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John Vanleer Farm in Easttown and Tredyffrin for sale10/25/1836American Republican
(Deaths at Paoli)8/16/1876Intelligencer Journal, Lancaster, PA
A Valley Lot for Sale - Davis & Roberts12/23/1818
A. M. Campbell2/17/1995Philadelphia Inquirer
A.M. Campbell jr., 87, ran Strafford Nursery2/16/1996Philadelphia Inquirer
Abashai Woodman02/13/1849Village Record
Abashai Woodman tract08/14/1849American Republican
Abijah Bowen farm for sale10/16/1822Village Record
Abijah Bowen land for sale1/3/1816L.
Abijah Bowen tract01/09/1816Village Local
Abijah Bowen tract12/28/1813American Republican
Abijah Stephens tract12/16/1845American Republican
Abijah Stephens tract12/16/1845Village Record
Abram Philips Farm12/06/1842American Republican
Abram Philips Farm09/26/1843Village Record
Abram Philips farm12/05/1843American Republican
Adam Siter Farm sold04/04/1854Village Record
Albert Watson, Messuage and Tract of land, 23 acres08/09/1853American Republican
Alexander Torbert land for sale2/11/1834American Republican
Amtrak Derailment near Paoli laid to loose railroad bed ballast10/3/1980Philadelphia Inquirer
Andrew Garden property for sale2/8/1837Village Record
Ann Llewellin tract08/11/1824Village Record
Beaver and Beitler land dispute12/19/1826American Republican
Beaver and Beitler land dispute12/26/1826American Republican
Beaver and Beitler land dispute1/2/1827American Republican
Bella Toner diesJuly 1939
Bella Toner Is RetiredJuly 1927
Ben Smith tract01/12/1841American Republican
Ben Smith tract01/19/1841Village Record
Benjamin Davis farm12/22/1824Village Record
Benjamin Funk tracts09/30/1845American Republican
Benjamin Jones farm12/31/1828Village Record
Benjamin Jones farm11/10/1829American Republican
Benjamin Warner farm for sale6/19/1822Village Record
Black Bear Inn01/16/1822Village Record
Black Bear Inn and land for sale1/6/1829American Republican
Black Bear Inn and land sale11/12/1839American Republican
Black Bear Inn and Tavern Stand11/07/1848American Republican
Black Bear Inn sale12/30/1817American Republican
Black Bear Inn sale8/18/1818American Republican
Black Bear Inn sale8/29/1821American Republican
Black Bear Inn sale2/27/1822Village Record
Black Bear Inn, farm and tavern stand, Valuable Real Estate at Public Sale, 55 acres 10/20/1849Village Record
Black Bear Inn, Valuable Real Estate, 55 acres 10/16/1849American Republican
Black Bear tavern and farm - for rent02/11/1840Village Record
Black Bear Tavern and Jackson Inn12/03/1850Village Record
Black Bear Tavern Stand 10/15/1850American Republican
Blue Ball Inn11/16/1753Philadelphia Gazette
Brinton Farm, 80 acres12/16/1851Village Record
Building Lots on the Pennsylvania Rail-Road, For Sale, - Jerimiah Joynt11/11/1834American Spectator
Building Lots On The Pennsylvania Railroad, For Sale11/11/1834American Spectator
Cadwallader Davis land for sale12/18/1827American Republican
Camille Lachapelle tracts02/23/1847American Republican
Centerville Hotel and tract10/03/1848American Republican
Charles Davis farm for sale11/19/1833American Republican
Charles Davis farm in Tredyffrin for sale9/14/1836Village Record
Charles Jones tracts06/20/1821Village Record
Charles Smith property for sale10/20/1823Village Record
Chesterbrook Grist mill, Plantation and Tract11/23/1825American Republican
Chesterbrook Mill for sale9/21/1825American Republican
Christian Zook tract11/12/1817Chester & Delaware Federalist
Church Road Mill For Rent2/23/1831Village Record
Clintonville (Cedar Hollow) Paper mill and tavern11/30/1841American Republican
Clintonville Mill and plantation for sale2/13/1816American Republican
Clintonville Mill for sale or rent9/3/1832U.S. Gazette
Clintonville Paper Mill, Limestone Quarries & Lime Kilns (Cedar Hollow)09/26/1843Village Record
Conrad Acker, Dairy Farm, 91 acres11/28/1854American Republican
Currey Ganges, Messuage and Lot, 4 acres02/17/1852American Republican
David Chrisman, St. Peters Mill10/26/1852American Republican
David Christman, St. Peters mill 11/27/1849American Republican
David Christman, Valuable Grist and Saw Mill (St Peters Mill)10/15/1850American Republican
David Maxwell land for sale12/23/1818Village Record
David Maxwell Land Sale12/29/1818American Republican
David Reese farm11/25/1851American Republican
David Reese Farm at Public Sale, 80 acres09/21/1852Village Record
David Showalter tract12/05/1843American Republican
David Showalter tract02/13/1844American Republican
David Zook farm02/09/1825Village Record
David Zook farm09/21/1825American Republican
Daylesford Water Company7/3/1889 and 7/26/1889Philadelphia Inquirer
Daylesford Water Company, Asking for Charters7/6/1889Philadelphia Inquirer
Daylesford Water Company, New Corporations8/16/1889The Times, Philadelphia
Dead and Injured In Blast at Devon Fireworks Plant4/3/1930
Dr. John Davis estate11/22/1829American Republican
Dr. John Davis Farm12/31/1823American Republican
Dr. John Davis farm01/06/1830American Republican
Dr. John Davis farm for sale1/6/1819Village Record
Dr. John Davis farm for sale9/23/1818Village Record
Dr. John Davis farm for sale9/22/1819Village Record
Dr. John Davis tract12/03/1816American Republican
Dr. John Davis tract05/09/1819Village Record
Dr. John Davis tract12/17/1823Village Record
Edmund Evans farm, formerly Randall Evans Tannery01/02/1849American Republican
Edward McCloskey farm12/10/1850American Republican
Elizabeth Lewis tract 10/30/1849Village Record
Elizabeth Reese tract08/16/1848Village Record
Enoch & Elijah Davis farm for sale5/9/1819Village Record
Enoch Jones Farm10/16/1822Village Record
Enoch Jones property sale10/11/1822The American Republican
Ephraim Hughes farm for sale10/23/1833American Republican
Ephraim Hughes tract02/02/1847R & D
Ezekial Potts Farm at Private Sale, 114 acres02/07/1854Village Record
Ezekial Potts Farm at Private Sale, 114 acres11/08/1853American Republican
Ezekial Potts Farm at Private Sale, 114 acres11/29/1853American Republican
Ezekial Potts Farm, 114 acres10/31/1854American Republican
Ezekial Potts Farm, 114 acres11/07/1854Village Record
Ezekial Potts Personal Property Sale03/07/1847Village Record
Fire in the Woods11/28/1854American Republican
Fireworks explosion: 10 DEAD, 30 HURT, 8 MISSING IN DEVON EXPLOSIONS4/3/1930
Frederick Seafers farm01/27/1846American Republican
Frederick Seafers farm01/27/1846Village Record
Garber Dairy Farm at Private Sale 10/01/1850Village Record
General Jackson Inn12/30/1828American Republican
George Norman tracts10/28/1818Village Record
George Norman tracts12/22/1819Village Record
George Priest tract, house and shop12/22/1846Village Record
George Shainline woodlot02/13/1849American Republican
Greenwood Farm For Sale - William HarrisAmerican Republican
Hammer Hollow Mill and land for sale8/27/1833American Republican
Hammer Hollow mill and land, sold by Thomas Bodley11/10/1818American Republican
Hammer Hollow Mill for sale1/25/1814American Republican
Hammer Hollow Mill For Sale or Rent8/19/1836American Republican
Hammer Hollow Mill, for sale12/24/1833American Republican
Hammer Hollow Sale6/10/1818Village Record
Henry Dunahover tract04/02/1844American Republican
Henry Dunahover tract04/02/1844American Republican
Henry farm in Tredyffrin for sale10/14/1835Village Record
Henry T. Evans Death2/12/1870Jeffersonian
Henry Zook property for sale6/27/1828American Republican
Houses, Lumber Yard, Shops & Lot of Ground at Private Sale12/23/1845American Republican
Houses, Lumber Yard, Shops & Lot of Ground at Private Sale12/23/1845Village Record
Howellville Inn10/04/1853Village Record
Howellville Inn and Plantations for Sale9/30/1828American Republican
Howellville Inn and plantation for sale9/15/1830Village Record
Howellville Inn and Plantations for Sale10/16/1827American Republican
Howellville Inn, Farm, 170 acres11/09/1854Village Record
Howellville Inn, For Rent, Tavern Stand, Farm01/13/1852Village Record
Howellville Mill - Bartholomew sale11/7/1826American Republican
Howellville Mill for sale11/3/1813Chester & Delaware Federalist
Howellville Mill for sale12/30/1818Village Record
Howellville Mill for sale1/13/1819Village Record
Howellville Mill for sale12/17/1823Village Record
Howellville Mill for sale10/20/1824Village Record
Howellville Mill for sale4/18/1827Village Record
Howellville Mill for sale, a Grist Mill, Distillery & Plantation8/27/1817American Republican
Hugh Long land for sale10/29/1833American Republican
Hugh Steen Personal Property at Public Sale.3/06/1859Village Record; courtesy of Chester County Historical Society
Hugh Steen's Stray Horse5/14/1850Village Record; courtesy of Chester County Historical Society
In the Common Pleas of Chester County, Lindley Rossiter, vs. Elizabeth Reese, 11/20/1849American Republican
Isaac Vanleer tract01/27/1818American Republican
Jacob Detwiler Farm10/10/1848American Republican
Jacob Detwiler farm10/24/1848R & E
Jacob Huzzard tract12/19/1821American Republican
Jacob Rickabaugh farm12/12/1843American Republican
Jacob Rickabaugh farm10/08/1844American Republican
James M’Keever land for sale11/26/1831Village Record
James Watson property09/12/1854American Republican
Jane Evans farm09/23/1845Village Record
Jesse Hicks farm and James Penington tract12/25/1832American Republican
Joanna Watson tract02/16/1847Village Record
Job Griffith land and house in Tredyffrin for sale2/10/1835American Republican
John Baugh farm for sale11/14/1821Village Record
John Bowen tract12/31/1816American Republican
John D. Evans6/7/1884Daily Local News
John D. Evans Estate6/9/1884Daily Local News
John D. Evans funeral6/11/1884Daily Local News; courtesy of Chester County Historical Society
John D. Evans Obituary1884
John D. Evans obituary1884
John D. Evans tract12/22/1846American Republican
John D. Evans tract12/22/1846Village Record
John G. Bull farm 09/25/1849American Republican
John G. Bull Farm at Public Sale, 207 acre farm, limestone land 10/30/1849Village Record
John G. Bull land for sale12/31/1828Village Record
John G. Bull land sale1/26/1825Village Record
John G. Bull land sales12/24/1823Village Record
John G. Bull tract03/11/1845American Republican
John G. Bull, vs. Lewis G. Bull, et al. In the Common Pleas of Chester county.05/09/1848Village Record
John Garber farm for sale2/13/1822Village Record
John Garber farm for sale9/26/1821Village Record
John Gaverick property for sale11/13/1822Village Record
John Havard’s Brewhouse2/2/1997Philadelphia Inquirer
John Henson tract02/23/1841American Republican
John Kugler farm08/31/1847American Republican
John Latta Sale of Store Goods - list8/29/1837American Republican
John M'Cracken tract04/13/1841American Republican
John Maxwell tract02/24/1819Village Record
John Morton Davis, 3 wood lots, two of 15 acres and one of 5 acres 10/30/1849Village Record
John O Conner property sale1/17/1786Philadelphia Gazette
John Philips farm01/02/1844American Republican
John Reese land for sale11/28/1837American Republican
John Roger wood lots01/21/1840American Republican
John Sharpless farm for sale9/15/1835American Republican
Jonathan Jones Sale of Real Estate1/10/1860Democratic Chronicle
Jonathan Jones Sale of Real Estate and Personal Property2/7/1860Newspaper Advertisement
Jones & Evans land for sale11/30/1825American Republican
Joseph Hampton land in Tredyffrin for sale3/13/1838American Republican
Joseph Ridgeway tracts02/26/1823Village Record
Joseph Roberts Tract in Cedar Hollow02/06/1844American Republican
Joseph Roberts tract in Cedar Hollow03/26/1844Village Record
Joseph Roberts tracts03/26/1844Village Record
Joseph Townsend’s Shoemaker Shop to Rent04/30/1844American Republican
Joseph Walker land for sale11/3/1830
Joseph Walker land for sale11/10/1830
Joseph Walker tract and Howellville Mill04/16/1823Village Record
Joseph Watson farm, Valuable Real Estate, 27 acres 10/08/1850Village Record
Joshua Evans death10/13/1846American Republican
Lamb Tavern for sale12/8/1829American Republican
Lamb Tavern Stand and Farm, At Public Sale2/26/1823Village Record
Land Sale by Jones family3/04/1762Chester County Historical Society (The Pennsylvania Gazette)
Land Sale by Samuel and Thomas Jones2/28/1765Chester County Historical Society (The Pennsylvania Gazette)
Larkin Dutton farm for sale9/8/1835American Republican
Lattanzio Sheriff’s Sale of Store Goods8/29/1837American Republican
Levi Hall property for sale 1/26/1831Village Record
Levi Hall property for sale1/5/1831Village Record
Lewis James tract11/16/1753Philadelphia Gazette
Main Lion restaurant8/30/1987Philadelphia Inquirer
Margaret Neill tract02/22/1820American Republican
Mary Moore property for sale9/21/1830American Republican
Mazie Hall Civil-rights activist and educator dies at 1032005Suburban and Wayne Times
Mullen land for sale9/22/1830Village Record
Nathan Pawling land for sale3/23/1825Village Record
New Centerville - Store Stand and Dwelling for Rent04/11/1848Village Record
New Centerville Store and Dwelling for Rent12/15/1846Village Record
New Centerville Store for rent (New Centreville)02/04/1851Village Record
New Centerville Store Stand & Dwelling for Rent (New Centrevile)12/16/1851Village Record
New Centerville, For Rent - Milliner Wanted (New Centreville)01/18/1853Village Record
Office-park sales to benefit Tredyffrin’s coffer3/16/2006The Suburban & Wayne Times
Owen Davis Wood Lot at Public sale11/07/1854Village Record
Paoli Hardware Store1934
Paoli Heights Company - Paoli's Improvement Company should keep moving05/17/1886L
Paoli Heights Improvement Company Real Estate sales12/03/1886L
Paoli Line Cleared After Derailment2/13/1972Philadelphia Inquirer
Paoli restaurant hit by lightning, burns (Charlie Brown restaurant)6/26/1981Daily Local News
Paoli Shopping Center Blaze Destroys Three Stores5/29/1962Philadelphia Inquirer
Paoli Shopping Center Fire Ruins Five Stores5/29/1962Philadelphia Daily News
Paul Conard tract12/19/1817Chester and Delaware Federalist
PRR - Deaths at Paoli9/14/1876Middleburgh Post
PRR - Paoli to Eagle8/29/1876Daily Evening Express, Lancaster, PA
PRR and Latch dispute in court1/7/1881The Jeffersonian
PRR Resumes Service to Paoli, Wreck, cleared.4/28/1962Philadelphia Inquirer
Public Sale (farm in Tredyffrin) - Mary Moore1/14/1834American Republican
Public Sale of the Real Estate of Joseph Kennedy, Dec'd12/05/1843American Republican
Pulling up the Stakes Paoli Library Building Move4/17/1986Suburban and Wayne Times
Randal Evans Creditors8/18/1840
Randal Evans House Sale11/30/1847Village Record; courtesy of Chester County Historical Society
Randal Evans property (later General Jackson Inn)01/25/1848Village Record
Randall Evans Railroad Property for Rent1/6/1836Village Record
Reeseville 14 acres06/22/1852American Republican
Reeseville 14 acres06/22/1852Village Record
Richard Megowen land in Tredyffrin for sale12/17/1823Village Record
Richard Megowen land in Tredyffrin for sale12/31/1828Village Record
Rowland Richards Land Sale3/20/1766Chester County Historical Society
Samuel & Bull Valley Farm for sale2/17/1819American Republican
Samuel Beaver (Chesterbrook Mill)10/19/1847American Republican
Samuel Beaver Mill Sold to Worrall (Chesterbrook Mill)11/12/1854American Republican
Samuel Beaver Sale (Chesterbrook Mill)09/30/1845American Republican
Samuel Beaver sale (Chesterbrook Mill)11/04/1845Village Record
Samuel Beaver Valuable Merchant and Grist Mill (Chesterbrook Mill)11/07/1854Village Record
Samuel Beaver, Merchant and Grist Mill at Private Sale, 23 acres (Chesterbrook Mill)09/20/1853American Republican
Samuel Beaver, Valuable Merchant and Grist Mill at Public Sale (Chesterbrook Mill)10/10/1854American Republican
Samuel Crew tract in Hammer Hollow05/09/1848Village Record
Samuel Crewe, 34 acre Spooling and bobbin factory and land; the 2nd tract 4 acres05/17/1853American Republican
Samuel Davis farm for sale12/9/1818Village Record
Samuel Davis farm for sale11/2/1819American Republican
Samuel Davis farm in Tredyffrin for sale11/4/1818Village Record
Samuel Davis tract02/04/1818Village Record
Samuel Givens farm, Plantation and Tract of Land, 42 acres11/11/1851American Republican
Samuel Priest land and house in Tredyffrin for sale12/25/1832American Republican
Senator Knox Death.10/21/1921
Shops for Rent including Blacksmith Shop near Eagle station 02/12/1850Village Record
Showalter farm11/26/1844American Republican
St. Joseph's Church Destroyed by fire6/3/1979Daily Local News
State Inspectors Begin Blast Probe Within 15 Minutes4/3/1930
Stephen Stephens Farm at Private Sale, 94 acres11/01/1853American Republican
Stores and Dwelling to Rent - Situated at Centreville01/18/1848Village Record
Stores at Howellville for rent5/3/1826Village Record
Suplee farm and land for sale8/13/1839American Republican
Tailoring4/20/1825Village Record
The Paoli Heights Land Company Application for corporate charter11/19/1881L
Thomas Davis farm10/17/1826American Republican
Thomas Grover Farm10/20/1835American Republican
Thomas John/Jones Sale of land3/12/1767Chester County Historical Society (The Pennsylvania Gazette)
Thomas Jones Land Sale3/08/1764Chester County Historical Society (The Pennsylvania Gazette)
Thomas land for sale8/26/1839American Republican
Thomas Maxwell farm for sale8/26/1834American Republican
To Be Sold (house and land in Tredyffrin)2/18/1818Village Record
To Blacksmiths and Wheelwrights05/17/1826Village Record
Train Wreck’s Timely Lesson4/28/1962Philadelphia Inquirer
Two messuages, lot of land and house next to Eagle station09/21/1847American Republican
Vanleer farm in Tredyffrin for sale2/14/1837American Republican
William Barber property06/22/1847American Republican
William Barber property07/06/1847Village Record
William Brown tract12/09/1817American Republican
William Campbell tract08/31/1853American Republican
William Davis farm for sale3/17/1824Village Record
William Guthrie tract and store02/08/1837Village Record
William Harris Farm11/19/1833American Republican
William Henry tract10/11/1853Village Record
William Neill farm for sale10/3/1830American Republican
William Neill tract10/03/1821Village Record
William Priest tract and shoemaker shop06/16/1846Village Record
William Rowland tract12/16/1817American Republican
William Thomas farm11/10/1829American Republican
William Thomas farm10/12/1831Village Record
William Thomas tract11/28/1854American Republican
William Walley farm 10/30/1849Village Record
William Walley farm08/21/1849American Republican
William Walley tract 08/20/1850American Republican
Woodman Farm, 30 acres, limestone land, copper vein10/05/1852Village Record
Workers clear wreckage of derailed Conrail cars9/30/1980Philadelphia Inquirer
Years Change Paoli Station1928Daily Local News
You’ve come a long way, Chesterbrook6/15/2003Daily Local News
Zachariah Long tract01/22/1823American Republican