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A Messuage, Gristmill, Plantation and tract of Land

04.16.1823 Village Record
By virtue of a writ of Venditioni
Exponas, to me directed, will be sold at
Public Sale, on Friday the 25th inst. at
2 o'clock in the afternoon of said day, on
the premises, a certain Messuage, Grist-Mill,
Plantation and tract of Land,
situate in the township of Tredyffrin, and
county of Chester, bounded by lands of
Devault Beaver, and others, containing
120 acres, more or less with the
appurtenances. The improvements are, a large
and convenient two-story Stone dwelling
house, with three rooms on the first floor,
and four on the second; a Stone kitchen
adjoining the dwelling house, a good
Stone Barn, Frame Chair house, Frame
Smoke house, and Stone Spring house;
there is also erected on the premises a
substantial two story Stone Grist-Mill,
with one pair of burs, ? and one of country
stones, with good running gears, all in
complete order for either Merchant or
country work, and a sufficient quantity
of water in an ordinary season to do
extensive business. there is also an
excellent bearing Apple orchard, with a great
variety of other fruit trees, and about
ten acres of watered meadow. The land
is of a fine natural quality, and in a high
state of cultivation, with a reasonable
proportion of woodland. The above
described plantation is situated in the
Great Valley, about a mile east of
Howell's Tavern.
At the same time and place one other
tract of woodland, situate in the
township and county aforesaid, (about one
and an half miles from the first
mentioned premises,) bounded by lands of Enoch
Jones, Joshua Jones and others; containing
sixteen acres, more or less, with the
appurtenances. The timber is of a good
quality and in a thriving state.
Seized and taken in execution as the
property of Joseph Walker, deceased.

This is the Many Springs Farm and the Trout Creek Grist Mill. See TableQ-LewisWalkerPurchase for the deed history

Found by Herb Fry. Digitized by Heidi Sproat 5/11/2022.

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