Monday, January 23rd. [continued from page 5]
letter from brother Josiah who is sojourning at present in Delaware. Oh! I am so sleepy I can scarcely write in my journal!

Tuesday, January 24th. A clear, warm day. Amanda and I did the ironing, after which I made a Marseilles shirt bosom for Jonathan. Mother baked a pound cake for the supper on the return of the bride and groom tomorrow evening. David Clemens spent the evening with us.

Wednesday, January 25th. Very cloudy when we arose. Mother and Rachel were going to Norristown in the morning train had it not so threatened rain; however, it cleared off beautifully by noon. We all spent the day in the back-room, quilting. In the evening Jonathan went to the Paoli station to meet Josiah and Charlotte, we had supper prepared for them when they arrived. Mother received a letter from brother Judson, and I received a nice long one from my old room-mate Mattie D. Jones.

Thursday, January 26th. Had quite a snow squall towards evening. We plucked seven turkeys and thirty chickens for market, by no means a desirable day’s work. In the evening David Clemens came over, after had had gone I wrote a long letter to Lizzie Blackburn.

Friday, January 27th. A warm, pleasant atmosphere, yesterday’s snow is fast melting. Samuel went to market. Rachel, Charlotte, Amanda, and I finished quilting a quilt this afternoon.

Saturday, January 28th. Cold and windy. I assisted Rae with her work as it was too cold to do much outdoor work. In the afternoon I worked some at my embroidery, did not make very great progress. David Clemens came over again this evening before tea.

Sunday, January 29th. Clear and not very cold. Mother, Rachel, Jonathan and myself went to the Valley this morning heard our beloved pastor preach an excellent sermon of the plainest sort from Psalms 78:32 & 33. “For all this they sinned still, and believed not for his wondrous works. Therefore their days did he consume in vanity, and their years in trouble.” He did preach most pointedly to his “lifeless members” as he terms them. Would that all might reflect on the solemn truths this day delivered. Read some very valuable articles this afternoon in the Christian Chronicle, and the Home Mission Record. In the evening every one of us except Mother went down to Presbyterian meeting, heard Mr. Patterson preach a very good sermon from Acts. 26:28. “Then Agrippa said unto Paul, Almost thou persuadest me to be a Christian.”

Monday, January 30th. A beautiful day. Amanda and I commenced washing in good time this morning, but she was taken sick and had to give up the business, Mother took her place. Folded the fine clothes, and so many of the coarse ones as were dry, this evening.

Tuesday, January 31st. A beautiful, warm day; but blew up cold and commenced snowing before bed-time. Amanda and I ironed until after dinner, when she and Mother went up to the Valley Store; they made several purchases, and among the rest was a dress and various other little articles for myself.

Wednesday February 1st. Snowing when we arose this morning, and I presume had been doing so all night, for the snow was quite deep and very much drifted. Amanda and myself were nearly all the forenoon in getting the snow out of the
[continuation added from page 7]
old garret. I nearly froze, had to come down to the stove two or three times, while she came but once. David Clemens came over this afternoon, made quite a long stay. Mother and myself plucked a turkey and two chickens this evening.

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