Document Collection

Finding Aid for the Wilds Family Papers, 1756 – 1899, and mid-20th century

The collection relates to several generations of the Wilds Family of Tredyffrin Township. The material was inheirited by a descendant Shirley Kirk, who donated it in 1993. Note: there are un-inventoried Wilds Family deeds in the box of Deeds and Land Titles.

18th century documents:

Indenture between David Jones of Radnor and William George of Upper Merion, January 14, 1756.

Manuscript: “This is to certify … that James Wilde [sic] was baptized at Shaw Chapel on the 2nd day of February, 1752 in the township of Crompton, Parish of Prestwick, and county of Valatine of Lancaster, and that he always lived amongst us in the capacity of a Woolen Weaver with credit and reputation, and that he left us with an unblemished character… ”, August 7, 1772.

Marriage Certificate: James Wales [sic Wilds?] and Barbara Wesley, March 25, 1784.

Deed “The Heirs of Jacob Huzzard to Henry Huzzard,” August 19, 1791.

List of children born to James and Barbara Wild [sic]: Mary Wild, born May 30, 1787; Sarah Wild, born October 25, 1790; John Wild, born May 2, 1794.

19th century documents:

Receipt for forty dollars paid by Sarah Mace to Rudolph Huzzard, for a purchase of land, March 27, 1817; and on separate sheet, a small undated map of a tract of land “Draught of [several numerals] Land in Tredyffrin Township / Rudolph Huzzard.”

Receipt from John Huzzard to Barbara Wilds, for boarding and attending John Huzzard, Jr., January 1818.

Letter, from Sarah Mace to her mother re her family arriving safely to settle in western Pennsylvania, dated May 15 [illegible year, possibly 1825].

Letter from Jane [John?] and Sarah Mace to John Wild, January 11, 1826, re John and his wife coming to settle with them.

Draught [plan] of John and Sarah Wilds’ Land, 1841.

Deed, Andrew Bowman to John Wilds, March 28, 1850.

Legal document recording monies paid by John Wilds to Andrew Bowman from 1851 to 1861, and John Wilds to Samuel White from 1863 to 1877, and the subsequent transfer of debt to other persons.

List of monies paid as interest by John Wilds [name spelled variously] to Margret Graver, 1858 to 1867.

Copy of the Grant “Articles of Agreement between John Wilds of Tredyffrin and Joseph Vogle of Upper Merion” …for the latter to search for mineral ores for a ten-year period and to pay to John Wilds 20 cents for every ton of ore taken out. Dated January 29, 1853. 2 pages.

Letterhead paper with engraved view of “Camp of the 107th Regiment, PA Vols., near Belle Plains, VA.” With short note from James P. Roath to Samuel Foltz, April 26, 1861 (or 1862?).

Letter from E. H. Cletfield [?] to her brother [unnamed], February 3, 1864, re the sale of some of their mother’s belongings.

Indenture of servitude: Franklin B. Wilds, aged ten years, bound as a domestic servant to Elijah H. Wilds, April 10, 1867.

Manuscript: “Tredyffrin Adjusted Valuation for 1870 [tax valuations].” 7 pages of names, each followed by a dollar amount.

Manuscript: Statement re the final distribution of the estate of Hannah Wilds, with list of her heirs, December 31, 1885, (on letterhead of Chas. H. Pennypacker, Attorney-at-Law, West Chester, Pa.)

Printed booklet: “Constitution and By-Laws of The Republican Club of Berwyn,” 1894.

Business card “E. H. Wilds / Plain and Ornamental Plasterer / Berwyn, Chester Co., PA.” (late 19th century).

Two paper-lace cards, one with printed words: “Token of Affection,” in a decorated envelope, addressed to Miss Elizabeth Wilds, no date, probably 19th century.

1899 election documents:

Manuscript: “List of Voters at an Election Held in the Eastern Precinct of Easttown Township on Nov. 7th, 1899,” 3 pages.

Printed form: “Election Officers’ Oaths,” Nov. 7th, 1899, signed by Thomas C. Morton, Lewis A. Lewis, E. H. Mullen, and W. F. Bitler.

Printed Form: “Triplicate Election Return,” Nov. 7th, 1899, with election results.

20th century documents:

Letter from James Wilds of Wayne, Pa., to the U. S. Census Bureau requesting a copy of his birth certificate, January 2, 1964, and return form from Census Bureau with search fee information.

Form letter addressed to James Wilds, from Dwight Eisenhower, asking for support for the National Conference of Christians and Jews, February 20, 1948.

Letter re donation of the Wilds collection to the TEHS, May 18, 1993.

Cheryl Leibold