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Messuage No. 1 and tract of land in Hammer Hollow

05.09.1848 Village Record
By virtue of a writ of Levari Facias, to me directed,
will be sold at public sale, on Saturday, the 30th day
of September instant, at one o'clock, P.M., on the
premises, a certain messuage No. 1, and tract of land,
situate in (Hammer Hollow) the township of Tredyffrin,
in the county of Chester, bounded by No. 2 and
lands of John Laurs, Daniel Markley, Elisha Worrall,
Michael Browman, Enoch Watkins, George
Norman, and others ; containing about 34 Acres of
Land, more or less, with the appurtenances. The arable
land is of middling quality, well watered and
fenced, and has a sufficiency of Woodland and a variety
of fruit trees on the premises. The
improvements consist of Mansion House,
part stone and part log ; stone Grist and
Turning Mill, with one pair of Burrs in it,
which is propelled by a never-failing
stream, having a head and fall of about 28
feet ; a frame stable, and other outbuildings.
No. 2. A certain messuage and lot of land, situate
in the township and county aforesaid, bounded by No. 1,
and lands of Daniel Beaver, George Norman, Jobn
Souders and others containing about 4 Acres of land,
more or less, with the appurtenances. The arable
land is of a middling quality, and a fair proportion of
woodland. The improvements consist of a Dwelling
HOUSE, part stone and part log ; stone stable and
other outbuildings. Seized and taken in execution as
the property of SAMUEL CREW & _____ Crew, his
wife. ALSO
[nothing else in article]

See the Thomas Symons Patent for the deed history of the Hammer Hollow area.

Found by Herb Fry. Digitized by Heidi Sproat 5/28/2022.

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