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Category Title Author - surname Year Donation Donation Year Notes
  The Principles of Geometry and Trigonometry, translated from the French of A. M. Legendre By David Brewster L. L. D.; Philadelphia: A.S. Barnes and Co. (Written and adapted to the course of Mathematical Instruction in the U. S. by Charles Davies.) Charles Davies 1834   2018 Stored in Manuscripts with similar books
Biography Illustrated Life of Washington, G. & F. Bill, New York Headley, J. T., 1860      
Chester County - Townships & Boroughs Annals of Phoenixville, Bovis and Pennypacker, Philadelphia Pennypacker, Samuel Whitaker 1872      
Chester County - General History of Chester County, L. H. Everts & Co., Philadelphia Futhey, J. Smith and Gilbert Cope 1881      
Chester County - General The Weaver Cleaver, 100 Years of Clyde Weaver Daniel Weaver Neff 2020 Daniel Weaver Neff 2021 Weavers is a long-time cheese stand at the Wayne Farmers Market.
Philadelphia History of Philadelphia 1609-1884, Volume 2 of 3, L. H. Everts & Co., Philadelphia Scharf, J. T. and T. Westcott 1884      
Philadelphia History of Philadelphia 1609-1884, Volume 1 of 3, L. H. Everts & Co., Philadelphia Scharf, J. T. and T. Westcott 1884      
Philadelphia Triumph II: Philadelphia to Harrisburg, 1828-1998 David W. Messer, Barnard, Roberts and Co. 1999 Jim Brazel 2022  
Philadelphia Triumph III: Philadelphia Terminal, 1838-2000 David W. Messer, Barnard, Roberts and Co. 2000 Jim Brazel 2022  
Tredyffrin & Easttown History of the Bartholomew Family, self published, Austin, Texas Bartholomew, G. W., Jr. 1885      
Tredyffrin / Easttown Summer Rambles Over Devon and Its Surroundings Julius Sachse 1892      
Transportation - Rails 1st Annual Report of the Chief Engineer of the Pennsylvania Railroad J. Edgar Thomson published June 12, 1848, reprinted 1997 Jim Brazel 2022  
Transportation - Rails Reminiscenses of a Railroad Engineer W. Hasell Wilson 1896      
Transportation - Rails Article “A Century of Catenary,” from Classic Trains, Vol. 16, no. 3, Fall 2015, pp. 20-29 Frank Tatnall 2015 Jim Brazel 2022 filed with newspaper clippings
Biography Lewis Walker of Chester Valley and his Descendants: with some of the families with whom they are connected by marriage, 1686-1896 Priscilla Walker Streets 1896 reprint Society purchase 2014  
Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Stories, The Penn Publishing Company, Philadelphia Quinn, Hobson 1899      
Pennsylvania Two Centuries of Pennsylvania History (Lippincott’s Educational Series, Vol. II) Isaac Sharpless 1900      
Biography The Illustrious Life of William McKinley, Our Martyred President, self published Halstead, Murat 1901      
Biography Our Martyred President, William McKinley 1843-1901, D. Z. Howell Townsend, G. W., 1901      
Biography Henry Troth 1794 - 1842 Samuel Troth 1903 Estate of C. Herbert Fry    
Valley Forge Report of the Valley Forge Park Commission   1904 Estate of C. Herbert Fry    
Delaware County Radnor, The Old Welsh Church of St. David's, Radnor, in Delaware County, PA (Poetry), Ferris & Leach, Philadelphia Pleasants, Henry 1904      
Valley Forge Valley Forge: a Chronicle of American Heroism Frank Taylor 1905 Estate of C. Herbert Fry    
Valley Forge Valley Forge, A Tale (fiction) Alden W. Quimby 1906 Estate of C. Herbert Fry    
Valley Forge Valley Forge, A Tale, Eaton and Maines, New York, Jennings and Graham, Cincinnati, Quimby, Aldan W. 1906      
Tredyffrin & Easttown The History of Old St. David's Church, John C. Winston Co., Philadelphia Pleasants, Henry 1907      
  Analytical Fifth Reader: General Principles of Elocution, and New Selections for Exercises in Reading and Elocution; New York: Taintor & Co. Richard Edward, L.L.D 1907   2018 (stored in Manuscripts with similar books)
Chester County Lessons from the Lowly: The Old Eagle School, Tredyffrin, Chester County, Pennsylvania Henry Pleasants 1909 Estate of C. Herbert Fry    
Tredyffrin & Easttown The History of Old Eagle School, John C. Winston, Co., Philadelphia Pleasants, Henry 1909     (one paperback, two hardbacks)
Valley Forge Report of the Valley Forge Park Commission   1910 Estate of C. Herbert Fry    
Valley Forge Valley Forge Guide and Handbook: What to See in the Park and Village Rev. James W. Riddle, A. M. 1910 Estate of C. Herbert Fry   15 images scanned into the TEHS Image Collection database;
Pennsylvania Pennsylvania in American History, William J. Campbell, Philadelphia Pennypacker, Samuel Whitaker 1910      
Chester County - General Brandywine Days, The Biddle Press Hayes, John Russell 1910      
Valley Forge History of the Centennial and Memorial Association of Valley Forge H. J. Stager 1911 Estate of C. Herbert Fry
Valley Forge Oration at Valley Forge June 19, 1878, Christopher Sower Company, Philadelphia Brown, Henry Armitt 1911
Valley Forge Oration at Valley Forge, June 19, 1878 Henry Armitt Brown 1911 Estate of C. Herbert Fry
  Speeches Incident to the Visit of Philander Chase Knox to the Countries of the Caribbean; U.S. Government Printing House   1912 Mike Bertram 2018 (Shelved with Biography.)
Early Living The Wayside Inns on the Lancaster Roadside Between Philadelphia and Lancaster (hardbound) Julius F. Sachse 1915 Estate of C. Herbert Fry   Online access available at
Early Living The Wayside Inns on the Lancaster Roadside Between Philadelphia and Lancaster (paperback) Julius F. Sachse 2013 reprint paperback Estate of C. Herbert Fry    
Valley Forge Historical and Topographical Guide to Valley Forge W. Herbert Burk, B.D. 1916 Estate of C. Herbert Fry   29 images scanned into the TEHS Image Collection database
Transportation Old Roads to Philadelphia John T. Faris 1917      
Tredyffrin & Easttown The Amenities of Book Collecting, The Atlantic Monthly Press, Boston, Newton, A. Edward, 1918      
Chester County The Ornithology of Chester County Franklin Lorenzo Burns 1919 Estate of C. Herbert Fry   found online at
  The Story of the U.S. Marines, Compiled from Authentic Records, 1740-1919 Leonard & Fred F. Chitty, USMC 1919 Charles P. Stone 2013  
Tredyffrin / Easttown A Magnificant Force A. Edward Newton 1921      
Transportation The Old “Main Line” J. W. Townsend 1922 Estate of C. Herbert Fry    
Pennsylvania Statistics of Public Schools 1919-1921 no author 1922     (no cover - held together with ribbon)
Valley Forge Woodman's History of the Valley Forge (hardback) Henry Woodman 1922     found online at; also available at
Valley Forge Woodman's History of the Valley Forge (paperbound) Henry Woodman 1922 Estate of C. Herbert Fry   found online at; also available at
Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Beautiful, Old America Co., Framingham, MA Nutting, Wallace 1924      
Transportation - Water The Book of Old Ships, Garden City Publishing Co. Inc., Garden City, New York Culver, H. B. 1924      
Chester County Chester County School Bulletin (various issues) Chester County Schools 1916-24      
Tredyffrin / Easttown The Greatest Book in the World A. Edward Newton 1925      
  Byways and Boulevards In and Around Philadelphia, Sesqui-Centennial Souvenir Edition, The Official Historic Auto-Guide (pp. 106-114 deal with Valley Forge; p.113 carries photographs of the Washington Inn and the King of Prussia Inn.) Francis Brandt and Henry Volkmar Gummere 1925 Charles P. Stone 2019  
Valley Forge Henry Armitt Brown’s Oration at Valley Forge Published by The Holmes Press 1926 Estate of C. Herbert Fry    
Chester County - General History of Chester County, Pennsylvania, State Normal School, Horace F. Temple, Printer, West Chester, PA Heathcote, Charles W. 1926      
Early Living Early American Inns and Taverns, Robert McBride & Co., New York Lathrop, Elsie 1926      
Valley Forge Oration at Valley Forge June 19, 1878, The Holmes Press Brown, Henry Armitt 1926      
Pennsylvania Old Lancaster, Tales and Traditions, W. F. Worner, Lancaster, PA Worner, W. F. 1927      
Music Weep No More My Lady, Doubleday, Spaeth, Sigmund, 1927      
Music Weep Some More My Lady, Doubleday Spaeth, Sigmund 1927      
Art and Architecture The Main Line Beautiful Published by J Howard Goodwin Co. 1928     (See research folder in “Historic Homes”)
Miscellaneous Fox Hunting Recollections J. Stanley Reeve 1928      
Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Trees, Pennsylvania Department of Forests and Waters, Harrisburg Illick, J. S. 1928      
Chester County - General Lenape Trails, Harcourt, Brace and Co., New York, Lisle, Clifton, 1928      
Chester County - General Fox Hunting Recollections, J. B. Lippincott Reeve, J. Stanley 1928      
  The Main Line Beautiful; J. Howard Goodwin Co. (Contains hundreds of photographs of domestic and commercial buildings, and many real estate advertisements.   1928   2016 Due to its fragile condition, it is stored in a folder with “Historic Homes” in the Research files. Source: found among a batch of miscellaneous papers.
Biography Mad Anthony Wayne Thomas Boyd 1929      
Miscellaneous Valley Forge Military Academy Register of Year, 1928-1929 no author 1929      
Art and Architecture American Naturists Henry Chester Tracy 1930      
Chester County - General A History of Chester County, Pennsylvania, National Historical Association, Harrisburg, PA Heathcote, C. W., Sr. 1932      
Tredyffrin / Eastown End Papers A. Edward Newton 1933      
Philadelphia American Fire Marks, Insurance Co. of North America, Philadelphia Insurance Co. of North America 1933      
Chester County Around the Boundaries of Chester County Wilmer W. MacElree 1934 Estate of C. Herbert Fry    
Transportation The Book of Old Ships Henry B. Culver and Gordon Grant 1935      
Biography Anthony Wayne, Henry Pleasants, Jr. Pleasants, Henry 1936      
Montgomery County Day by Day Record of the American Army Encampment at Whitemarsh, PA, Nov. 2-Dec. 11, 1777, self published Hocker, Edward W. 1936      
Valley Forge Valley Forge Harry Emerson Wilder 1938 Estate of C. Herbert Fry    
Pennsylvania Conserving Pennsylvania's Historic Past PA Historical Commission 1939      
Chester County The Fiftieth Anniversary [of] Malvern, PA, 1889-1939 Committee for Malvern's 50th Anniversary 1939      
Transportation - Water The Delaware, Farrar & Rinehart Inc., New York Wildes, Harry Emerson 1940      
Transportation - Rails A Century of Reading Co. Motive Power, Reading Co. Hare, J. V. (Secretary and Treasurer) 1941      
Nature Do You Know Your Garden?, Oxford University Press, New York Goshorn, Gladys M. 1941      
Chester County - Townships & Boroughs The Brandywine, Forman and Rinehart, Inc. Canby, Henry Seidel 1941      
Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Cavalcade, Works Progress Administration, University of Pennsylvania Press, Philadelphia Pennsylvania Writers' Project, comp. 1942      
Pennsylvania The Plenty of Pennsylvania, H. D. Kinsay & Co., New York Weygandt, Cornelius 1942      
Biography Remember William Penn William Penn Tercentenary Committee 1944      
Churches The Church of Saint Peter in the Great Valley, 1700 - 1940 Harold D. Eberlein and Cortlandt Van Dyke Hubbard 1944 Estate of C. Herbert Fry    
Valley Forge Valley Forge During World War II John Robbins Hart 1944 Estate of C. Herbert Fry    
Pennsylvania Remember Wm. Penn 1644-1944, Dept. of Public Education-State of Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania Historical Committee Tercentenary Committee of Commonwealth of Pennsylvania 1944      
Tredyffrin & Easttown The Church of St. Peter's in the Great Valley 1700-1940, August Dietz and Son, Richmond, Virginia Eberlein, Harold Donaldson and Cortland Van Dyke Hubbard 1944      
Industry & Manfacturing The Potters and Potteries of Chester County, Chester County Historical Society James, Arthur E. 1945      
Valley Forge The Washington Memorial Chapel and Valley Forge Historical Society no author 1946 Estate of C. Herbert Fry    
Tredyffrin & Easttown The Residential Architecture of Richardson Brognard Okie, , compiled and with a brief introduction by Ronald S. Senseman, Leon Brown, Edwin Bateman Morris, and Charles T. Okie.   1946 Lynne Anderson 2014 Unpaginated (Photocopy stored in the Okie biographical file.)
  Novelette Valley Forge 24 December 1777 F. Van Wyck Mason 1946 Martha Ground 2012  
Pennsylvania Pennsylvania As Artists See It, The Gimbel Pennsylvania Art Collection, Gimbel 1947      
Pennsylvania It's An Old Pennsylvania Custom, The Vanguard Press, New York Mitchell, Edwin Valentine 1947      
Pennsylvania Meet the Amish, Rutgers University Press Rice, Charles S. and John B. Shenk 1947      
Chester County - General Chester County Clocks and Their Makers, Chester County Historical Society, Horace F. Temple Inc. James, Arthur E. 1947      
Montgomery County Chestnut Hill, Springfield, Whitemarsh, Cheltenham, Old York Road Printing Co., Jenkintown, PA Lippincott, H. M. 1948      
Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Songs and Legends, University of Pennsylvania Press, Philadelphia, Korson, George, ed., 1949      
Maps The Story of Maps, Little, Brown and Co., Boston, Brown, Lloyd A., 1949      
Art & Architecture Early 18th Century Architecture in the Vicinity of Mill Creek, manuscript, Andrews, Suzanne W. (Evans), 1950      
Valley Forge A Christmas Story F. Van Wyck Mason 1950 Estate of C. Herbert Fry   (fragile, stored in a ring binder)
Pennsylvania Keys to the Keystone State, The Bobbs-Merrill Co. Inc., Indianapolis, New York Oakley, Amy 1950      
Transportation - Water Pennsylvania's Susquehanna, J. Horace McFarland Co., Harrisburg, PA Singmaster, Elsie, 1950      
Transportation - Water The Schuylkill, Rutgers University Press, New Brunswick, New Jersey Nolan, J. Bennett 1951      
Chester County - Townships & Boroughs It Happens Every Thursday (History of the Downingtown Archive) (newspaper), Macrae Smith Co., Philadelphia Mcllvaine, Jane S. 1952      
Philadelphia Patterns for Liberty, McGraw-Hill Book Co. Inc., New York Johnson, Gerald 1952      
Valley Forge Washington's Officers Slept Here, Sunshine Press, Philadelphia Pinkowski, Edward 1953      
Revolutionary War Lights Across the Delaware (fiction) David Taylor 1954 Estate of C. Herbert Fry    
Early Living The Old Country Store, Oxford University Press, New York Carson, Gerald, 1954      
Tredyffrin & Easttown Devereux Viewbook, Democratic Printing Co., Madison, Wisconsin Devereux Staff 1954      
Art and Architecture Pennsylvania Agriculture and Country Life, 1840- 1940 Stevenson Whitcomb Fletcher 1955      
Valley Forge Farewell to Valley Forge (fiction) David Taylor 1955 Estate of C. Herbert Fry    
Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Agriculture and Country Life 1840-1940, Pennsylvania Horticulture and Museum Commission Fletcher, S. W. 1955      
Lancaster County Lancaster County Since 1841, Intelligencer Printing Co., Lancaster, PA, Klein, Frederic Shriver, 1955      
Chester County - General Chester County Place Names, Sunshine Press Pinkowski, Edward 1955      
Philadelphia My Philadelphia Father, Doubleday and Co. Inc., Garden City, New York Biddle, Cornelia Drexel 1955      
Valley Forge Valley Forge Yesterday and Today Ronald E. Heaton 1957 Estate of C. Herbert Fry    
Art & Architecture The Gingerbread Age, Bramhall House, New York Maas, John 1957  

Philadelphia Our Philadelphia, Doubleday and Co. Inc., Garden City, New York Brookhowser, Frank 1957      
Valley Forge Valley Forge Landmarks Stephen Moylan Press 1958 Estate of C. Herbert Fry    
Transportation Pennsylvania Board of Canal Commissioners' Records, with Allied Records of [other] Canal Companies Genevieve Blatt 1959      

Transportation - Water Pennsylvania Board of Canal Commissioners, Dept. of Internal Affairs, Harrisburg Curnmings, Hubertis M., preparer 1959      
Tredyffrin & Easttown Golden Anniversary pamphlet Paoli Fire Company 1959      
Art & Architecture Architecture in America, Atheneum Publisher, New York Andrews, Wayne, 1960      
Tredyffrin / Easttown Land Use For Tredyffrin Township Planning Commission of Tredyffrin 1961      
Early Living Vanishing America, A. S, Barnes & Co., New York, Wilson, Everett B., 1961      
Art and Architecture Early America at Work: A Pictorial Guide to Our Vanishing Occupations Everett B. Wilson 1963      
Early Living The Enterprising Americans, A Business History of the United States. Harper Colophon Books, New York Chamberlain, John 1963      
Early Living The Vanishing Village, The Citadel Press, New York Rose, Will 1963      
Industry & Manfacturing Early Americans at Work, A. S. Barnes & Co., NY Wilson, E. B. 1963      
State of Delaware Eleuthrian Mills - A Chronicle of American Industrial Heritage, Western Printing and Lithographing Co., U.S.A. Hagley Foundation, Hagley Museum 1963      
Tredyffrin / Eastown An Ecological Inventory of Easttown Township Donna Schwartzman and Thomas Lera post 1963      
Transportation - Water Old Ironsides, Burdette & Co. Inc., Boston, MA Horgan, Thomas P. 1963      
Pennsylvania Pennsylvania: Birthplace of a Nation, Random House, New York Stevens, S. K. 1964      
Chester County - Townships & Boroughs History of Malvern, Chester Valley Press Inc., Downingtown, Pennsylvania, Highley, George Norman, 1964      
Tredyffrin / Easttown Windows of Our Past   1965      
Valley Forge Campaign to Valley Forge, July 1, 1777 - Dec. 19, 1777 John F. Reed (signed) 1965 Estate of C. Herbert Fry    
Chester County - Townships & Boroughs A Brief History of East Whiteland Township, Frazer Press Wilson, J. Gilmore 1965      
Chester County - General History of Hibernia, Chester County Park and Recreation Board Nagy, John C. 1965      
Chester County - General Colonel Swayne's Hibernia, Chester County Parks and Recreation Board Morris, Wayne 1965      
Philadelphia Philadelphia, The Unexpected City, Doubleday and Co. Inc., New York Lafore, Lawrence and Sarah Lee Lippincott 1965      
Early Living Revolutionary Doctor Benjamin Rush Carl Binger 1966      
Pennsylvania Year's Work in Pennsylvania Studies PA State Library 1966      
Chester County A Guide to Historical Markers in Chester County no author 1966      
Montgomery County Take It or Leave It: Outline for a Periodic History of Norristown Area in the Schuylkill Valley of Montgomery County, 1496-1954 (pamphlet) by J.A.P.S. 1966      

Industry & Manfacturing Hopewell Village, University of Pennsylvania Press Walker, Joseph E. 1967      
Pennsylvania The Whiskey Rebellion, 1794, Franklin Watts, Inc., New York Knight, D. C 1968      
  Awake Throughout the Land. Kenneth D. Wells 1968   2015 A collection of fifty letters reproduced as facsimiles, solicited by the author on the subject of "freedom." Authors are businessmen, elected officials, military and political figures, indexed at the back, unpaginated.
Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Newspapers, Pennsylvania Library Association, Harrisburg Salisbury, R., ed. 1969      
Pennsylvania The Pennsylvania Sampler, Stackpole Books, Harrisburg, PA Beers, P. B. 1970      
Pennsylvania Penn's Own Account of the Lenni Lenape or Delaware Indians, The Middle Atlantic Press Myers, Albert Cook, Wm. 1970      
Philadelphia Family Portrait, Little Brown and Co., Boston, Toronto, Bowen, Catherine Drinker 1970      
Biography The Letters of Thomas Mann Katia Mann 1971      
Pennsylvania Report [of] Number of Inhabitants, Pennsylvania US Department of Commerce, Bureau of Census 1971      
Early Living Ghosts in the Valley, New Hope Art Shop, New Hope Jeffrey, Adi-Kent Thomas 1971      
Transportation - Rails On the Main Line, Bramhall House, New York Alexander, Edwin R. 1971      
Transportation - Rails 3 issues of the periodical: The High Line, published by the Pennsylvania Railroad Technical and Historical Society, Philadelphia Chapter Alexander, Edwin R. March 1996, June 1997, and August 1999 Jim Brazel 2022 March 1996, “Remembering Broad Tower,” by Win Gross and Rick Maguire. June 1997, “The Route of the Paoli Local,” by James D. Lynch, Jr. August 1999, “The Paoli Local,” pp. 44-45. Stored with the library books.
Tredyffrin & Easttown Echoes '71 T. E. Class of 1971, T. E. Junior High School 1971      
Revolutionary War The Enemy’s Country (fiction) Robert H. Gamble 1972 Estate of C. Herbert Fry    
Early Living From the Land and Back, Charles Scribner’s Sons, New York Stadfeld, Curtis K. 1972      
Maps British Maps of the Colonial Period, University of Chicago Press, Cumming, William P., 1972      
  Tredyffrin Township, Chester Co., PA in Pre-Revolutionary Times Robert L Ward 1972   2014  
Biography Mad Anthony Wayne and the New Nation Glenn Tucker 1973 Estate of C. Herbert Fry    
Revolutionary War The Revolutionary War Years W. Edmunds Claussen 1973 Estate of C. Herbert Fry    
Nature The Appalachian Trail, The National Geographic Society, Fisher, Ronald M., 1973      
Industry & Manfacturing American Mills, Bramhall House, New York, Zimler, Martha and Murray, Early 1973      
  Project 1776: A Manual for the Bicentennial - Source Book of History and Learning Ideas; with illustrations by Fletcher and Henry MacNeill; Bicentennial Commission of PA   1973 J. Michael Morrison 2014  
Revolutionary War Washington at White Marsh: Prelude to Valley Forge Ray Thompson 1974      
Valley Forge Epic on the Schuylkill: Valley Forge 24 December 1777 John B. B. Trussell, Jr. 1974 Estate of C. Herbert Fry    
Pennsylvania William Penn, Macmillan Publishing Co., New York Wildes, Henry E. 1974      
Early Living Home Life in Colonial Days, The Berkshire Traveler Press, Stockbridge, Massachusetts Earle, Alice M. 1974, Reprint of 1898 edition      
State of Delaware Brandywine Village - The Story of a Milling Community, Murray Printing Co., Forge Village, MA Hoeffecker, Carol 1974      
Chester County - Townships & Boroughs Stories of the Falls of the French Creek, Gilberts of Boyertown Claussen, W. Edmunds 1974      
Chester County - General History of Chester County, Reproduction by Unigraphic, Inc., Evansville, Indiana Futhey, J. Smith and Gilbert Cope 1974      
Chester County - General History of Chester County Pennsylvania with Genealogical and Biographical sketches Futhey, J. Smith and Gilbert Cope 1881 Edith Blair Perry 2022  
Chester County - General Glimpses, A Pictorial History of the Greater Main Line, International Printing Co. Pakradooni, Lloyd and Timothy M. Mitchel 1974      
Chester County - General Orphan’s Court Minutes 1734-1746/7, Chester County, Pennsylvania, , Richard T. and Mildred C. Williams, Danboro, PA Dorothy B. Lapp and Frances B. Dunlap, transcribers 1974      
Philadelphia The Most Dangerous Man in America, Little Brown and Co., Boston, Toronto Bowen, Catherine Drinker 1974      
  Proposed Home Rule Charter for Tredyffrin Township, Report of the Government Study Commission   1974   2014  
  On the Main Line: The Pennsylvania Railroad in the Nineteenth Century; New York, Bramhall House Edwin P. Alexander 1974   2016  
Transportation - Rails Trolleys of Chester County, Pennsylvania Stanley F. Bowman, Jr. and Harold E. Cox 1975      
Valley Forge Valley Forge, A Novel (fiction) MacKinlay Kantor 1975 Estate of C. Herbert Fry    
Art & Architecture Uniforms of the American Revolution, MacMillan Publishing Co., New York Mollo, John 1975      
Philadelphia Illustrated History of Centennial Exhibition, National Publishing Company McCabe, James D. 1975      
  The Conestoga Wagon - Masterpiece of the Blacksmith; Pennsylvania Farm Museum Arthur L. Reist 1975   2018 (This item is an 8 x 11-inch booklet, and is filed with the research files for Transportation: Horse-drawn Vehicles)
Tredyffrin & Easttown A Week Down in Devon (A History of the Devon Horse Show), Chilton Book Company; Radnor, PA Hyde, Christopher S. 1976      
Revolutionary War The War of the Revolution in Radnor, 1777-1778 Frances James Dallett 1976      
Revolutionary War The American Revolution in the Delaware Valley Edward S. Gifford, Jr. 1976 Estate of C. Herbert Fry    
Revolutionary War Pennsylvania Landmarks of the Revolution: Bicentennial Guidebook John B.Trussell, Jr. 1976 Estate of C. Herbert Fry    
Transportation Bicentennial Wagon Train Pilgrimage to Pennsylvania: Official Souvenir Program no author 1976      
Transportation Three Hundred Years with the Pennsylvania Traveler William H. Shank 1976     (fragile - held together with ribbon)
Philadelphia Centennial Philadelphia Richard R. Nicolai 1976      
Montgomery County The Greater Valley Forge Story, 1776-1976 Greater Valley Forge Chamber of Commerce 1976 Estate of C. Herbert Fry    
Revolutionary War Rebels and Loyalists, Atwater Kent Museum Katcher, Phillip 1976      
Early Living 100 Years of Farm Journal, Countryside Press, Division of the Farm Journal Editors of Farm Journal 1976      
Early Living The Best Poor Man’s Country, W. W. Norton and Co. Inc. Lemon, James T. 1976      
Early Living America in 1876, The Way We Were, Random House, New York Weymouth, Lally 1976      
Transportation - Roads Historic American Roads, Crown Publisher, Inc., New York Rose, Albert C. 1976      
Chester County - General Survey of Chester County Pennsylvania Architecture 17th, 18th, and 19th Centuries, Schiffer Publishing Limited, Exton Schiffer, Margaret Berwind 1976      
Philadelphia Philadelphia’s Treasures in Bronze, Walker Publishing Co., New York Fairmount Park Art Association 1976      
  Covered Bridges of Chester County, Pennsylvania; Chester County Historical Society Arthur E. James 1976   2014  
Transportation - Rails Waiting for the 5:05, Main Street/Universe Books, New York Grow, Lawrence, comp. 1977      
  The First Century of an Institution: Reed, Smith, Shaw & McClay (law firm founded by Philander C. Knox) Ralph H. Demmler 1977 Mike Bertram 2018 Shelved with Miscellaneous books
Philadelphia Philadelphia’s First Fuel Crisis (19th cent. coal mining) H. Benjamin Powell 1978 Estate of C. Herbert Fry    
Montgomery County Window on the Past, Pennickpacka Historical Society Fesmire, Sylvia M., 1978      
Tredyffrin & Easttown Journey into Yesteryear, Tredyffrin-Easttown School District Tredyffrin-Easttown School Children 1978      
Transportation - Rails Delaware Valley Rails, John R. Pawson, Willow Grove, PA Pawson, John R. 1979      
Transportation Delaware Valley Rails John R. Pawson 1979      
Churches Centennial History of Paoli Presbyterian Church no author 1979      
Transportation - Rails Steam in the Orchard, The Pennsylvania Line Steamers Inc. Buvse, Adrian, 1979      
Industry & Manfacturing Pennsylvania Iron Manufacturing in the 18th Century, Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission, Harrisburg, Bining, Arthur Cecil, 1979      
Chester County - Townships & Boroughs Two Hundred and Fifty Years at Upper Octararo, History of Upper Octararo United Presbyterian Church, 1720-1970 Futhey, J. Smith, Arthur T. Park and A. Wayne Morris, 1970s      
Chester County Who’s Who in Chester County Prestige Publishing, West Chester, PA 1980 Estate of C. Herbert Fry    
Valley Forge Valley Forge Historical Research Project, 1980 3 volumes Wayne K. Bodle and Jacqueline Thibaut 1980 Estate of C. Herbert Fry    
Chester County - General A Traveler’s Album, Walsworth Publishing Co., Marcelene, MO DiOrio, Eugene 1980      
Chester County - General Chester County Postcard Album 1900-1930, Josten’s/American Yearbook Co., State College, PA Baldwin, Wm. C. and Paul A. Rodebaugh 1980      
Tredyffrin / Easttown 1798 Federal Direct Tax Assement (The Glass Tax) Transcribed by Robert L. Ward (Original in National Archives) 1981      
Chester County Chester County Pennsylvania (bibliography) Robert E. Carlson 1981 Estate of C. Herbert Fry    
Pennsylvania Penn's Woods 1682-1982, Haverford House, Wayne, for Green Valleys Association, Birchrunville, PA Wertz, Halfred W. and M. Joy Callender, eds. 1981      
Industry & Manfacturing Tools and Trades of America’s Past, The Mercer Collection, Bucks County Historical Society, Doylestown, PA Arbor, Marilyn 1981      
Chester County - General Chester County (Pennsylvania) Bibliography, Chester County Historical Society and Friends of the Library of West Chester State College Carlson, Robert E., ed. 1981      
Philadelphia Friends in the Delaware Valley, Friends Historical Association, Haverford, PA Moore, J. M. 1981      
Philadelphia Philadelphia Quakers 1681-1981, Philadelphia Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends, Philadelphia Wilson, R. 1981      
Philadelphia Philadelphia Patricians and Philistines 1900-1950, Farrar-Straus-Giroux, New York Lukacs, John, 1981      
State of Delaware Wilmington, A Pictorial History, self published Hoeffecker, Carol 1982      
Chester County - Townships & Boroughs History of East Nantmeal Township, East Nantmeal Township Philips, Ada P. 1982      
Philadelphia Philadelphia - A 300 Year History, W. W. Norton & Co., New York and London Weigly, Russell Frank 1982      
Philadelphia Philadelphia for the Keeping, Continental Heritage Press, Inc., Tulsa, Oklahoma Guinther, John 1982      
Biography Our Hidden Heritage Janice H. Mc Elroy, Ph. D. 1983      
Valley Forge Birthplace of an Army John B. B. Trussell, Jr. 1983 Estate of C. Herbert Fry    
Chester County - General Index to Chester County (Pennsylvania) Bibliography, Friends of the Library, West Chester University, West Chester, PA Carlson, Robert E., ed. 1983      
  Pennsylvania Women in History: Our Hidden Heritage; Pennsylvania Division, AAUW Janice H. McElroy (editor) 1983   2014  
Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Newspapers and Selected Out of State Newspapers, Pennsylvania Index of Newspapers, State Library of Pennsylvania,   1984      
Delaware County Historic Newtown Township (Newtown Square, Delaware County, PA) 1681-1983, Newtown Township Tricentennial Commission Lindborg, Alice, Carl Lindborg, Clara McVeigh, Erma Shaver, et. al. 1984      
Chester County - General Chester County Postcard Album, Havertown Printing Co. Baldwin, Wm. C. and Paul A. Rodebaugh 1984      
Chester County - General Inns, Tales, and Taverns of Chester County, County Publication Inc. Twaddell, Meg Daly 1984      
Tredyffrin & Easttown The Episcopal Academy, Wm. T. Cooke Publishing Co., Devon, PA Latham, C, Jr. 1984      
Valley Forge Valley Forge: Triumph of Spirit John H. Ansley and John H. Ansley, Jr. 1985 Estate of C. Herbert Fry    
Biography Two Hundred Years of Publishing (Lea & Febiger 1785-1985), Lea & Febiger, Philadelphia Bussy, R. Kenneth 1985      
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  Early Chester County Roads Grace Kugler Winthrop       Forward by Bob Goshorn

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