Sunday, February 5th. [continued from page 7]
themselves, but unto him which died for them, and rose again.” I read a very excellent little work this afternoon styled: -“The Happy Transformation.” Did not attend church in the evening because of the inclemency of the weather.

Monday, February 6th. Another dull, rainy day. We did not wash as we usually do on Monday, spent the day in sewing. Amanda and I commenced to sew up the skirts of our new dresses this afternoon, Charlotte cut them out.

Tuesday, February 7th. A beautiful, clear day; quite a high wind. We washed, had a very large washing. In the afternoon our old friend Sarah Jane Golder came over to see us, brought her lithe babe Ida Virginia with her, it is the best and sweetest little one that I have seen for many a day. Josiah and Charlotte took them home in the evening, stopped at H.G. Malin’s store as they came back and made several purchases.

Wednesday, February 8th. A beautiful day. Charlotte, Amanda, and myself ironed. I mended two holes in my old brown merino dress and two in my calico. Mother went over to see the Aunties Sloan this afternoon but as Aunt Mary and Aunt Isabella had gone to Phoenixville she did not stay to tea. Oh! I am so sleepy!

Thursday, February 9th. A beautiful day. Charlotte went to Cornog’s in the morning. A regular sewing day, with us. Jonathan went to the Post Office, brought a nice long letter from brother Jud. I wrote a long letter this evening to my last, and dearly loved room-mate, “Mattie,” in which I told her very plainly what my feelings were when I heard that she had spent a week at home and had not visited me, don’t know how she will take it.

Friday, February 10th. A very high wind nearly all day. After coming up from milking I swept, dusted, and arranged the room occupied by Josiah and Charlotte, then sewed during the remainder of the day.

Saturday, February 11th. The atmosphere was quite mild until noon, when it blew up quite cold. A snow storm in the letter part of the afternoon. Kate Clemens and I spent the afternoon with the Misses Acker. Jake came up after us in the evening. Our folks had all retired except Mother when I returned.

Sunday, February 12th. Quite cold again to-day. Mother, Amanda, Jonathan and myself went down to the Valley this morning, heard our dear pastor preach a most excellent sermon from Galatians 2:17. “But if, while we seek to be justified by Christ, we ourselves are found sinners, is therefore Christ the minister of sin?” Samuel, Jonathan, and Amanda went to Presbyterian Church in the evening. I remained at home for the purpose of reading.

Monday, February 13th. A beautiful day. We had a very large washing, were done in good time, all the clothes were dry before it commenced to rain this evening.

Tuesday, February 14th. A very pretty day. I was down at the spring-house nearly all day, painted the butter-worker, three churns, two coolers, and some tin pans; putting the polish on them for the sale. David Clemens came over this evening.

Wednesday, February 15th. Very stormy all day, snowing very fast, and a cold North Easterly wind. I was ironing during the greater part of the day. Charlotte and Amanda ironed and quilted by turns. Mother had a serious time making me a dress, by a pattern that Ellie Camden gave me while at school in dear old Fem Sem, but it fit beautifully when she did get it done.

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