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Minutes of the Valley Forge Commission

Vol 1. 1893 -

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Page 10 of 530 6/17/1893  
Page 11 6/24/1893 Estate of Nathan Jones selling land for minimum of $250 per acre.
Page 12 7/6/1893 Haupt to produce a survey of the 460 acres for a cost of $500
Page 13 7/20/1893  
Page 15 9/7/1893  
Page 16 9/21/1893 $100 per acre acceptable
Page 17 to 20 10/5/1893

Edwin Moore small tract near summit of Mt. Joy, $80 per acre. Mahlon Ambler, long entrenchment $90 per acre, Samuel Jarrett, $100 per acre. Mrs C. Johnson, owner of a portion of a small section of entrenchment near the river sold for $300 per acre. The estate of Nathan Jones has signed agreement at $300 per acre next to the river and along railroad and extends along short entrenchment to the Port Kennedy road. J. M. Wetherill tract lying between Jarrett and Ambler is selling for $300 per acre. Martha J. Bean owning the station tract of less than half an acre is asking for $600. The Reading railroad refuses to sell their abandoned reservoir. Johnson and Pawling, owning the Johnson farm, and the 2 wood lots on either side of the English lot (who is asking for $300 per acre). Barney McMenamin, owning a tract east of Gulf Road, and the husband of Bridgett McMenamin, owning the small tract between the Carter and Jarrett tracts.

See Park plan


Page 21 & 22 11/18/1893  
Page 23 1/4/1894  
Page 24 3/1/1894  
Page 25 3/14/1894  
Page 26 4/5/1894  
Page 26 6/4/1894  
Page 27 and 28 6/12/1894 Agreement with Reading Railroad to provide extra ground for additional tracks in exchange for the Reservoir lot.
Page 28 10/18/1894  
Page 28 11/1/1894  
Page 37 12/6/1894  
Page 37 & 38 12/13/1894 Supplement to Valley Forge act of 1893. Additional $20,000 to complete purchases. Additional $50,000 to extend Park (this may be eastern extension). Washingtons HQ no longer excluded.
Page 41 & 42 6/17/1896 Expenses include: P & W Bauchmiller (or Bauchmuler) $600 real estate; Pawling & Johnson real estate $3,330 + $357 + $390; Bridget McMenamin real estate $1,750; Bernard McMenamin real estate $925
Page 42 - 45 12/17/1896 The act of May, 20 1893 appropriated $25,000. The act of July 3, 1893 $10,000.
Page 46 2/6/1897  
Page 47 - 54 11/27/1897 Acquired 217 of 250 acres approved for the Park. Approved the purchase of the Star Redoubt, 1.143 acres.
Page 55 4/21/1900 PHL Special Meeting VFPark Commission. Adjourned as no quorum. Woodside, Jenkins, Price, Bowen, Adams present. Adams Secretary.
Page 55 R 4/28/1900 VF Commission meeting: Bowen, Woodside, Price, Jenkins, Hartranft, Adams. Woodside Chairman elected, Adams Secretary, Price Treasurer. Approved printing copies full Commission meeting minutes. Thompson L. Carson PHL counsel elected. W.F. Solly Norristown Associate Counsel. John J. Pinkerton West Chester Associate Counsel Chester County. Ellis R. Hampton watchman 5/1/1900 at $1. / week. Bill $457.88. Secretary to draw up agreement re watchman.
Page 56 4/28/1900 President Woodside read letter from Phoenixville and Bridgeport Electric Railway asking for certain rights of way through park which was referred to Committee Price and Jenkins for next meeting, and they are to review Issue of selling wood and timber.
Page 56 R 6/4/1900 Special Meeting VF Commission. Present Woodside, Pennypacker, Bowen, Jenkins, Adams, Price, Muhlenberg. Pennypacker had consent of Col. John Nicholson to serve as member of Commission when vacancy occurs. Woodside President, Adams Secretary, Jenkins Treasurer. Agreement with Hampton 4/28/1900 filled.
Page 57 L  6/4/1900 contd J.H. Dawson Devon PA letter re proposal to build road $1,500 and wood cut off. Letters from Carson, Solly, and Pinkerton accepting appointments as counsel accepted.  Jenkins and Price report to Phoenixville & Bridgeport Electric Railway that Commission has no power to grant right of way.  Bowen can't find low cost printing option for Commission minutes.  Placing marks over the camp with power to act shared expense by Commission members.  Field Day June 16th and Commissioner badges discussed.  Use of ground permitted for Field Day for erection of speaker stands.
Page 58 L 12/8/1900 Chestnut St. PHL Special meeting VF Commission. Woodside, Price, Bowen, Jenkins, Bailey, Adams present. Commission still waiting for Field Day Committee written application for Field Day Celebration already held last June 16.  Surveyor Bill Garrigues bill $719.98, Commission needs detailed invoice for VF map work.
Page 58 R 12/8/1900 contd   bills March 2, 1899 approved.  Clerk E.B. English verdict $498.63.  William Stephens award $500.  Ellis R. Hampton watchman salary 4/16/1896 to 6/1/900, watchman salary $457.88. William F. Sully counsel Montgomery County for 5 years, $500. Price & Jenkins to prepare bill for representation to legislature re needed appropriations.
Page 59 L 12/22/1900 1326 Chestnut St., PHL Special Meeting VF Commission. (#100 top left of page). Woodside, Price, Jenkins, Bailey, Muhlenberg, Bowen, Adams. Letter from Surveyor Garrigues who did work for late President Frank M. Brook, authority granted work on 8/5/1896.  Garrigues $719.98 bill approved.  Commissioners checked and there were no 8/5/1896 Commission minutes of record re surveyor.
Page 59 R 12/22/1900 contd  President Woodside to hunt for Garrigues Surveyor map.  N.M Ellis Surveyor bill $448. map and survey VF claiming authorized by President Brook.  No evidence in minutes found.
Page 60 L 12/22/1900 contd   bill to present re appropriation items $73,200 and letter to PA Governor re same.
Page 60 R 12/29/1900  Chestnut St., PHL VF Commission meeting.  Woodside, Bowen, Price, Jenkins, Bailey, Adams.  Governor acknowledged President letter and would recommend liberal appropriation.  Original maps by Haupt and Franklin July and August 1893 and Garrigues February 1897 delivered to Commissioners.  President presented copy of his report to Governor.  Bills approved Norristown Herald, Henry I. Fox, William F. Solly.
Page 61 L 12/22/1900 Out of order. TYPEWRITTEN report of VF Commission to PA Governor William A. Stone. Commissioners presents its 4th biennial report.  Past president Francis M. Brooks, VF Commissioner from organization to his death 11/1899.  Present members as of 10/14/1899: President Woodside, Secretary Adams, Treasurer Price, General Counsel Carson, Associate Counsel Montgomery County Solly, and Associate Counsel Chester County Pinkerton.
Page 61 R 12/22/1900 contd Present Commissioners found empty treasury and unpaid bills of $3,500. Itemization of debts with next 2 years:
1. existing debts $1,700.
2. complete condemnation proceedings $2,500.
3. new roads and paths $7,000.
4. preservation efforts of redoubts, embankments and lands taken and yet to be purchased $1,000.
5. incidental expenses $500.
6. condemnation lands contiguous to existing park (blue lines on attached map - not attached) not to exceed 300 acres and not cost over $60,000., totaling $73,200.
Page 62 L 12/22/1900 contd  Continue with preservation.  Believe PA people will approve $60,000 to acquire lands to complete patriotic plan to enclose all VF encampment areas 1777-78. Signed Woodside and Adams.
Page 62 R 2/23/1901  Woodside, Pennypacker, Bailey, Jenkins, Price, Bowen, Adams.  "Judge" Pennypacker moved all VF Commission members go to Harrisburg to urge passage of appropriations bill.
Page 63 L 5/11/1901  Chestnut Special Meeting Commissioners.  Woodside, Bowen, Pennypacker, Price, Adams, Bailey.  Bowen reports that Phoenixville and Bridgeport Electric Railway Company put in stakes along Gulf Road where it passes through nearly the center of property, in defiance of VF Commission denial of Right Of Way through Park, moves Attorney Solly to take necessary legal steps to protect lands VFP Commission from all encroachments by Phoenixville & Bridgeport Electric Railway Company or any other trolley line.  Permission granted to E.J. Mathews and nearby residents to erect signs at their expense prohibiting gunning over 
Page 63 R 5/11/1901 contd  VF Park without permit.
Page 64 L 7/30/19001  Chestnut meeting, but no quorum. 
Page 64 R 6/3/1901 Again, out of order date. Chestnut meeting.  Price, Woodside, Jenkins, Bowen, Muhlenberg, Adams.  Same group reappointed. 
Page 65 L  9/18/1901 Chestnut.  Woodside, Jenkins, Wayul (?), Bowen, Price, Bailey, Adams.  Bills approved.  Charter National Bank Media depositor for VF Commission funds.  Ellis R. Hampton, caretaker watchman services end 10/1/1901. Edward McGettigan New Centreville Chester County new caretaker salary, $30. / month.  Bowen, Jenkins & Price Committee to locate roads and paths along entrenchments.  Treasurer to get appropriations granted VF Commission by State Legislature.
Page 66 L  9/28/1901 Meet AT VF, PA, not Chestnut St. Woodside, Price, Bailey, Bowen, Jenkins, Adams.  Commission walked grounds to locate roads and paths along entrenchments.  Discussion engineer deferred. 
Page 66 R 10/5/1901 Chestnut.  Woodside, Bailey, Price, Jenkins, Bowen, Adams.  General Society Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) invite Commissioners to VF Memorial dedication 10/19/1901. Letter from R. Frances Wood Esq. requesting permission to enter the VF Park to remove Revolutionary War soldier remains who was buried there. 
Page 67 L  10/5/1901 contd  (P. 110 marked on top left). Farmer offers to rebury soldier with stone inscription at his own expense.  Reburial Pemission granted with approval of Committee of Roads and inscription to be 1st submitted to Commissioners for review.  Propositions o make survey plans and profile for new road submitted by James Cresson, Engineer Norristown and Clarke & Hubbard Engineer CE PHL.  Edward McGettigan appointed special constable.
 Page 67 R 12/4/1901  Chestnut. Price, Bowen, E.J. Mathews, Pennypacker, Jenkins, Adams; Woodside not present.  Bowen, Chairman Committee on Roads. 1st meeting called 10/9/1901 (not held), then 10/12/1901 Clarke & Hubbard selected engineer to lay out new road. 
Page 68 L 12/4/1901 contd  With assistance of caretaker watchman, have profile specs plans of proposed new road.  R. Francis Wood Esq. buried remains of Revolutionary soldier in front of Fort Hunting with marble stone with inscription.  Signed Bowen, chairman Road Committee.  Treasurer report inc. engineers: $719.98 & legal proceedings $707.01 + past Hampton care $447 + incidental expenses $16 = $1,889.99.  Additional bill to include Solly [legal] $500., Garrigues, Engineering $719.98, total, $1,789.86.  Additional bills.  VF Land taken Commonwealth PA Lazerless (?), Gibson & Fox Attorneys for Edw. English. 
Page 69 L - 70 L 12/4/1901 contd  Per verdict 12/18/1896.  Attorneys fees and witness fees H. Jouls, Dec., Bernard McMenamin, J. M. Wetherall, Sarah A. Shaw, Bridget McMenamin. Request for M.N. Ellis, Phoenixville submit itemized bill.  Judge Pennypacker move VF Commission proceed with condemnation proceedings of Star Redoubt.  J.N. Jenkins Attorney for VF Commission Montgomery County. Clarke & Hubbard CE submit plans and  specs for proposed road along entrenchments.  Adams and new member E.J. Mathew added to Road Committee.
Page 70 R  12/30/1901 Chestnut. VF Commission receives from Commonwealth of PA $791.06. Paid ESTATE of Sarah Shaw $16.75, Bernard McMenamin $14.40, Bridget McMenamin $2.60, J.M. Wetherill $14.58, Estate of H. Jones $51.80, Edw. McGettigan $60.00, E.B. English $661.06, E.R. Haupt $70. totaling $891.19.