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North Springfield Water Company

Most of the water to be obtained from the additional source of the supply proposed by the Springfield Consolidated Water Company is to be consumed in the charter territory of the North Springfield Water Company. For practical purposes the application under consideration is for an additional source to the latter company and, therefore, the present supply and works of the North Springfield Water Company are involved in the study. There will be a mingling of the present supply and of the proposed supply in the water pipe system and if either one of these waters were prejudicial to public health, the effect might be the same in certain localities as if both waters were prejudical to public health.

The following table shows the list of water companies whose franchises and properties have been taken over by the North Springfield Water Company of constitute its charter territory.

The table also shows the territories acquired by the Berwyn Water Company, purchases of properties of property and franchises of five other water companies, prior to its sale to the North Springfield Water Company on October thirteenth, eighteen hundred and ninety-nine.

Water Company Charter Date Charter Territory Date of purchase Purchaser
Berwyn Water Co. 7/23/1896 Easttown Twp. 10/13/1899 North Springfield Water Company
Schuylkill Twp. W. Co. 6/20/1898 Schuylkill Twp. 7/25/1898Berwyn Water Company
Willistown W. Co. 6/23/1895 Willistown Twp. 8/9/1895 Berwyn Water Company
Tredyffrin W. Co. 6/23/1895 Tredyffrin Twp. 8/9/1895Berwyn Water Company
E. Whiteland W. Co. 6/23/1895 W. Whiteland Twp. 8/9/1895 Berwyn Water Company
Villa Nova W. Co. 6/23/1895 Radnor Twp. 8/9/1895 Berwyn Water Company

Commissioner of Health, 1911 - Pages 479 - 480.

Notes: Found by Meg Wiederseim.