Friday, January 20th. [continued from page 4]
dressed myself, filled a basket with edibles such as I thought best suited to my purpose, and went over the “Diamond Rock Hill” to visit a young lady in deep affliction. I found her upon her bed of suffering, and that of the most painful sort. Her diseases are consumption, dropsy, erysipelas, a broken thigh, and as though all these combined were not competent to produce a sufficient amount of pain, the Doctor has blistered her neck, and produced a running sore on her arm. Oh! how imperfectly can one who has always been blessed with health as I have, sympathize with such cases! She unfolded to me a good portion of her past history, and it is truly a sad one. I tarried with her much, longer than I had anticipated and before I reached home the stars were shining above me. It is much farther than I am accustomed to walking, and the roads were also in a very muddy condition, yet I succeeded in getting along very well, and felt far more than recompensed by the smile of gratitude which lit up the countenance of the sufferer, while her “God bless you” imparted a happiness to my soul.

Saturday, January 21st. A beautiful, spring-like day. Did my outdoor work this forenoon. In the afternoon Mother, Rae, and myself went to church meeting, there were seven young ladies related their Christian experience with a yew to uniting with the church after the ordinance of baptism; they were all accepted. There was also an elderly man related his experience, he had, in years gone by, been a member of the church but has for a long time been wandering from the fold of God, but has now returned and asked for admission; he was received, and we rejoice that a wanderer has been reclaimed. May he never again bring reproach upon the cause of our ever blessed Master! This evening I received a letter from Jud he has now recovered from his cold, and seems to be in better spirits than when he last wrote, the envelope contained also a note for Samuel, and one for Amanda. Mother received a letter from Uncle Thomas Severn, in which he expresses a wish that I might and make my home with them in the Spring. I think it would be very pleasant, but can not say yet how it will come out.

Sunday, January 22nd. A beautiful, warm, clear, Spring-like day. Mother, Rachel, Jonathan, and myself went down to our church in the morning, heard Mr. Whitehead preach from Luke 12:21. “So is he that layeth up treasure for himself, and is not rich towards God.” After the sermon we proceeded to the waters of baptism, where six young ladies followed the example and command of our blessed Master, who while he sojourned upon earth submitted himself to this sacred ordinance. The house was filled notwithstanding the roads are in a very bad condition. In the evening Jonathan took Rachel and I up to Willistown, presume we should not have gone, only that Amanda went with Cornog’s in the morning, and from meeting the two girls and herself went home with Anna Mary Davis, so to save Mr. C. the trouble of bringing her home, went up. (sic) Mr. Dunlap preach (sic) from Matthew 25:13. “Watch, therefore, for ye know neither the day nor the hour wherein the Son of man cometh.” Don’t think I ever saw so small a congregation at Willistown before, suppose it was owing to the state of the roads.

Monday, January 23rd. A splendid day for drying clothes, so windy. Amanda and I did the washing, and folded the clothes in the evening. Mother received a short
[continuation added from page 6]
letter from brother Josiah who is sojourning at present in Delaware. Oh! I am so sleepy I can scarcely write in my journal!

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