Document Collection

Chester County Wills and Administrations

The Chester County Archives has an online index of Wills and Administrations from 1714 to 1923. it can be found at:

There is a set of 5 volumes of abtracts of wills and administrations covering the period 1713 to 1825 and published by Heritage Books ( The Chester County Archives has 3 documents online (at the address given in the first paragraph) of abtracts covering the periods of 1826 - 1835; 1836 - 1845; and 1846 - 1855.

All these documents have very good indices that are invaluable in the research process.

If you visit the Chester County Archives you can read the documents in the Wills and Administration files. The adminstration papers can hold very interesting information on the property of the deceased, its valuation, and price obtained in a sale. A number of these administrations have been transcibed and are available in the TEHS Document Store.