Thursday March 15th. [continued from page 13]
performance and to assist in determining upon the proper corners where no corner stones are to be found. John Acker, the recent purchaser, was also among the number. Young Jacob and his new wife, together with Miss Sallie Chrisman came to look over the house and take some measurements preparatory to purchasing carpets, etc. In the afternoon Emma Geddes came over, staid to tea, and went down to church with our folks in the evening. I had expected to go, but when it came to the starting point, though (sic) I had better stay home. The object of the meeting was the ordination of Elders and Deacons, three of each.

Friday March 16th. Another beautiful day. I sewed all day at Rachel's silk dress. Judson came home from school this afternoon, is looking quite well. We were very glad to see him.

Saturday March 17th. Quite foggy in the morning, but cleared off beautifully. A rare thing, by the way, for St. Patrick’s day. Jonathan and Sarah Thomas came this morning to take their last look at us on the farm, and to say Farewell. In the afternoon Amanda went over to Cornog’s to get Nomie and Ellie to go with her to Acker’s. Mother went over to see the Aunties Sloan a little while before tea, did not intend making any stay when she started, but they would have her stay to tea

Sunday March 18th. Very dull and hazy in the morning, threatened rain, but cleared off before noon. Mother went to Salem, Josiah and Jonathan went to Willistown, Samuel, Amanda, and I went to Presbyterian, it was their communion season, fifteen were added to their number, the house was filled. Rev. Mr. Patterson preached from I Cor.11:24. “This do in remembrance of me.” In the afternoon Jake Clemens & Harry Rennard came up; shortly after Annie Miller came, then towards evening David came. Although I was very glad to see them, yet I must say that I do most heartily disapprove of Sunday visiting, for it deprives one of the privilege of reading, and making that advancement mentally and morally which it is our duty to do on God's holy day.

Monday March 19th. A dull day. We washed, but did not put out the clothes, had a very, very large washing of two weeks collecting. Annie Miller went away before dinner. Josiah and Charlotte packed one of their boxes for the far West. Samuel spent the greater part of the day in West Chester. In the afternoon I swept the cellars.

Tuesday March 20th. A dull morning, but cleared off very nicely. Charlotte and I put one of her quilts in the frames this morning, Sophia Cornog came over to help quilt in the afternoon. Josiah went up to Davis' sale at the Intersection, said thing sold very low.

Wednesday March 21st. Very blustery all day, snowing at intervals. Manda and I hung out the clothes in the forenoon, nearly froze my hands. Jake Clemens and Lizzie came in their wagon to take some of us up to the Parsonage this evening, but none of us went, guess they will not come for us again very soon. David was also here this evening. Sophia Cornog took Charlotte down to Centerville, spent the afternoon with Mrs. Angeline Hall. Samuel spent the day again in West Chester.

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