Page1At the beginning of 1860, when she was 21, Mary Jones started writing a diary. At the time Mary lived with her widowed mother and siblings in a farm off Swedesford Road in Tredyffrin. The southeast corner of the property abutted the Great Valley Presbyterian Church.

There are 4 interfaces to the diary. Links to the text can be found below; there are Indices of the people and places mentioned in the diary; and there is an Interactive Map showing the places in Tredyffrin mentioned in the diary. There is also a genealogical report on this branch of the Jones family.

The first 16 pages of the diary covers the period up to the family’s move to Reading.

Acknowledgements: Thanks go to Nan Stevens who transcribed the diary and allowed the Tredyffrin Easttown Historical Society to use its contents on this web site and to Richard Dorsey who made us aware of the diary as part of investigations into the genealogy of the Jones family. Heidi Sproat also provided invaluable contributions.