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A valuable PLANTATION, or Tract of Land,

02.04.1818 Village Record
At public sale, on Thursday the
26th February, at 2 o'clock, P.M. on
the premises, a valuable PLANTATION,
or Tract of Land, containing 104
acres and a half of limestone land of
the best quality, well watered and
under good fence, about 18 acres of which
is well set with timber, situate in the
Great Valley, in the township of
Tredyffrin, and county of Chester, adjoining
lands of James Sloan, Jacob Longnacre,
John Miller and others, about 19
miles from Philadelphia, and 2 miles
north of the Philadelphia andLancaster
turnpike. There are on the premises
three stone dwelling houses, two
of them two story ; the other one and
a half. The farm house is large and
commodious - a large and convenient
stone barn, and all other buildings
necessary for a good farm - two apple
orchards of the best selected fruit,
with a variety of other fruit trees.-
The situation is pleasant and
convenient to mills and places of worship.
For further particulars enquiries may
be made of the subscriber, near the
Warren tavern, Philadelphia and
Lancaster turnpike, or of Seneca Radcliff,
tenant on the premises.
February 4. 27

This is the Gronow - Andrews property on the south side of Yellow Springs Road. See the Table F.2 Gronow – Andrews Property for the deed history. In 1818 and 1819 Samuel Davis placed 5 newspaper advertisements to sell this farm. These attempted sales were not successful. The plantation was not sold until 1820, which was after Samuel Davis' death.

Found by Herb Fry. Digitized by Heidi Sproat 5/6/2022.

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