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12.03.1816 American Republican
Pursuant to an order from the orphan's
court of Chester county, will be exposed
to public sale, on thursday the 26th of
December next, on the premises, in Tredyffrin
township, Chester county, a
Late the property of Dr. John Davis,
deceased, containing 156 acres, sixty of
which are first rate wood land, the remainder
arable and in a high state of cultivation.
On the premises are erected a large and
elegant stone dwelling house, built in modern
style, a large stone bar, a stone spring house,
a tenant house, and ou houses of every
description. On said plantation are a lime
kiln and limestone quarries; an apple
orchard, with a variety of other fruit trees. -
Said farm possesses every convenience of
water, by streams passing through each enclosure,
and one immediately by the door of
the dwelling, watering a large proportion of
meadow - In short; said property is
deficient in no improvement that can add to the
comfort or convenience of a farm.
Will be sold at the same time and place,
adjoining the above property, 90 acres of
excellent Wood Land in lots, to suit purchasers.
Will be sold on said day, one undivided half
part of a stone messuage and lot of three
acres of ground, situate on the Philadelphia
and Lancaster turnpike road, between the
14th and 15th mile stones.
Sale to commence at 1 o'clock P.M.
when attendance will be given, and
conditions made known, by
Cadr E. Davis,
Joshua Jones,
Matthew Roberts,
Nov. 20, 1816. 20-4t*

See the Henry Lewis patent for the deed history.

Found by Herb Fry. Digitized by Heidi Sproat 5/5/2022.

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