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Valuable Real Estate
AT PUBLIC SALE, 55 acres, Black Bear Inn, farm and tavern stand.

10.20.1849 Village Record
WILL be sold at Public Sale on Thursday, the 29th
of November, at 1 o'clock, P.M. lon the premises,
a valuable FARM & TAVERN STAND, known
as the Black Bear Inn, situate in Tredyffrin township,
Chester county, on the Lancaster turnpike, 18 miles
from Philadelphia, at the crossing of the road leading
from Great Valley to Old Chester, and the State road
from Norristown to West Chester. A communication
between Philadelphia and this place can be had four or
five times a day by the Columbia Railroad, which passes
within a few rods of the house. There are about 55 ACRES,
4 of which are woodland ; the arable land is
in a high state of cultivation, and has all been well
limed within the last few years, well watered and
fenced, and divided into convenient fields. There are a
number of fruit trees on the premises. The improvements
consist of a TAVERN HOUSE large
and commodious, well and substantially built,
and well adapted for a public business ; two
pumps of water, one in front, and one at the
kitchen door ; stone smoke house, and stone spring house
over good springs of water, stone barn, livery stable, and
sheds enclosed sufficient to hold fifty horses. The buildings
are all in good repair. This is one of the best
stands for public business on the road. A healthy location
and convenient schools, mills, and places of public
worship. A further description is seemed unnecessary,
as persons wishing to purchase will be shown the property
by Elisha Worrall living thereon, or the subscriber
adjoining. RANDALL EVANS.
Oct. 16, 1849.

See the Hort-Wright Patents for the deed history.

Found by Herb Fry. Digitized by Heidi Sproat 5/30/2022.

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