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SHERIFF'S SALE, 14 acres

06.22.1852 Village Record
BY virtue of a writ of Levari Facias, to me
directed, will be sold at public sale, on Monday
the 19th day of July next, at 1 o'clock, p.m.
on the premises, a certain Stone Messuage and Tract of Lane [sic] [Land], situated in
Reesville, [sic] [Reeseville] on the Philadelphia and
Lancaster turnpike, in the township
of Tredyffrin, in the county of Chester,
about two miles east of Paoli, 16 miles west
of Philadelphia, and within a few perches of the
Philadelphia and Columbia Railroad; beginning
in the middle of the Philadelphia and Lancaster
turnpike road and in a line of land now or late of
John Reese, then along another public road by
the said John Reese's land, north twenty-seven
degrees, west forty-eight perches to a corner in
the old Lancaster road, thence along said road
south sixty-four degrees, west fifty-three perches
and three-tenths to a corner of Atlee Potter's
land, thence by the said Potter's land south
twenty-seven degrees, east thirty-six perches and
four-tenths to the middle of the aforesaid turnpike
road,thence along the same north seventy-six
degrees, east fifty-four perches and seven-tenths
to the place of beginning, containing
14 Acres, more or less. There are fruit trees of different
kinds on the premises. The land is of a
good quality and very productive; it is also well
watered and fenced, a portion of which is thorn
hedges. The improvements consist of a large
stone Dwelling House, two stories high, with
piazzas on two sides; stone Kitchen attached, 1 1/2
stories high with piazza in front, and finished in
modern style; pump house over a well of first
rate water and pump therein; stone Milk House,
Smoke House, Wood House, large stone Barn
with overshoot attached, corn crib and other out
buildings, all in good repair. This property is in
a good neighborhood, convenient to schools,
mills, and places of public worship, &c.
Seized and taken in execution as the property
of William W. Barber and Mary E. McClellan,
Franklin McClellan, William P. Hibberd,
R. Miller McClellan, James McClellan, Joseph
McClellan, and Martha Jones, terre tenants, and
to be sold by
Sheriff's Office, West Chester, June 22. ts

See the Thomas & Cadwallader Jones Patent for the deed history of this tract.

Found by Herb Fry. Digitized by Heidi Sproat 6/2/2022.

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