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1715 Map


Interactive 1715 Map

1715 tracts Shardlow East Ellis Hugh tract David Philips tract Shardlow West Richard Miles Edward Hugh Richard Hill? Philip Davis Lewis Walker Owen Hughes John David Thomas Edwards Rhoads

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The 1715 Tax Returns

The 1715 tax list is the earliest tax returns available for Easttown township. The people on the list are as follows:

  Tax amount Estimated land holding/acres
Edward Hugh2s 6d 200
Ellis Hughes2s 6d 490
Hugh Jones1s Not a land owner
Morgan Hugh1s 100
Philip David1s 100
David Davis and John Harris2s Not land owners
John David1s 125
Evan Thomas10d 100
Owen Hugh10d 100
Richard Evans10d 100
Thomas Edwards2s 6d 386

You have to suspect that Ellis Hughes' low tax amount relative to his land holdings is due to him renting out some of the land.

Non-resident land owners

William Sharlow13s 9d 1690
John Pugh10d Not a land owner
Owen Humphrey2s 1d Not a land owner

Some landowners were probably taxed in their resident township for their Easttown holdings. For example, Lewis Walker, who was resident in Tredyffrin township, owned 250 acres in Easttown but is not on the Easttown tax list. Some of the listed people would have leased the tracts but did pay the tax due on the tracts.

Land owners not on the tax list

Lewis Walker  250
Richard Miles  250
Richard Hill  200
Adam Rhoads  500
Matthew Clemenson  250