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Finding Aid for the Collection of Artifacts Donated by Erik Eichner, 2015

-5 small pottery fragments
-glass bottle w. remains of a cork, 4½ x 1½”
-metal fragment with a ring attached about 8” long

Donated by Erik Eichinger, 2015

These items were found buried on the property at 527 Daventry in Berwyn , about 1980, by the homeowners Lonnie and Patricia Eichinger. Donated by their son Erik Eichinger of 50873 Almafi Court, Novi, Michigan, 48374.

Mr. Eichinger passed on the following from his mother: “While living in Berwyn, she volunteered at Valley Forge, taking the items with her to see if any information could be gained. She learned that there had been a battle fought in Paoli, and an encampment had been in Berwyn. In looking at the items, the park service felt that the large iron item was actually part of a cannon, the cart portion, with the ring serving as the handle by which the cannon could be dragged or spiked into position. At that time there was a similar item in the museum at VF. The bottle seemed to be of the same era. They said it was common to just bury trash such as this and move on.”

Cheryl Leibold