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When David Meredith was given a patent for 1500 acres in Tredyffrin in 1706 there was not enough available land to provide one continuous tract [1]. Meredith was allocated 2 dis-contiguous tracts, one of 1340 acres, and the other of 160 acres. The Walker family owned the latter tract in the early 1700s. John Beaver purchased a section in 1767. By 1798 George Beaver owned a tract of 60 acres, a portion of the 160 acres.

The Glass Tax return lists the following buildings: a Stone House 33’ x 24’, on 2 floors with 5 windows of 15 panes; 7 of 12 panes; 2 of 9 panes; and 2 of 6 panes; a Log Kitchen 20’ x 16’; a Log Barn 24’ x 11’; a Log Beam House; and a Log Tan House.

In the 19th century George Beaver purchased a farm at Diamond Rock. He donated land for the Diamond Rock Schoolhouse.


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See the deed history and the genealogy of the Beaver and Meredith families.