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A Valley Farm

11.19.1833 American Republican
A Valley Farm

WILL be exposed, at Public Sale, on
Wednesday the 18th of December
next, a DAIRY FARM,
situate in the
Great Valley, Tredyffrin township, Chester
county, bounded by lands of George
Beaver, Joseph B. Walker, Jacob Massey,
Levi Lewis and others, containing
156 1/2 Acres, 40 of which is

the remainder arable and in a high state of
cultivation. The farm is under good fence,
and every field is supplied with water, by
two brooks, one of which passes through
the barn yard. There are on the premises
a young bearing apple orchard of well
selected fruit, and within an enclosure, near
the mansion, a variety of apricot, cherry,
pear, peach, green gage, egg plum, pruin,
and other fruit trees, in bearing order, as
well as a diversity of grape-vines, which
afford delicious fruit in their season. There
are, moreover a limekiln, a lime quarry and
extensive strata of Marble.
The buildings are a large stone Dwelling
house, nearly new, and constructed in
modern style, having a wide hall and four rooms
on the first floor, six on the second, and five
on the third, with a cellar under the whole
building, in five apartments, a large stone
barn, wagon-house, carriage-house, hog-house,
sheep-house, carriage-house, and other out buildings.
Upon another part of the farm there is a
good tenant house, having a kitchen and
cellar in the basement story, three rooms on
the second and two on the third, a cow-house
with stalls for twenty cows, having a hay
mow above and a rivulet passing through
the cow-yard; and a spring house over a
strong spring of excellent water, which is
unaffected either by draught, or rain, and
sufficiently large to hold the milk of thirty
cows. The above described farm is situate
one mile north of the Pennsylvania railroad,
fifteen miles from Philadelphia, fifteen from
West Chester and six from Norristown. -
At the road which passes from the Swedesford,
through the farm to the Spread Eagle,
on the Lancaster turnpike, divides the
arable lands, the woodland, the streams of
water and the buildings pretty equally, the
property will be sold either in two tracts or
one as may suit purchases.
Sale to commence at 1'oclock, P.M. when
conditions will be made known.
Green Wood, Nov. 19, 1833. 43ts

See the Henry Lewis patent for the deed history.

Found by Herb Fry. Digitized by Heidi Sproat 5/18/2022.

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