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Will of John Gronow, 1775

Date: 9 October 1775

In the name of god amen I John Gronow of the township of Tredyffrin in the county of Chester and province of Pennsylvania, yeoman, being weak in body, but of sound disposing mind and memory, blessed by god therefore, do this ninth day of October in the year of our lord, one thousand seven hundred and seventy five, do make and ordain this my last will and testament, and as touching my worldly estates , wherewith it has pleased god to bless me, I give and devise the same as followeth, - imprimis I order all my just debts and funeral charges to be paid and discharged. 

Item – I give and bequeath to my beloved wife Isabella Gronow, all her wearing apparel, two of my best feather beds, curtains, and all the furniture thereunto belonging, her choice of one cow, and three sheep, my riding mare I bought from Griffith Jones, her side saddles etc.  The said creatures to be kept in good order winter and summer for her life, on my plantation, whilst she remains my widow, also I give to my wife the two east rooms on the first floor of my dwelling house, and the stove, now fixt, and the south east room on the second floor, and the north east part of the cellar, with ye privilege of egress, ingress, and regress, at all times to and from the same, with the garden fronting south of the house, and the garden called the bean garden, now fenced in at the lower corner of the orchard; and the privilege of getting all the materials, and of building a spring house where Thomas Martin once had a spring house, with liberty to go to and from at all times, during her remaining my widow.  Also I give to my wife my negro boy called Simon during her natural life, and after her death, I give said negro boy to my son Lewis Gronow, the privilege of sowing half a bushel of flax seed yearly and every year in good ground, also twelve bushels of wheat immediately after my death and twelve bushels of wheat to be delivered to her, during her remaining my widow, with sufficient firewood brought to the house for her use, and my eight day clock during her remaining my widow.  I give also to my wife five pounds currency to be paid her yearly, and every year during her natural life.  Also my case of drawers, the big looking glass, oval table, and table cloths, tea table & tea ware, a little walnut table and six chairs, three pewter dishes & six pewter plates, the choice of two pots, and the least of the two brass kettles, one half of a beef, one large hog, the cabbage in the garden, sufficiency of wool, flax, butter, cheese & all of the above articles, under the restriction above mentioned I give to my wife in lieu and in full of her dower.
Item – in case my wife inclines to change her condition & to marry, she then is to resign all her right, claim, and interest to my said dwelling house, and the keeping of her creatures, the sowing ye flax, spring house, & the twelve bushels of wheat to cease, leaving the clock, oval table, and withdraw off the premises.

Item – I give and devise to my grandson, John Gronow Bull, when he arrives at the age of twenty one years, my plantation situated on the Cokalamus Creek in the county of Cumberland containing one hundred and fifty acres be the same more or less, to him the said John Gronow Bull, his heirs and assigns forever, subject to the payment of three pounds yearly, and every year to his mother during her natural life.

Item – in case my grandson dyeth before he arrives to ye age of twenty one years, my will is that plantation aforesaid shall go to my granddaughter Mary Bull, her heirs and assigns forever, subject to the same yearly payments to her mother, as in the case of her brother John Gronow Bull.

Item – I give and bequeath the sum of two hundred pounds to my son Lewis Gronow in trust, for the use of my daughter Sarah Bull for her to receive at the rate of two pounds a year without interest to begin the yearly payments two years after my death, or rather my will is that my son do pay her at his own discretion ,as he sees most advisable, and in case she should die before she receives the whole or in part, my will is, that her children should have the remainder share and share alike, at mature age.

Item – I order my negro, or molatta, wench, named Phillis to have her bed and bedding, wearing apparel and to be with her mistress six month after my decease, and after to have her freedom and be at liberty.

Item – I order my servant boy, Benjamin Tweeny, to have three years of his time, and to be bound to whatever trade he chooses by my executor.

Item – I give & devise to my son Lewis Gronow my plantation situated in the township of Tredyffrin containing one hundred and sixty five acres be the same more or less, to him his heirs and assigns forever, together with all the rest and residue of my goods and chattels, rights and credits, real and performal, where forever and what forever not heretofore bequeath. I give to him, the said Lewis Gronow, his heirs and assigns forever, whom I also constitute and appoint sole executor of this my last will and testament, and which I charge with the payments of my aforementioned legacies; and I do revoke and disannul all former wills and testaments by me made either in word or writing declaring this only to be my last will and testament.  In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal, the day and year above written.

John Gronow

Notes before signing – I order twenty pounds to my granddaughter Mary Bull above mentioned.

Witnesses: David Davis, Issachar Evans, Joshua Evans


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