Sunday January 1st. The air cold and penetrating, sleighing very good. Mother, Jonathan and myself went to the Valley this mornings the sleigh, heard Mr. French, Agent of the Foreign Bible Society, preach from Mark 15:38. “ And the vail of the temple was rent in twain, from the top to the bottom.” The sermon was very good, but I am always disappointed when I go down there and find that our own pastor is not going to address us for I do so love to hear him preach, it seems as though I can scarcely appreciate any ordinary preacher in his presence. Did not go out to church in the evening as it was so cold for the horses to stand out. Amanda, Josiah, and Charlotte went up to Willistown. Tis the first evening of a new week and of a new year what a glorious season for private, serious meditation. Oh! that I might live nearer the cross of my blessed Redeemer during the year upon which I have just entered than every heretofore, that I might be the humble instrument in the hands of the Almighty of influencing one soul to forsake sin and turn to righteousness.

Monday, January 2nd. The weather still continues cold, sleighing good. Cousin Sammy Sloan came this morning before breakfast, spent the greater part of the day, towards evening Jonathan took him as far as Pickering bridge on his way home. Samuel went to West Chester to have our farm advertised with a view to selling it on the second day of February next. In the afternoon Charlotte came over and stayed until evening when Josiah took her and Amanda up to a Union meeting at Willistown. My friend Daved C. came over and took me up. The meeting, which was the fourth one of the kind held by the churches of this vicinity, was far more interesting than any previous one. There were but four ministers present — Mr. Dunlap, Mr. Drisdale, Mr. Pettit, and, Mr. Patterson; all made excellent remarks except the third one who made most too personal and satirical an allusion to our dear pastor, Mr. Whitehead whose views of Christian Union are somewhat different.

Tuesday, January 3rd. Much warmer than during the preceding days of the new year. Amanda and I washed, had not a small washing. Jonathan took Mother down to see Auntie Beaver this afternoon, Samuel went after her in the evening. Sleighing not so good. We received the intelligence this afternoon of the vary sudden demise of Mrs Eckey, she went to bed last night as well as usual, arose this morning somewhat indisposed, sent for the Doctor, but before he arrived her spirit had taken its everlasting flight. The question which came to my mind on hearing of this sad circumstance was Why was she thus suddenly called from earth, and I still left? One alone knoweth, yet I have thought may it not be that she was better prepared to meet the Judge of all the earth, while I am still spared in order that I may become more fully meet for the inheritance of the saints in light? Oh! that I might learn a salutary lesson from this solemn event, and strive to be always ready, for truly we know not the day nor the hour when the Son of man cometh!

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