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Dairy Farm at Private Sale

10.01.1850 Village Record
A FINE DAIRY FARM, situate in Chester county,
Tredyffrin township, on the north side of
Great Valley, about 2 miles from Howelville [Howellville], [sic] and 3
from Paoli, consisting of 114 ACRES, 90 of which are
under a high state of cultivate, well watered, well
fenced, and divided into convenient fields. -
GOOD BUILDINGS - all necessary outhouses,
is now offered at private sale, and
will be sold a bargain.
A further description is unnecessary, as those who
want to buy will call and see for themselves. Terms
of sale, very easy - half or more of the purchase
money may remain on the Farm. Apply to Mr. Cork,
on the premises ; J.H. Dice, near thereto, or to A.
Garber, N.W. corner 12th and Filbert Sts. or Broad
st., above Spruce, Philadelphia. A. GARBER.
Sept. 3, 1850 - 10t

This tract has not been identified.

Found by Herb Fry. Digitized by Heidi Sproat 5/31/2022.

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