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William and Samuel Nixon and families

Samuel and Susannah Nixon (aka Nixson) lived in Richland, Bucks county. Between 1770 and 1792 they had 10 children. Among them were William, b. 1775, and Samuel, b. 17851.

On the 2nd January 1800, Martha Roberts, daughter of Edward Roberts married William Nixon at Richland meeting, Bucks County1.

Samuel Nixon married Peninah Roberts around 1809 in Richland2.

William and Samuel Nixon do not appear in the Chester county 1810 tax returns, but Samuel and Peninnah Nixon have a daughter Henrietta in Uwchlan on the 14th February 18103.

In 1812 Samuel Nixon (physician) and William Nixon (miller) purchased a tract of 10 acres in Charlestown4. William & Martha Nixon had a daughter Susanna on the 11th June 1812 in Uwchlan3.

In 1813 William sells his portion of the 10 acre tract to Samuel5.

Samuel Nixon appears in the Richland 1812 and 1813 tax returns as a non-resident owning tracts of 2 and 4 acres6.

On the 29th April 1814 William Nixon purchased a tract of 57 acres on Pickering Creek, in Charlestown, including Grist and Saw mills7.

In 1817 Samuel (physician) and Peninnah Nixon sell 2 tracts in Charlestown of 10 and 5 acres to William Nixon (yeoman)8. Samuel then looses a tract of 68 acres in a Sheriff's sale9. The deed for the purchase of this tract has not been found.

25th January 1818 Samuel and Peninnah Nixon have a daughter Mary Ann3.

In 1820 Samuel Nixon looses 2 tracts of 10 acres and 30 acres in a Sheriff's sale10. The 30 acre purchase does not seem to have been recorded. The 30 acre tract was later purchased by John Williams (wife Sarah nee Roberts) in 1839.

The 1820 tax returns shows Dr. Samuel Nixon as an inmate (i.e. married but owning no land) and William Nixon as owning 69 acres and a Grist mill11.

In 1822 William looses the 57 acres tract in a Sheriff's sale12.

When Edward Roberts died in 1823 he bequeathed his household goods to his daughter Martha and her husband William Nixon. He also bequeathed money to their children, which he listed.

In 1824 William & Martha Nixon sell a tract of 5 acres13.

There are no Nixons in the Chester county 1824 tax returns.

In his will, written in 1824 and proved in 1836, John Roberts gives a bequest to Martha Nixon and to the children of Samuel & Peninnah Nixon, noting that Peninnah had died.

Samuel and William Nixon lived in Wayne, Indiana in 1850 (census). Samuel had a wife Barbary and children. They had previously lived in Ohio. William and Martha also had children living with them and born in Pennsylvania.

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