Search and Advanced Search. Quick Search allows you to look for words or phrases in any part of the data associated with the images. If you want to search for records with two words or phrases enter the second word or phrase in the second box. Be aware that entering common words such as Paoli, Berwyn, or Railroads will result in a large number of images being retrieved. Make your query as specific as possible. For example only searching using the term Paoli will retrieve over 100 images. A focussed query of Paoli ( in the first box) and railroad (in the second box) will retrieve less than 30 images.

Quick Search

Enter search terms: AND

Advanced Search

For more focussed searching use the ADVANCED SEARCH option.


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Please note that this will always be a work in progress. Contact Mike Bertram at mike@the2nomads.org with any corrections, questions, and/or comments.