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Valuable Real Estate
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A Grist Mill, Distillery & Plantation

Situated in the Great Valley, in Chester County, one and a half miles north of the Philadelphia and Lancaster Turnpike road, and 17 miles from the city of Philadelphia, containing 40 acres in two separate tracts - the first of which is arable land, in a high degree of cultivation, abounding with limestone, water and a good bearing apple orchard, the other is well timbered adjoining lands of George Norman, John Howell and others. The improvements consist of a Grist Mill, with two runs of stones and one pair of French burrs; its dimensions are 30 feet by 50, with a head and fall of 25 feet, and a stream sufficient to keep the machinery in operation the driest season of the year, and is well calculated for carrying on merchant and country work - There is a convenient dwelling house connected with the mill and distillery, with an overhead of water in which is erected three stills in complete order for carrying on that branch of business. Further particulars is deemed unnecessary. The property being well known as a valuable establishment for business, bounded by fertile country and its proximity to the turnpike road, renders it a situation of the first magnitude, and makes it worthy the attention of any person wishing to establish himself in business. An indisputable title will be given and possession on the first day of April next. Application to be made to the subscriber on the premises.
Philip Snider

August 27th, 1817

The editor of the Pennsylvania Correspondent is requested to insert the above 3 times.

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