Thursday March 22nd. A very pretty day. Amanda and I helping Charlotte to quilt all day. In the evening I wrote quite a long letter to my dear teacher — Miss Amanda Taylor.

Friday March 23rd. A warm pleasant day. Amanda and I did a large ironing. Charlotte quite sick, went to bed before dinner and did not get up until evening. Ellie and Naomi Cornog spent the evening with us.

Saturday March 24th. Very cold and blustery - a real March day. Did our regular Saturday’s work this forenoon, in the afternoon Amanda and Cornog’s girls went on their long talked of visit to Jonathan Thomas’. Mother went up to see Mrs. Acker this afternoon and from there went to spend the evening with Mrs. Beaver. The Aunties Sloan called to see us a little while this afternoon.

Sunday March 25th. Cloudy this morning a slight snow squall but cleared off very nicely. Jake Clemens came over this morning to go up to Willistown with Jud and Jont. Dave Clemens and Samuel went up to Chester Springs to spend the day with some of their friends. Mother and I went down to Presbyterian, heard a very good sermon by Mr. Patterson from 1 John 1:9. “If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness”.

Monday March 26th. A dull, though not rainy day. I arose considerably earlier than usual. Amanda and I did a large washing, after which we cleaned the cellars, feel rather too tired to write much. Josiah and Charlotte came home from West Nantmeal this evening seemingly well pleased with their visit.

Tuesday March 27th. Most a beautiful day. Charlotte and Josiah were going up to Henry’s this morning, but Mother insisted on having her quilt out the frames before she went, so we, that is Amanda and I, helped her finish it. Mrs. Compton and Rachel Rennard came over this afternoon, did not make a very long stay, knowing as they did how very busy we must be in getting ready to move.

Wednesday March 28th. Another pretty day. Amanda and I ironed. In the afternoon Amelia, Ellie, and Mandy Acker came to pay us the last visit on the farm; they had not been here long before Ellie and Nomie Cornog came, and shortly after they came Sarah Jane Golder came, so that we had quite a nice little party to tea.

Thursday March 29th. Another pleasant day. Amanda and I had intended scouring pewters today, but when I arose I was quite sick. Mother did not wish me to go into the cellar, but I thought there was too much for Manda to do by herself, so I went down and got to work, felt much better before noon. In the afternoon Manda swept the house all over from garret down, and I did some little sewing. Jake Clemens spent the evening with us, Dave was here to tea.

Friday March 30th. Another beautiful day. Mrs. Lavinia Harry, alias: “Black Viney” was here almost as soon as any of the family were up this morning, in fact before I was, although she has no way of coming from Valley Forge but to walk. She scrubbed all the upper part of the house before evening, I washed all the windows. In the evening Samuel, Judson, Rachel, Amanda, and I went over to Clemens’, spent a very pleasant evening, Harry Rennard was also there.

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