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Mary Roberts Diary

1831 - 1854

Background: Mary Walker was born 6/22/1785, she married Joseph Roberts on 12/20/1809, and died 1/29/1866. They had up to 11 children, some dying young, all being born before the diary was started.

It is planned to write a series of documents on various themes from the diary. So far only 1 document has been written on Quaker Meetings.

A number of related documents have been transcribed. There is a group of 4 documents that Joseph wrote in 1847 as part of his bankruptancy trial: assignment (dated 1847), list of creditors and notice given, list of creditors and amount of debt, and a statement of the causes of the petitioner’s insolvency.

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1/29/1831 I went to Mary Werslers.

2/18/1831 Went to see Aunt Rachel Morris.

3/12/1831 Sarah and Lewis came for me to Aunt Rachel Morris’s where I spent two or three days very pleasantly.

3/31/1831 Dr. Caufman moving from Robertsville to the Wersler farm.

4/5/1831 Joseph Roberts moved to Daniel Conard’s place.

4/13/1831 Joseph Conard’s family moved down to the Bridge and loaded the boat.

4/14/1831 Joseph Conard arrived at the upper ferry bridge and got their goods unloaded.

5/8/1831 Cornelius Conard and his daughter, Mary, is here today.

6/10/1831 Began to mow.

6/29/1831 Funks reaped this day.

6/30/1831 We began to cut over our grain.

7/7/1831 Showers [and earlier rain] raised the Pickering and Schuylkill so as to be impassible.

7/10/1831 The men gone to turn the grain; got some grain in.

7/11/1831 The people all very busy drying their grain.

7/12/1831 Our people finished their grain. After a long and tedious harvest we have at last finished and have gone to help B. Funk’s harvest home. A weary time, all groaning and stretching their weary nerves, which has been closely applied, some at the cradle, others to the rake and fork which lifts the well-filled ear to the house, there to lay, until the winter’s pinching cold may help the threshing; which is more disagreable than cutting.

7/13/1831 The boys helped Benjamin Funk in with the last of his grain.

7/16/1831 Caleb Hoopes and some of his neighbors came here a fishing and fished in Pickering and our dam.

8/20/1831 Sarah and I was cooking for the funeral of Polly Ryans.

8/28/1831 I did not get my dinner in consequence of the illness of Martha Johnson.

9/8/1831 Margaret Pennypacker and Lindley Rossiter gone to Phila. to be married.

10/18/1831 Elijah F. Pennypacker and Sarah W. Coates was married by John Price a free teacher.

11/8/1831 Dined at cousin William Waynes.

12/31/1831 Lewis and John Williams took William to Gwynedd boarding school [It was just before his 20th birthday].

10/29/1831? Joseph Pennypacker and wife, Joseph and myself visited Nathan Pennpacker.

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1/8/1832 Uncle Abner Moore was buried at the Valley.

3/10/1832 William came home from Gwynedd Boarding School.

3/14/1832 The Commission here putting out Pickering Bridge.

3/27/1832 Jacob Wersler moved his family down to his new store house.

4/14/1832 Chalkly Jeffries and George Highfields here to board to begin the bridge.

5/26/1832 This morning the masons laid the first stone in the abuttment.

6/15/1832 Today we began to mow.

6/21/1832 Mina was executed today for the murder of Dr. Chapman.

6/29/1832 Finished our hay.

7/7/1832 Today we began to cut our rye.

7/12/1832 Finished cutting our grain.

7/13/1832 Our men went to help Joseph Roberts cut his grain.

7/14/1832 Got our barley in today, our men gone to Benjamin Funks to cut grain.

7/20/1832 Our boys helped Samuel McClenting with his grain.

8/8/1832 Sarah come home today, did not go to town on account of the cholera.

9/13/1832 Henry Bowman was buried today. His wife Tabitha Bowman was buried Merion 9/22. Their daughter Margaret buried at Merion 9/24. All of cholera

9/14/1832 Our boarders all went home.

9/17/1832 Abby came here to help clean the house.

9/18/1832 Our taylor master whose name is Hezekiah Clagett commenced his cutting out school with the young women of the neighborhood - we started to clean the house.

11/4/1832 William took Lewis to Joseph Foulkes Boarding School.

11/18/1832 Joseph and I went to Kimberton with Mary Conard and Sarah Ann Thompson to commence their school.

11/25/1832 Robert Adamson came here to board.

12/8/1832 Robert Adamson went to see his father this morning.

12/15/1832 Daniel Conard sold his place at public sale - Hyram Cleaver bought it at $62 50c per acre.

12/23/1832 Robert Adamson went to his fathers, Joseph and I went to Benjamin Funks, Sarah come home and Robert brought his sister Hannah to assist him with his school.

12/30/1832 Robert & Hannah Adamson went home today. Lewis come home from school to see us.

11/26/1832? Joseph & Naomi Rhoads and Elizabeth Collins came here on their return from Luzerne County.

11/29/1832? Sister Sarah Roberts, Rachel Walker, and Joseph & Priscilla Walker visited.

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1/1/1833 Robert Adamson came home this evening. Havard took our Lewis, and Lewis and Thomas Walker to Gwynedd.

1/5/1833 William went this evening to Caleb Hoopes.

2/1/1833 Robert Adamson went home this evening.

2/11/1833 Fired our lime kiln this morning.

3/9/1833 Minerva Rossiter property was sold today for $46 50c per acre.

3/13/1833 William gone to town with oats and corn - oats bring 40c, corn 60c per bushel.

3/16/1833 This afternoon I went to see Jacob Aker who had his feet frozen, his toes black, part of which was taken off.

3/28/1833 James Johnston moved to Moore Hall new house.

3/30/1833 Sarah gone to help Joseph Roberts about moving. Lewis come home from Gwynedd Boarding School this evening.

4/1/1833 Robert Adamson and Lewis and Martha Matlack went to move Joseph Roberts from D. Conard’s place to the widow Reef’s in the Valley. The rest of us went to Henry Chrismans to help them.

4/2/1833 Peter Bloom moved to the Bank.

4/5/1833 Our men burning lime.

4/7/1833 Uncle Joseph Conard died, aged 91 years minus 14 days.

4/15/1833 My foot very bad, calld in Dr Coffman, he pronounced it Dropsy.

4/19/1833 Our men tired and sore picking stones.

4/21/1833 Sarah gone with John to see her new home. Lewis and Robert gone to Gwynedd.

4/28/1833 We had the company of Edward, Mary, & Sarah Evans from Paoli, took dinner and on to Kimberton in the afternoon.

5/2/1833 We began to plant corn today.

5/4/1833 finished planting corn.

5/7/1833 Sarah went with Sarah Ann Thomas to town and I went with Joseph - we took tea at Joseph Conards at upper ferry bridge - went into town, Sarah & I lodged at James Woods.

5/9/1833 Crossed the Delaware in a Steam Boat. and took the stage with at Camden in company with Priscilla Small to Daniel Conards on the Haddonfield Road.

5/10/1833 Took stage about 8 and back to Camden and on to Philadelphia - loaded our goods in the waggon for William and we come home with John about sunset.

5/11/1833 William come home with the goods.

5/12/1833 William took the girls to Kimberton.

5/16/1833 Jane Davis come home with us in the evening to have her home here.

5/19/1833 Abby Myers came here to help clean house.

5/21/1833 We began to clean house.

6/2/1833 So dark about 6 o’clock was ready to light candles. Had early peas and potatoes for dinner.

6/11/1833 In the evening Jane Davis went to Dr. Coffmans to keep house.

6/15/1833 Our men began to mow.

6/16/1833 In the afternoon Ann Conard, Mary Matlack, and Rebecca went to see the girls in Kimberton.

6/21/1833 Very heavy rain for the fore part of the day - swept away bridges.

7/2/1833 Finished our hay.

7/6/1833 Cut our barley this forenoon, helping John this afternoon.

7/10/1833 M M & I went to Nathan Pennypacker’s funeral.

7/11/1833 Our men busy hawling grain.

7/12/1833 James & Deborah Wood here. Our men finished their harvesting this evening.

7/13/1833 Joseph and I started between 11 and 12 O'clock - stopt at Mothers and spent an hour or two. So on to Widow Ann Maules took tea and on to Martha Conards to lodge.

7/14/1833 Went to Valley meeting, met with William B. E. Haines, went to Rachels to dine.
on our way home we sopt at Valley Forge inn out of a Shoe.

7/18/1833 William Conard and others to view the State road.

7/19/1833 Joseph gone again on the road.

7/20/1883 Lewis gone to Merion. Joseph & I took tea at Johns in company with Jane Roberts.

7/21/1833 Brother Josephs 4 youngest sons was here today from the valley.

7/24/1833 Rebecca and myself went to the funeral of Eliza Stephens at the valley which was very large, Henry Woodman and E. Kimber spoke.

7/25/1833 Jane Roberts & I went to meeting and to Joseph W. Roberts to spend the afternoon.

7/28/1833 We had the company of Moses Robinson and his 4 neices, Sarah, Ann, Mary, and Hannah Thomas and Elizabeth Longstreth to tea.

7/29/1833 Sarah & Sarah Acroyd spent the afternoon here.

7/30/1833 John Williams took tea here.

7/31/1833 Martha & I went to preparative meeting Elija Haviland and Daniel Gerow was their on their way from New York State to Ohio yearly meeting. Eliza and Jane Pennypacker came here.
Stephen B. Roberts gone to Jersey.

8/1/1833 Sarah Williams and Sarah Acroyd came here and I went with them to Ann Drurys. Met with Job Eldridge and Hannah Fogg. B. & E. Pennypacker to tea.

8/2/1833 Spent the afternoon with Harriet Bloom.

8/3/1833 Mary Ann Rebecca Adamson and Julyann Roberts spent the afternoon here.

8/5/1833 Joseph & I went toward Quarterly meeting. Staid all night at James Pastes.

8/6/1833 Went to Meeting. Dined at James Woods. In the evening went to Daniel Conards, lodged there.

8/7/1833 Come to the Bear and stopt there a little while and come on to William Hollowells took tea.

8/9/1833 Mary & I went to M. Robinsons.

8/11/1833 John & Sarah and H. Clymer was here to tea.

8/12/1833 Jane Davis came here to live. I went to see Peggy Well. She had stroke of the palsy.

8/13/1833 Joseph gone to market. James Johnson took tea with us.

8/14/1833 Jane & I spent the afternoon at Peter Blooms.

8/15/1833 Abby and me went to see Sarah.

8/17/1833 In the afternoon Emmor Kimber and his daughter Mary and grandson brought Mary Conard and Sarah Ann Thompson home took tea with us.

8/18/1833 Isaac Walker and Thomas Potts was here, also Matthias Pennypacker(?) and H. Anderson came in the evening

8/20/1833 Jane Davis went to Radnor with Joseph.

8/21/1833 Mary Conard, Sarah Ann Thompson and myself went to see Sarah Jane.

8/22/1833 All the girls went to meeting with us and to spend the afternoon at Charles Adamsons and to see Miligans little girls. Came home in the evening and Tabithe & Hannah Adamson with them. Betsy Rief and Kathy Wersler spent the afternoon here.

8/23/1833 The girls busy making Mary a frock.

8/24/1833 Cornelius came here. Laurence Wilson came here gathering tax. Cornelius and the girls went to Kimberton for their trunk. In the evening Daniel Conard came here.

8/25/1833 William took Rebecca and the Girls to the Valley on their way to Jersey, Cornelius went on horseback also. Robert gone to his fathers in the evening.

8/26/1833 John Williams here this morning.

8/29/1833 Lewis poorly.

8/30/1833 Sarah came here today.

8/31/1833 Mary & I went to Samuel Davis in the evening. 3 yound men came here from Gwynedd. The boys at Camp Meeting and brought several horse with them.

9/1/1833 Bartholomew Fussel was at our meeting. E. & W. Haines here to dinner with several others in the afternoon, had 8 young men to tea.

9/6/1833 Made apple sauce.

9/19/1833 Joseph Adamson was thrown off his horse and killed instantly.

9/22/1833 Tabitha Adamson came here to commence school.

9/27/1833 We made our apple sauce.

9/28/1833 Tabitha gone to her uncle, Charles Adamson.

10/4/1833 We began to clean house.

10/17/1833 Joseph and his neighbors gone up to Coventry to lay out a road.

10/19/1833 Three drovers came here to lodge.

10/22/1833 Drovers went away.

10/25/1833 John Williams here to top off the chimney.

10/26/1833 Joseph went to Westchester to meet the legatees of grandfather Walker’s estate.

11/12/1833 Jane Davis went to keep house for Betsy Rogers while she went to town.

11/13/1833 Jane came back this evening.

11/21/1833 James Anderson and Tacy Thomas was married.

11/30/1833 Jacon Marys place sold today for 71 dollars per acre, bought by a man the name of Garret.

12/21/1833 Tabitha, Mary Matlack, and Rebecca gone to John Williams to stay all night.

12/22/1833 Tabitha went home this afternoon.

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1/6/1834 William began to go to school to E. Pennypacker.

1/25/1834 Tabitha Adamson, Mary and myself went to George Abbotts.

2/17/1834 Jane went to keep house for Sarah. I went to see several of our neighbors that was poorly.

2/21/1834 I took Tabitha Adamson home, Jane come home this evening.

2/25/1834 John March died this morning, Jane gone to keep house for Becky while she goes to assist there.

2/27/1834 Just as I was going to meeting Jonathan Rogers came for me, his grandmother was speechless with a stroke of Palsey, no use of her left side, I came home in the evening.

3/2/1834 In the evening they sent again for me to B. Rogers, Peggy took a little nourishment and talked some.

3/5/1834 Attended the sale of Jacob Wersler’s store goods, not many bargains.

3/6/1834 Sent for me again to see Peggy Wells, found her weaker, staid with her all day and night.

3/7/1834 At about 4 o’clock she expired.

3/20/1834 Went to Moore Hall to see M. Abbott.

3/31/1834 Joseph went to town from Paoli on a carr to count as witness between Lee & Conard.

4/1/1834 Most of us went to Jacob Wersler moving up to Phoenixville. William moved Frederick Rossiter.

4/11/1834 I went with Joseph to town to attend the yearly meeting.

4/12/1834 Shoped about awhile, made my home at James Woods in Sixth Street, 2 doors from Wood Street.

4/14/1834 The yearly meeting commenced which was very large.

4/16/1834 No meeting this morning. I went to Fairmont in an Omnibus. In the evening I attended what they call female anti-Slavery Society.

4/19/1834 Returned home.

4/21/1834 Went to the sale of Jacob Wersler’s Store goods.

4/22/1834 Jane Davis, Nancy Stroud, Rebecca and myself went to the funeral of Job Davis’s child - it was buried at the Baptist burying ground, Great Valley. We came with them over Pawlings Bridge and home.

5/1/1834 We are about cleaning house.

5/5/1834 Robert Adamson started from here to go to the western country.

5/10/1834 Daniel took Ann Drury to the Paoli.

5/12/1834 I went over to the Store.

5/22/1834 Henry Woodman was at our meeting.

5/27/1834 We had a great time this evening hiveing a swarm of bees.

5/30/1834 Joseph began to go to market twice a week.

6/21/1834 Men got two loads of hay in.

7/3/1834 Dull weather for hay.

7/4/1834 Martha Johnston came to see Daniel, he is badly poisoned. Job Eldridge moved from Pottsville to Moore Hall. Their goods come down on a boat.

7/5/1834 Job & Jane Eldridge, E. Fogg, and E. House come here to stay all night.

7/7/1834 We cut our barley today and began the rye.

7/9/1834 Joseph come home from town and brought word that Job Eldridge has lost his pocket book on his way to town with the amount of upwards of a thousand dollars in cash and notes.

7/10/1834 Dined at the Eagle with Patty Horn. Our men finished cutting the grain.

7/11/1834 Our boys busy hauling grain.

7/12/1834 finished hawling in.

7/14/1834 In the afternoon Evan Green, his daughter, son, and sister-in-law - and their black man come to stay all night.

7/18/1834 The boys cutting oats today.

7/26/1834 Rebecca went to Jacob Rossiters to a sewing match.

7/27/1834 William Hallowell and Isaac Roberts come here afternoon. Lewis went with them to the Springs [Yellow Springs?].

8/1/1834 Rebecca Wersler died today with the dysentary. Sarah Drury at Jacob Werslers preparing for the funeral.

8/14/1834 Martha Johnson here making her gown.

8/15/1834 Jane, Martha, Rebecca and I went to the sale of Rebecca Wersler’s goods, after her decease.

8/19/1834 I went with William and Ellin to Kimberton, went to Jesse Yeagar’s store, got a few articles. Then went to Dr. Griffiths had some cake and wine there, then went to E. Kimbers and round to see the bowery, garden and bath house, and full flowing spring of water, and back to the house and talked awhile with Emmor and his wife.

Towards evening William and Ellin went home.

8/23/1834 J. Price’s store broken open about 2 o’clock this morning and robbed of about $50 in silver.

8/25/1834 Stephen took aunt Sally Griffith home to Kimberton.

8/27/1834 Martha Cole, Joseph & Mary Liddell and their son was here to dinner - from Philadelphia on a ride to the Springs.

8/28/1834 Martha Johnson brought Mary here for Joseph to take her to town to live at James Woods.

9/6/1834 We were busy today boiling apple sauce.

9/15/1834 This afternoon Rachel Wainright had an appointed meeting at the Corner, Samuel & Sarah Noble were with her, all from Phila, they went to John Rogers, Valley Forge, to lodge.

9/20/1834 A great many people went to the Monument; none of our folks went.

9/23/1834 Abby here cleaning our garden.

9/27/1834 Daniel Conard and A. Matlack come here with sweet potatoes.

10/2/1834 Martha Johnson sent for me, she was very poorly. I staid there all night.

10/3/1834 Sarah Drury came over to stay with Martha until they could get someone else.

10/4/1834 Sarah Drury come home this afternoon.

10/15/1834 Today was fixed on to go Ohio, I was very poorly.

10/18/1834 Dr. [Coffman?] in trouble. Lost a fine horse he just paid $100 20c for.

10/21/1834 Joseph & I went to the funeral of Ann Rowland at Pawlings Bridge.

10/23/1834 Job Eldridge vendue at Moore Hall.

10/25/1834 In the evening brother Joseph and wife brought sister Rachel up expecting us to start next day for Ohio, but Jane was too poorly to leave.

10/26/1834 Jane very low and weak.

10/27/1834 Brother Joseph sent word to Pugh Davis and Jane’s illness and about noon her son Pugh and Eliza come here. Afternoon: Job’s wife come here and the two Elizas sat up with her that night. Pugh went home and left Eliza here.

10/28/1834 Lewis went to market; Harriot Vanleer went with him to live at Joseph Conards.

10/29/1834 Mishal come to see Jane and Pugh come up. Dr. come about 10 o’clock told me she could not stand it much longer, which I seen before he came, her swallowing bad and pulse almost gone. About 1 o’clock pm she appeared to be going, I called Pugh & Joseph up. She had a hard spell vommiting. I sent for Barbara Robinson & Ann Funk. She continued at time with black vomit until she expired at 6 o’clock in the evening.

10/30/1834 Push Davis went home, and all of us neighbors too were engaged in preparing for the funeral.

10/31/1834 The people met at 10 o’clock according to appointment and the corpse was followed by a large number of relatives and neighbors to the Valley Baptist burying ground.

I believe her decease was occationed by something pretty near Yellow Fever for her shin was yellow about 3 days previous to her death as the skin of an orange.

11/1/1834 All our friends gone away except Abby who staid to help me whitewash the room and put all the clothes in the oven for fear of contagion as the Dr. was kind enough to call and gave me that charge.

11/3/1834 Eliza Davis come here to stay with our family. Lewis brought Elisa and Rachel up here. Now we are all ready to start to Ohio tomorrow morning.

11/4/1834 Started to Ohio.

12/4/1834 Arrive home about 8 o’clock in the evening. As we come by the lime kiln we see it afire, we stopd and called, and William, Lewis, and Parry Davis all come to the road to speak to us. William jumped on his horse and rode to the house but did not tell the family, when we come in they were all in an uproar for a while. We come home before they expected us.

12/6/1834 Our men busy at the kiln.

12/7/1834 I am engaged in writing to our Ohio friends.

12/8/1834 Our men very busy hawling out the lime.

12/17/1834 Joseph went to Paoli to go in the carr to Phila. to attend the court case between Cornelius Conard and William Lee.

12/20/1834 Lewis come home and brought Isaac Roberts merchant home with him to go to Charles Adamson to live. About 2 o’clock in the morning Joseph come home, had come from Philadelphia to Paoli in a carr and walked from there home [in the dark, of course].

12/22/1834 Butchered our hogs today.

12/23/1834 Daniel & Mary began school to G. Whitehead.

12/31/1834 William Hallowell and David Ambler come here for Joseph to go with them to see Job Eldridge’s place.

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1/1/1835 Towards evening Stephen took Isaac [Isaac R. Walker?]and some of the girls over to the store.

1/2/1835 Our William took sister Jane and I to Carson Wilsons where the sale is to be held. Abraham Peck bought the property for $42 25c per acre.

1/3/1835 Joseph, Rebecca, Mary & I went to see aunt Rachel Morris. Stopt awhile to see Ann Roberts. She had undergone an operation the 3rd day previous of having a cancer wart cut out of her forehead just above the temple. She said it was not so severe as you might think. She is doing a well as can be expected.

Aunt Rachel very miserable has kept her bed near two years. Her facilities appear bright but her speech is so bad she can hardly be understood.

1/6/1835 Sarah Drury gone to sew for Hannah Bloom.

1/14/1835 William and Mary W. Conard went down to Havard Walkers, lodged there.

1/16/1835 Sarah [Drury] come from Peters [Bloom]. William and Mary come home.

1/22/1835 Sarah Drury was at John Williams.

1/25/1835 Brother Joseph and sister Rachel took Maryann Walker to Kimberton school.

1/29/1835 Joseph went to old John Buchwalter’s vendue.

2/12/1835 Joseph, Mary W. Conard, Rebecca, Mary and I went to monthly meeting.

2/13/1835 Benajmin Rogers had a vendue.

2/18/1835 Joseph come home and bring Mary W. Conard home with him.

2/19/1835 Phinelas Paste and Elizabeth J. Roberts was married at Merion meeting house.

2/21/1835 Joseph and I went to see Ann Roberts. She is good deal poorly, had another cancer cut from above the eyebrow.

2/22/1835 Mary Marys was brought up from Amos Rapp to John Roberts sick with the measles. Evening Havard Walker come here to inform us of the death of aunt Rachel Morris.

2/24/1835 Joseph & I went to the funeral [Rachel Morris]. She was abotu 87 years, she told us that she had lived in that house about 67 years.

2/28/1835 The men gone to Jacob Wersler’s vendue.

3/1/1835 John and Sarah and babe come here.

3/3/1835 Dr. Pennypacker come here to see Mary Marys. He says this is the fourth time the Schuylkill has been frozen over.

3/4/1835 William and Mary W. Conard went to preparative meeting.

3/7/1835 George Hatton had an appointed meeting at Charlestown.

3/8/1835 William, Mary W, Rebecca, and Hallowells young folks went over Schuylkill to David Amblers.

3/9/1835 Men went to Peter Marchs vendue.

3/16/1835 Several of us went to Johnny Rapp’s vendue.

3/17/1835 We began to clean house.

3/18/1835 I went to Enoch Matlacks to help them pack.

3/19/1835 Enoch Matlack moved to Radnor. William went to move Jacob Force to Neddy Schofields house, Valley.

3/21/1835 Some of the boys went to help Edinborough to move house. The winter we have passed through will probably long be remembered as one of intense severity. During last winter the Delaware was frozen twice, and fastened with ice, for a short spell a third time, a circumstance unprecedented in the history of Philadelphia.

3/28/1835 Sister Rachel come here and I went with her to Kimberton to see Mary Ann.

3/31/1835 William moved Reif.

4/1/1835 Joseph Roberts moved to Richard Kimbers on the Lancaster turnpike. Ann, Jane and I went in Lewis Dearbourne. Ann bore the journey better than we expected. She is an awful sight having so many cancers about her face, and having very little rest for the extreme pain she suffers, sister Rachel and I sat up with her the night before she moved.

4/2/1835 Lewis went to help William Firenshield [?] to move.

4/6/1835 John and Jane Quimby moved to John Rapps place.

4/7/1835 Ann Conard has come to town to learn the tayloring trade.

4/20/1835 Harriot come here to live. Ann Roberts died.

4/21/1835 Quite a large funeral.

5/1/1835 Martha Detra cone here to dine. She went with us to Benjamin Rogers vendue.

5/4/1835 Joseph and I went to help Benjamin Rogers pack up.

5/5/1835 Benjamin Rogers and Jacob Wersler started for Indianna.

5/11/1835 Reef Quay here filling the kiln.

5/19/1835 Priscilla Walker died.

5/20/1835 Mary McVeigh who is very weak being in the 75th year of her age.

5/21/1835 Priscillas funeral. A length sermon was delivered by Joseph Foulke of Gwynedd.

5/28/1835 John Rinewalt come here to make a bargain for Stephen to learn the milling business.

6/1/1835 Stephen went to Moore Hall to learn the milling business.

6/12/1835 Lewis, Joseph and Isaac Roberts went to Paoli to go to Merion on the rail road.

6/22/1835 I was 50 years old this day.

7/2/1835 I went with Susey [Umsted?] to the store, and to see Martha Johnson.

7/8/1835 Our folks began to cut the grain.

7/10/1835 Sarah come here to make her wine.

7/17/1835 Our men busy hawling the grain.

7/18/1835 Our folks done hawling the grain.

7/26/1835 William took Maryann to Kimberton.

7/30/1835 Our men busy at the oats.

8/1/1835 Constantine Poole to board here.

8/11/1835 Elijah Funk started for Indianna.

8/12/1835 I went to see Kitty Wersler, she had a polex fit on second day previous and never spoke again.

8/15/1835 Went to the funeral of Kitty Wersler. She left 7 children, her babe was about 3 months old. Before I got home there was an accident occured and when I got home here was Uriah Pennypacker and wife, and Catharine Miles, the women badly hurt. The horse took fright ran down the hill and broke the carriage, and broke both Catharine’s arms. Towards evening Uriah and his wife went to his fathers.

8/16/1835 The two Dr. Pennypackers visited the wounded woman. In the evening we carried the woman to Joseph Pennypackers.

8/17/1835 Abby here helping us wash.

8/29/1835 I went to Tommy Rossiters vendue.

9/1/1835 I went to Joseph Pennypackers, Catherine Miles not able to walk about any.

9/7/1835 Joseph and I went to help Tommy Rossiters pack their goods.

9/8/1835 Tommy Rossiter started to Indianna.

9/13/1835 Martha and William Matlack, Lewis W. and myself went to the funeral of Elizabeth Matlack, widow, in Radnor. Had a sermon from Mary Moore and Elizabeth Leedon.

9/14/1835 Constant gone to her brothers.

9/17/1835 William started on the rail road to go to the western country.

9/19/1835 Our boys went to the monument.

9/20/1835 Constant come back.

9/26/1835 John was cleaning race.

9/28/1835 Martha, Rebecca, and myself went to the corner to a meeting called Lycium.

10/13/1835 Today we made our apple sauce.

10/26/1835 Lewis began to haul limestone.

11/5/1835 Our men filling the kiln.

11/11/1835 Our men just done burning a kiln of lime.

11/16/1835 The carpenters and masons are here working at the house at the corner.

11/17/1835 Martha and I went ot the funeral of Mary Pennypacker, widow of John. She was returning from Virginia with her children, 8 in number to reside in the neighborhood of her father, Henry Highly, on the evening of the 14th. Near the Trap the horses took fright, threw her out when both wheels ran down her body. She survived till the morning of the 16th when death relieved her of suffering.

11/18/1835 I went with Evan on their way home to Moore Hall to assist for the funeral of Mary Peck.

11/28/1835 I was called up to go to John Umsteds, his wife deceased. Martha Matlack and I went there and staid till 10 at night.

12/3/1835 William came home from his journey. He had been gone 11 weeks.

12/8/1835 our men husking corn.

12/10/1835 Isaac W. Conard here after an absence of six years.

12/17/1835 Our folks finished husking corn.

12/20/1835 This morning the boys were of the necessity of riding several horses up and own the lane to the watering place to break the ice so the cattle could go to drink.

12/28/1835 We were busy preparing for market.

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1/2/1836 Our men filled the ice house with the help of some of the neighbors.

1/10/1836 An accident happened here this morning of a temporary shed which had straw on it With the weight of the snow and wind it fell over. Killed 2 fine heifers and a sheep - getting from under the ruins 8 sheep and a working ox uninjured.

The boys geared up four horses in the slay and started out to break the roads, they did not go far on account of the depth of the snow, it being drifted in many places so that the roads were impassible.

1/12/1836 Washed and got our clothes dry.

1/13/1836 Snow going but enough remains yet to make good sleighing, the average depth being 2 to 3 feet.

1/28/1836 Uncommon cold, 2 degree below zero. We went to meeting on horseback.

1/30/1836 Joseph took the girls to Kimberton and brought Rebecca back to see us.

2/14/1836 Brother Joseph and two of his sons called here, had taken Mary back to Kimberton school.

2/16/1836 I went to the funeral of Mary McVeigh.

2/17/1836 I started to go to John Williams met with Isaac Price. He wished me to get in his slay and go home with him, his wife being ill, which I did and in the course of a few hours we had a fine young son there.

Joseph and William come home and brought a cook stove with them.

2/26/1836 William went to Moses Robinson to clerk for the sale of Abel Thomas goods.

2/27/1836 Lewis went to the Bull to hear the result of an arbitration between Major McVeigh and Henry Chrisman, not decided.

3/4/1836 Abraham Peck had a vendue.

3/8/1836 Barnett Rapp’s vendue. He is going off to the west.

3/12/1836 Rest of the youngsters went to Debating school at the dam.

3/18/1836 I went to the sale of Robert McWilliams store goods.

3/22/1836 William went to the rail road to help J. Williams.

3/24/1836 Lewis and Harriot went to help Abram Peck move from Moore Hall to Job Eldridges old place.

4/11/1836 Daniel took Joseph to the Paoli to go to Phila. on the carr to attend the yearly meeting.

4/12/1836 We commenced cleaning house.

4/13/1836 Abby helping us today.

4/28/1836 Mother went to meeting with us. The first time since winter commenced.

5/10/1836 Our folks planting corn.

5/21/1836 I went to Kimberton for Rebecca.

5/23/1836 Daniel took Rebecca back to school.

6/6/1836 Esqr. McCurdy and John Quimby here to acknowledge a deed for a lot of ground where the new wheelright shop is built.

6/9/1836 John Umsted and his men here fixing the horse power churn. Our men planting the corn over.

6/10/1836 We planted our late potatoes today.

6/14/1836 Mary got her teeth dresst.

6/18/1836 After tea Joseph, cousin Anna, little Mary, and myself went to William Hallowells. Uncle John quite poorly.

6/22/1836 Uncle John died, 89 years 6 months.

6/25/1836 Cold enough enough to have fire in the room for several days.

6/27/1836 Men began to mow.

7/4/1836 Joshua Foulke and William Green come here and read Uncle John Roberts will.

7/7/1836 Joseph went with some men from the neighborhood to Coventry to view a road.

7/11/1836 We cut our rye.

7/12/1836 Finished hawling our hay.

7/17/1836 Joseph and I went to Henry Werslers to see his son William who returned from Indianna very unwell.

7/18/1836 Stephen at home helping cut our grain, a very late harvest, and poor crops in many places.

7/19/1836 Our men finished cutting grain before breakfast.

7/23/1836 We had six mowers mowing the field.

7/27/1836 We were busy all day picking our wool.

7/28/1836 Our folks finished their hay.

8/4/1836 Our men busy at their oats.

8/6/1836 Eloisa McCrea came home with Joseph.

8/7/1836 All the Girls went to meeting.

8/8/1836 Rachel Cleaver was buried today. Joseph, Martha, Rebecca and myself went to the funeral. Mary & Harriet Davis was here to tea.
I was very poorly tonight.

8/9/1836 Dr. come and gave medicine I felt bad. The town girls all went home. John & Sarah and their children spent the day here.

8/10/1836 I am better today and Rebecca very poorly. Sarah Conard came here. Mary came home.

8/12/1836 Mary Conard went to town with Joseph on her way to Cape May and Sarah Conard went with John.

8/13/1836 Sarah Lusk come home with Joseph.

8/14/1836 Jacob Werslers youngest child was buried. George Truman1 was at our meeting today and spoke largely - we had here for dinner George Truman, Richard Price, Joshua Bowman, Havard Walker, David Havard, Jonathan Walker, William S.(?) Stephens - and to tea Hannah Robinson, Mary Matlack and Ann Hause.

8/16/1836 Thomas R. Walker come to invite us to the funeral of cousin James Pugh.

8/17/1836 We whitewashed our room and kitchen. [last full entry]

9/12/1836 Isaac commenced school keeping.

9/26/1836 Lewis W. Roberts started at half past 8 o’clock on his journey to the West.

9/28/1836 We whitewashed our stove room and made our new carpet.

9/30/1836 We whitewashed the kitchen.

10/1/1836 Elizabeth and Ann Place was here to coffee.

10/13/1836 Joseph took William to the Paoli to go to Columbia.

10/16/1836 Lucretia Mott attended our meeting and spoke largely.

10/22/1836 Nathan come thro Norristown with sweet potatoes.

11/1/1836 Dr. Coffman had a sale on his property today but it did not sell.

11/5/1836 Rebecca [Mary & Joseph's daughter, aged 17] breathed her last.

11/12/1836 our men making cider - received an acceptable letter from our son William from Columbia.

11/16/1836 We killed a beef and hog.

11/22/1836 Daniel and Nathan Conard - who had come to sell the old place at Public Sale - but before the time arrived - he sold at private sale. A part with the buildings on to Abner Hughes for $36 50c per acre - and a part to J & M Patterson for $33 an acre.

12/2/1836 We butchered our hogs.

12/6/1836 We washed and whitewashed our kitchen.

12/14/1836 Joseph, Mary, Lewis Matlack and I started to Jersey got to Joseph Conard about 2 o’clock. Took dinner there. Maria went with us to Daniels where we arrived about sunset.

12/15/1836 Maria & Rachel went with us in our waggon to Haddonfield Quarterly meeting. After meeting Joseph and I went to Moorestown to see Joseph and Ann Hayes.

12/17/1836 Got home around 9 o’clock. Lewis at home he had been gone between 11 and 12 weeks.

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1/2/1837 In the evening Mary and the boys went to Phoenixville to see the Siamese twins.

1/3/1837 took little Mary to see the twins - they were born in Siam May 1811.

1/5/1837 Today we filled our ice house, had some of our neighbors helping.

1/24/1837 Mary W. Roberts and I went to Major McVeighs.

1/27/1837 We whitewashed our room.

2/14/1837 Finished Nancys quilt.

2/20/1837 This morning Lewis took his father to the Paoli to go to town to attend court.

2/24/1837 Joseph gone to market with two veals.

2/25/1837 Joseph come home tonight, he made between 17 and 18 dollars out of the calves.

3/10/1837 Abijah Stephens had a vendue - Abijah going to move below Norristown.

3/13/1837 Dr. Coffman had a vendue.

3/30/1837 Lewis went to move Dr. Coffman to Cedar Hollow and Edward Schoffield moved to old place which he bought for five thousand six hundred dollars.

4/11/1837 Joseph and William Wood started in the 3 o’clock carr up to Norristown [from town] - and up to the corner in the stage.

4/12/1837 attended the funeral of Abijah Stephens at the Valley.

4/25/1837 Joseph took William to the Paoli to go in the Carr to Columbia. Elijah F. Pennypacker and wife, and Henriette Wersler and her two little brothers went in the same Carr - the children went to Cincinatta to their father Jacob Wersler, he has the second wife.

4/27/1837 Phebe Roberts and Mary W. Conard went to some of the neighbors to get subscribers to the school.

4/28/1837 I went with Phebe to B. Funks to get some scholars.

5/6/1837 Margaret Funk went with Elijah to Gettysburg.

5/7/1837 Havard Walker stopt here to tea on his way home from taking Maryann to Kimberton.

5/8/1837 Phebe Roberts come here to begin the school.

5/9/1837 Men began to burn lime. This evening our girls went to see the kiln.

5/10/1837 Financial panic of 18372.

5/27/1837 Boys working on the roads.

5/29/1837 Joseph and I went to Peter Suplee esq. to acknowledge a deed3.

5/30/1837 Men harrowing corn.

6/5/1837 John has a time pulling down the Mill, Lewis and Daniel assisting him.

6/10/1837 We left town about 11 o’clock and went home with James Paste about six miles from Philadelphia where we arrived about 1 o’clock. After we got some refreshment Rebecca and her daughter accompanied us to the planes on the railroad, which was something new to me.

6/14/1837 Jane Thomas come here to taylor for our men folks.

6/15/1837 from accounts received they have been visited with an uncommon flood at Baltimore, houses swept off, 15 lives lost, and a great many horses and cattle of all kinds destroyed.

6/28/1837 John Perch here mowing.

7/9/1837 Our men hawling hay.

7/18/1837 Our men finished the hay.

7/19/1837 Began to cut our grain.

7/21/1837 Several helping at the grain.

7/24/1837 Our men helping Benjamin Funk.

7/25/1837 finished our grain.

8/1/1837 Men at the Oats, girls helping.

8/15/1837 Joseph took William to the Paoli to go to Columbia.

8/26/1837 Phebes school ? today. Lewis went to Jersey.

9/6/1837 Our men busy at the second crop [hay?].

9/18/1837 Joseph went to John Jacobs after sheep he bought of him.

9/24/1837 Lewis took the girls to see the tunnel.

10/4/1837 All the girls helping Becky quilt.

10/10/1837 Our men went to the election.

10/19/1837 Lewis hawling stone for John Williams at Charles Adamsons.

10/23/1837 Men began to husk corn.

10/29/1837 Yesterday widow Andersons place was sold for $68 35c per acre. Saml Streeper bought it.

11/3/1837 Men finished husking corn.

11/22/1837 Lewis is ploughing up the meadow.

12/7/1837 Butchered a beef and two hogs.

12/13/1837 Whitewashed our stove room.

12/16/1837 We butchered some of our hogs.

12/20/1837 Whitewashed the kitchen.

12/28/1837 I went to the funeral of Hezikiah Davis at the advanced age of 90 years. William Latta spoke a few words at the house on the uncertainty of life.

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1/2/1838 Butchered a beef.

1/3/1838 Joseph, Mary W. Roberts, Lewis R. Matlack and I went to preparative meeting. We appointed Jane Cleaver Clerk in the place of Hannah Potts resigned. Dined at Havard Walkers, and brought Mary W. Conard home. Sarah and Mary Jane was here when we come home.

1/4/1838 James Johnson dined here.

1/5/1838 Cousin Nancy Stroud and I went over Schuylkill to see Eliza Davis.

1/7/1838 After meeting Samuel went with Joseph to the Paoli to go to town in the carr to attend court between Cornelius Conard and Lee. Afternoon Issac W. Conard come to see us.

1/9/1838 This morning Sleely, Nancy and I went to John Williams.

1/11/1838 Joseph, Martha, Mary W. Roberts and I went to monthly meeting.

1/14/1838 We had an appointed meeting at the Corner by John Jackson. Stephen Stephens and Betsy Walker come home with us and staid all night.

1/15/1838 Lewis and David went to town with the waggon. Stephen and Betsy went home.

1/17/1838 John Williams called here. Michael came ere this evening bought C. Comfort here to quilt.

1/18/1838 Mary Ann Gordon and Phebe Roberts come here from meeting to help us quilt. Lewis took them home

1/19/1838 Martha and I went to help Anna Robinson quilt.

1/21/1838 John and Sarah [Williams] here this afternoon. The Dr. come and bled me.

1/22/1838 Betsy Rapp come here this evening.

1/24/1838 Barbara Robinson come to see me this morning. Betsy Pennypacker and Becky spent the afternoon here.

1/25/1838 Sister Rachel and Phebe Hallowell come to spend the day.

1/26/1838 John Kane buried his child today.

1/30/1838 Ann Funk and Mary Wersler spent the afternoon here.

1/31/1838 I was sent for to John Williams last night, Sarah has a son, calls him Davis. John brought me home this evening and I brought Mary Jane home with me.

2/2/1838 We had several of our neighbors helping fill the ice house. Sally Pennypacker spent the afternoon here. Priscilla Pryor and Maria Conard come here from the Paoli, they had been at Lampeter.

2/4/1838 Lewis took Priscilla, Maria & I to the Paoli to go to Philadelphia. We waited about an hour for the carr, and was just seated and helpd to an excellent dinner, when just as we took one mouthful the locomotive came and we had to leave it and go as fast we could to go aboard. The first time I rode on one we had a very pleasant ride having a stove in the middle of the carr which made it very comfortable. In two hours we were in Philadelphia at Coates stt., Fairmount.

Richard Pryor went with me to Joseph Conard. Lewis went home and took the two Marys and Mary Jane to John Williams.

2/5/1838 Maria and I walk into James Woods. Then we went to the bonnet makers and back to James’s, here Maria left me.

This afternoon the friends of Sarah Lusk met at the house of Isaac Cooper in Vine Street to attend the funeral of Elizabeth Lusk, aged nearly 9 years. I spent the evening with Aaron Fogg.

2/6/1838 I attended the quarterly meeting which was large. I dined and lodged at James Woods, David L. and Sarah Warrier come here for her bureau.

2/7/1838 This afternoon Priscilla Small and Mary Pryor went with me to see Rebecca Steele. She has fitted herself up a little shop.

2/8/1838 Last night I lodged at William Webbs. I spent an hour or two with uncle Lewis Walkers girls and dined at George Petersons, and spent soeme of the afternoon with Catharine Parke. Spent this evening at Thomas Woods, very agreeable with many others.

2/9/1838 Sarah Woods come with her carriage and took Deborah and I to David Roberts. Here we dined and found sister Sarah poorly. I went to John Evans to tea and John come with me to James Woods, where I met with Joseph Roberts. He had come to market.

2/10/1838 We come up the Ridge turnpike, stopt at Jonanthan Adamsons and took our dinner, thence home. Sally Ann Thomas and Margaret Funk was here when we got home.

2/12/1838 William and Jane Hallowell and their daughter Catharine come here to dinner. William and Catharine went home and took Mary W. Roberts with them. I left Jane here.

2/13/1838 Lewis went to hawl wheat for John Kinwalt from the Paoli. Jane, Mary W. Conard, and I went to Phoenixville to help Isaac Roberts pack their goods for moving.

2/14/1838 Our folks went to Westchester. Daniel Conard come home with them..

2/15/1838 Lewis went to I. Roberts to help them move to Norristown. Joseph went to help them load the waggons. Mary W. Conard and I walked to the Corner. After meeting I went to see Martha Johnson and Sally Housman.

2/17/1838 Joseph, Lewis, Nancy Stroud and I went in the sleigh to Major McVeighs. When we got home found William and Stephen there. Lewis and Stephen went one road asleighing and William, Mary W., Mary Marys and Daniel got Joseph Funks slay and went to J. Williams.

2/18/1838 Pugh and Elisa Davis come home with us to dinner. She has a son about 6 weeks old and calls him Job. William, Lewis, and Mary W. Conard, Mary R. Matlack and Hollowells went to Havard Walkers.

2/19/1838 Joseph, cousin Nancy, and I went to uncle Thomas Walkers and to see Sally Morris a little while. After dinner we went to see John Adamson, found aunt Ruth quite crippling the rheumatism. After tea we come home and here Havard had brought William home and Susan and David Havard and Thomas and Ezekial Potts. We got tea for them and then all hands drove off to Major McVeighs.

2/20/1838 Joseph, cousin Nancy, Martha and I went to John Wiliams. William spent the afternoon with B. Funk.

2/21/1838 Joseph, cousin Nancy, and I went to aunt Susy Richards to dinner, and to Susy Famous’s for tea. Thence over the bridge and thro Norristown to William Hallowells in Plymouth township.

John Williams come here and took William to James Pastes to go to Columbia tomorrow. Andrew Ambler, wife and child come to see us and we were not at home.

2/22/1838 We brought Mary W. Robert home with us, stopt at Lindley Rossiters where we fell in company with Matthias Pennypacker and wife, Joseph B. Pennypacker and wife, Simeon Buzzard, wife and child. Spent a little time with Isaac Roberts, who are hardly fixt yet in business.

Home in the evening. We had Havard and Mary Ann Walker, Sarah Moore, Abraham Beidler, Sarah Stephens, Louisa Watson and Susan Hagerty.

2/23/1838 John Williams and Michael calld here today.

2/24/1838 Lewis W. Roberts and Mary W. Conard went to Jacob Beidlers.

2/26/1838 Lewis went to Walleys vendue in Easttown. Joseph Pennypacker called here.

2/27/1838 Mary W. Conard and Mary W. Roberts went to Norton Rowland.

2/28/1838 Joseph, Martha, Mary W. Roberts and I went to the Valley preparative meeting. We dined at brother Josephs.

3/1/1838 Joseph and I went to William Morgans vendue and called to see Hannah Bloom.

3/2/1838 I went to John Marads sick child.

3/4/1838 Several of us went to meeting, Lewis and Mary W. Conard went to uncle Tommy Walkers. Fire at Norristown

3/5/1838 Rained uncommon hard. Pickering raised very high - broke most of the dams along the creek. Kinseys and Moorehall suffered greatly.

3/6/1838 Joseph went to widow Coffmans vendue. Mary W. Roberts, Becky and I went with him to John Williams.

3/8/1838 Joseph and Lewis went to Joseph E. Pennypackers vendue. Havard Walker is here tonight. Little Mary is poorly all day.

3/9/1838 Martha Smith from Buckingham had an appointed meeting at the Corner, she come here to dinner and her company was Tacy Parry and Penquite Linton. From here they went to Kimberton.

3/10/1838 Joseph and I went to John Williams; Sarah poorly.

3/12/1838 I spent the afternoon at John Quimbys.

3/13/1838 ?John Rinewalt and Elizabeth Pennypacker married?.

3/13/1838 John Marads sent for me, their child very poorly. Mary W. Conard went to see Sarah, she was rather better.

3/14/1838 Susan Rowland, Hannah Supplee, and Harriot Rapp took tea here. Our men went to Benjamin Boyers vendue. Marads sent for me this evening the child bad.

3/15/1838 Whitewashed our Springhouse.

3/16/1838 Martha and Sarah Johnson, Sarah Lusk, and Hannah Ann Wood spent the afternoon here.

3/17/1838 Joseph and I went to see Sarah, she is bad with her breast.

3/20/1838 Jacob Force and Susan S. Rossiter come here this afternoon. Grandfather [William Roberts] had another stroke of the palsy and feel out of his chair.

3/21/1838 I went to see Marads children, the twins quite poorly. Grandfather speechless and very sick.

3/22/1838 Grandfather much the same as yesterday.

3/23/1838 Moses and Anna Robinson here this afternoon. Grandfather very bad all day.

3/24/1838 Grandfather very poorly today. Maria Aitkins brought Harriot Vanleers child up and laid it in John Chrismans door and left it there for them to raise as her brother. Davis would not pay her what he had promised and she had nothing to support it.

3/25/1838 Grandfather spoke a word or two this afternoon. Several here to see him. Harriot was at A. Rapps today to hear from her child. She could not go away without hearing whether any care was taken of her child. She heard from it and expects to start tomorrow for Pittsburg.

This evening Enos Hoopes come for me to go to Henry Places to assist in preparing for the funeral of his mother.

3/26/1838 Went to Henry Places. Grandfather quite poorly.

3/27/1838 went again to Places to wait on the funeral. She was buried at Phoenix Baptist burying ground.

Yesterday Joseph E. Anderson moved to Frederick Rapp’s old place.

3/28/1838 This afternoon I went to see Marads found little Sarah very low, staid there a little while and come Quimbys they were preparing to move. Tonight just as we were going to bed Amos Rapp come for me, Marads child was dead. Joseph and I went there and arranged matters and come home.

3/29/1838 Martha moved to the Corner. I went to Marads and from there I walked to meeting. After meeting Anna Robinson brought me to the bridge on my way home. Daniel and Sarah Conard brought Joseph home with them. After dinner Joseph, Daniel and I went to the funeral.

3/30/1838 We whitewashed our Stove room. Sally Pennypacker and Peggy Rapp come here to see Grandfather, he can talk some now, though very sick.

3/31/1838 Mary went to John Williams before breakfast, and I walked up there about noon. Sarah better with her breast. Michael brought us home.

4/2/1838 Martha went herself and took all her goods to the Corner.

4/3/1838 Lewis, Mary W. Conard, and Daniel Johnson went to James Johnsons moving from Moore Hall to Thomas Grovers.

4/4/1838 Mary W. Conard and I left home about 7 oclock and called a little at aunt Susy Richards, and then to Norristown to see Isaac Roberts family who we found tolerably well except for Isaac, he is ailing. Grandfather took worse last night. Daniel Conard went home a seventh day and back tonight.

4/5/1838 Daniel went home today and took Nancy Stroud to town with him. He left Sarah here a few days longer. Grandfather keeps very sick.

4/6/1838 Joseph went to market. He left Sarah here a few days longer. Grandfather very bad.

4/7/1838 Joseph come home and bring James Wood and Annetta Pugh with him.

4/8/1838 This morning Lewis W. Matlack went with James Wood to the Corner. I spent the day at John Rapps in company of 2 or 3 others. They brought me home in the evening, a son there, calls him John Streeper Rapp.

4/9/1838 Martha come here this afternoon.

4/10/1838 Isaac Walker come to see us. Mary W. Conard went to the Corner. Isaac staid all night. Grandfather very bad with the hiccups.

4/11/1838 Isaac went home.

4/12/1838 Lewis went to town to attend the Yearly Meeting.

4/13/1838 Joseph went to town. This evening I went to see Betsy Rapp, her and her baby doing well.

4/14/1838 Maria Conard come home with Joseph. This evening Stephen went to the Valley.

4/15/1838 John and Sarah and their children come to see us. Our girls went to hear William C. Burleigh lecture last evening. Phebe Roberts some home with them. Lewis come home as we come from meeting. Thomas and David Walker brought Stephen home. James Wood and daughter, and two sons come here to supper.

4/16/1838 Joseph and I went to see John Rapp, he had a severe stroke of palsy in left side.

4/17/1838 Daniel gone to help move John Marad to Cedar Hollow. Grandfather better.

4/18/1838 Maria went home.

4/19/1838 Mary and I went to Monthly Meeting. Dined at brother Josephs and home.

4/20/1838 Sarah Conard went to town with Joseph in the evening. Mary W. Conard and Mary W. Roberts went to see John Rapp, found him very bad.

4/21/1838 Amos Rapp come here as I was getting up for me to go to his uncle Johns, he died last night. Lewis went to the funeral of Jacob Rapp. Mary W. Conard was at the burying house a little while this afternoon.

4/22/1838 The funeral was very large. Joseph and I come home about noon, found sister Rachel and Betsy Hamilton here.

4/27/1838 Joseph gone to town. Sarah Marys and Mary Funk spent the afternoon here.

4/28/1838 Eliza Supplee and Jane Rowland spent the afternoon.

4/29/1838 James Wood and son William, Elijah Pennypacker and William C. Conard was here this afternoon.

4/30/1838 I went to see Betsy Pennypacker this afternoon. She was some better, though not able to sit up much. Martha and Sarah Johnson here. Benny Maule come to see Lewis.

5/1/1838 Mary W. Conard went to Mary Matlacks for her bonnet.

5/2/1838 Planting corn and beans. I spent the afternoon with Hannah Bloom and Catharine Parke. Joseph went to John Jacobs.

5/3/1838 Joseph took Susan S. Rossiter to Kimberton school. Joseph Conrad came here this evening. Stephen come home poorly.

5/4/1838 Mary Conrad went to Phila. with Joseph Roberts today. Lewis sent Joseph Conrad as far as the old emcampment on his way to Philadelphia via John Patterson, Great Valley. Jonathan Adamson returned from the State of Ohio.

5/5/1838 Joseph come home, Lewis went to Norristown.

5/6/1838 Caleb Foulke come to Johns this evening. Daniel went with his father and mother to Lumberville to meeting.

5/7/1838 Caleb went towards Downingtown. Joseph went to Westchester. We washed and ironed.

5/8/1838 Joseph went to John Jacobs. Our men folk busy picking stones and harrowing the meadow for corn.

5/9/1838 George Bloomhart was run over by a carr on crossing the turnpike, his horse killed, his leg broken and amputated above the knee.

5/10/1838 Joseph and I went to Monthly Meeting, we dined at Caleb Hoopes. William and Elijah Funk come home today.

5/11/1838 Lewis went to town. We dipt candles. Afternoon, Becky and I went to help Anna T. Robinson quilt. E. Funk here all night.

5/12/1838 Joseph and John went to John Jacobs on business. Lewis brought Mary W. Conard home with him. William went to see Sarah.

5/13/1838 Stephen took his father to the Paoli to go to town in the carr to attend court between Conard vs Lee. I called at Charles Adamson to see Ruth and Phebe this afternoon. She received a letter from her brother yesterday informing her he was married the 26 of last month.

5/14/1838 John Williams called here for a few minutes to see William. Elijah Funk also. William took his leave of us about 7 oclock to go back to Columbia.

5/15/1838 Sarah and two of her children come here this morning. We began to clean house. Afternoon I went with her to see Joseph Pennypackers family. This evening Sarah Conard come here. Joseph came from town this evening, case put off again.

5/16/1838 Sarah spent this forenoon with Hannah Bloom and Becky. Afternoon we had Sarah, Anna T. Robinson, Polly Anderson, Elizabeth Longstreth and Sarah Conard to tea, Daniel Conard come from Westchester in time to partake of the last of the feast. Lewis took Sarah home.

5/17/1838 Sarah Conard, Mary W. Roberts, and myself went to meeting about 2 oclock. A great abolition meeting in Philadelphia in the new Pennsylvania Hall - a mob raised this evening and burnt it down.

5/18/1838 Alletta Pugh went home with Joseph on his way to town. Martha and Sarah Johnson here to tea.

5/19/1838 Mary W. Conard and Mary Marys went to John G. Werlsers this afternoon. Joseph come home this evening.

5/20/1838 Just as we were at dinner brother Isaac Walker and Jonathan Walker come here. James Davis come here, I went home with him, babe very poorly.

5/21/1838 Betsy and Harriot Rapp and Cyrus Radcliff was here to tea. We planted our potatoes.

5/24/1838 We went to meeting. I dined at Isaac Prices and took tea at Charles Adamsons. Mary very poorly and there little son Jonathan, Priscilla Adamson there nursing them. Joseph come for me this evening.

5/26/1838 Afternoon Lewis and Mary W. Conard went to Norristown. Joseph home this evening and brought Alletta home with him. Joseph Pennypacker come here to invite us to the funeral of Mary Morgan. wife of Esq. Morgan. She left ten children.

5/27/1838 We attended the funeral which was large. She was buried at Minest burying ground. We attended our own meeting.

Afternoon we had an appointed meeting by Dr. Nathan Shoemaker, Sarah J. Feedom, and Harriot J. Moore. John and Sarah Williams was here to supper. Lewis and Mary come home before we got from meeting.

5/29/1838 Sarah and her babe and July Quay was here to supper.

5/30/1838 Joseph and I went to see Esq. Morgans family, the youngest child is about 5 years old.

5/31/1838 Uncle Tommy and Peggy Walker come and spent the afternoon here.

6/1/1838 Betsy Rapp come here early this morning to get Joseph to take her daughter Harriot to town. Emmor Kimble called to see us this afternoon. Mary W. Roberts went to John Williams. Daniel and Nathan on the roads come home well soaked.

6/3/1838 William Haines, Havard Walker, Nathan Brooke was here today.

6/4/1838 We picked over our wool.

6/8/1838 I went to town with Joseph, took tea at Joseph Conards. I lodged at James Woods.

6/9/1838 Thomas Davis come here.

6/10/1838 Thomas staid till after tea.

6/11/1838 Rachel Roberts and Sarah Lell [?] come here from Merion.

6/12/1838 Lewis W. Roberts and Mary W. Conard went with the girls to see the tunnel and to Lewis Thomas’s.

6/13/1838 Betsy Pennypacker and I went to Elijah Pennypacker to dine and John Rinwalt to tea. Calld to see Mary Adamson on our way home, her very poorly. Joseph began to go twice a week to market.

6/14/1838 Mary W. Roberts and I went to Monthly Meeting. We had the company of Assenith Taggart, and her companion, a friend from Kennet. We dined at Harvard Walkers.

6/15/1838 This evening Hannah Foulke and her nephew, Nathaniel Kinsey from Quakertown and Joseph Davis, Abner Chaffin, Assenith Taggoart, Lydia Buffington, were here all night. We had a setting in the family this evening.[?]

6/16/1838 Stephen Stephens and Elenor S. Davis come here in the morning before Meeting. Hannah and her nephew went away. Several of us went to Meeting. Assenith Taggart spoke largely. They all come here to dine. Martha Johnson calld here.

6/17/1838 This afternoon James and Thomas Wood, Anna & Catharine Wood, Mary R. Matlack, Lavina Buzzard and William Wood were all her to supper. Lewis W. Roberts went to the Valley.

6/18/1838 Our men began to mow, Stephen staid to help today.

6/19/1838 Cousins Joseph B. and Jane Pennypacker and their little daughter Frances, about 6 weeks old, and Anna Morris spent the afternoon here.

6/20/1838 Mary Marys and Mary W. Conard went to the Corner.

6/22/1838 Sarah and all her children come here to spend the day. Martha Johnson and her daughter calld here on their way to Joseph Pennypackers.

6/24/1838 Deborah Sleath, Hannah Ann & Franklin Wood came home with us from meeting. Daniel took them to Moore Hall - they moved there yesterday while Deborah and Susan Wood went west.

6/26/1838 This afternoon Betsy Pennypacker and Sarah, Lindley Rossiters wife and two sons, Ann Funk and daughter Margaret were here to tea.

6/27/1838 I took Betsy Rapp to see her sister Harriot Watson. We spent the day there. Lewis gone to help Moses Robinson cut his grass. When I got home Joseph had come home from town and Sarah Conard and Jesse Matlack come to see us.

6/28/1838 Margaret Rossiter and her son Joseph, Elizabeth and Mary Pennypacker calld here and took Mary W. Conard to John Williams. Lewis W. Roberts and Nathan Matlack at Moses Robinson today.

6/29/1838 Sarah Conard started home early this morning. Joseph went to town. Mary W. Roberts gone to the Corner. Lewis and Nathan gone to Moses Robinson.

6/30/1838 Our men mowing at home.

7/1/1838 William and Jane Hallowell, Aaron and Phebe Roberts come here. Phebe stays to spend a week, the rest went home.

7/2/1838 Our men mowing. Mary W. Conard and Phebe went to see Sarah in the afternoon.

7/3/1838 This afternoon the girls spent at Joseph Pennypackers. Joseph went to town. Peggy Kennedy spent the afternoon here.

7/4/1838 Phebe Roberts, Mary W. Roberts, Stephen and I went to the corner in James Woods grove where a lecture was delivered by G. Whitehead on Temperence, and one delivered by W. Burleigh on several subjects and concluded by him on the subject of slavery. Phebe staid at Charles Adamson.

7/6/1838 Mary W. Conard went to the corner this evening to hear a lecure delivered by Matlack. Phebe come home with her.

7/7/1838 Ann M. Conard come home with Joseph. Phebe, Ann and I went to John Chrismans this evening. Our men mowing finished their hay.

7/8/1838 Nathan Matlack and Alletta Pugh took a walk to the Valley Hill to see the telegraph.

7/9/1838 I went to see Sarah R. Williams this afternoon, found her very bad with a pain in her face. About dark Ann Hicks, Thomas Massey, George Miller and daughter Sarah come here to stay all night on their way to the funeral.

7/10/1838 Our friends went ot the house before we were ready to go on account of our preparing marketing. Joseph and I went to the house. A very large gathering assembled. Samuel Leverly and Joseph Foulke spoke at the house. Joseph went to town after dinner.

7/11/1838 Our men busy cutting grain. Martha Matlack come here a little while this morning. Mary W. Conard went to Dr. Jacob Pennypacker to get her teeth dressed. Her sister Ann come home with her. Ann had been at M. Matlacks 2 or 3 days.

7/13/1838 Stephen went to the Paoli this morning to go to town in the carr.

7/14/1838 Our men finished hauling all our grain. William come home this afternoon on a visit.

7/15/1838 William R. Lewis gone to John Williams. Mary W. and Ann M. Conard and Mary R. Walker gone to see Eliza Davis widows family. Daniel gone to see his brother and Lewis R. Matlack to see his mother. Our family quite small today.

7/16/1838 William gone to Columbia. Ann M. Conard and Alletta Pugh went to John Williams. Lewis and Stephen went to Reading on the new railroad.

7/17/1838 Spent the afternoon with Martha Johnson.

7/18/1838 I went to John Williams and Sarah went with me to John S. Davis’s where we spent an agreeable afternoon. M. Matlack went to town with Joseph. Yesterday Ann M. Conard went to stay with Mary Matlack.

7/19/1838 I went from Meeting to Moore Hall to see James Wood’s children. I seen the Locomotive for the first time.

7/20/1838 Aunt Susy and John Richards was here to spend the day. I went with her to see Susan Rowland.

7/22/1838 Mary W. Conard and Mary Marys went to the Valley. Susan Rowland and Matthias Dyer took tea with us.

7/24/1838 I went with Joseph as far as mothers, found them all at home.

7/25/1838 Rebecca Conard and I took a walk to the Eagle store to see brother Isaac Walker. Joseph come about 3 oclock brought Martha home with him.

7/26/1838 Mary W. Conard and I went to the funeral of William Potts. He died very suddenly with an apoplexy fit.

7/27/1838 Mary W. and Ann M. Conard went to Benjamin Funks to spend the afternoon. Daniel took Alletta to the Depot at Phoenix to go to Norristown in the carr.

7/28/1838 Our men finished all their harvesting. Ann M. Conard went to the Corner to hear a lecture by Lucias Matlack.

7/29/1838 Mary W. and Ann M. Conard went to Moore Hall from meeting.

7/30/1838 John Williams brought Sarah and her babe here as he went to Pottsgrove. She staid here all night. Allette come home.

7/31/1838 Mary W. and Ann M. Conard and Mary W. Roberts went with Sarah home, and to see Eliza Housman and John Davis and family. Martha Johnson and Sarah was here this afternoon.

8/1/1838 Our girls come home this morning well pleased with their visit.

8/2/1838 Ann went to Mary R Matlacks.

8/4/1838 Joseph brought home word of the death of Reese Thomas who came to his end by the breaking of a swing on which he and another lad was swinging.

8/5/1838 Lewis took Ann to the Valley.

8/7/1838 Joseph, Lewis, Mary W. Conard, Mary W. Roberts and I went to Radnor to attend Philadelphia Quarterly meeting. We dined at Havard Walkers and home.

8/8/1838 This evening we heard of the death of Dr. Coffman’s daughter, Sarah [3 years old]. She was drowned in the Creek near the house.

8/10/1838 I spent the afternoon at John Werslers.

8/11/1838 John Young’s barn was struck with lightning and burnt down. A great deal of damage done in several places and several lives lost.

8/12/1838 Tacy Fogg and Hanah Ann Wood come home with us from Meeting. Isaac Walker was here when we come from Meeting. Afternoon, James Wood and his little son and Deborah Sleath took tea.

8/13/1838 Joseph, John, Martha and Becky went to Westchester to attend court. This evening Daniel Conard come home with John and Becky.

8/14/1838 They went back to court.

8/15/1838 William went yesterday to see William Hallowell.

8/16/1838 William and I went to Meeting. Daniel, John and Becky come home again.

8/17/1838 Daniel went in the chair to Westchester. Martha come home this evening. William took her home.

8/18/1838 Lewis went to market yesterday. John went in the chair to Westchester this morning. Nathan went to camp meeting. I went to see Charles Adamsons sick child. Mary W. Roberts went to Moore Hall, Deborah and Susan Wood had returned from the West. William and Mary W. Conard went to Merion. Tacy Fogg and Hannah A, Wood come home with Mary this evening.

8/19/1838 Joseph and John come home, they staid all night at William Haines. Mary W. Roberts, Tacy Fogg, and Hannah Wood went to John Williams. Mary Matlack spent the afternoon here. William and Mary come home this evening.

8/21/1838 William went to Columbia.

8/22/1838 John and Sarah calld here on their way to Merion and Jersey, and left Mary Jane here. I spent the afternoon at Matthias Pennypacker.

8/23/1838 Sarah & Maria Conard come here from Jersey.

8/24/1838 Lewis started this morning took the Carr and went by way of Norristown to the falls for Isaac Walker to go to Baltimore. Joseph and Maria Conard and daughter Sarah and John’s wife and child come here about 11 oclock. Joseph went to town. Afternoon, James Wood, wife and 4 children was here to tea. Sarah and Maria went toward Jersey this evening and Joseph Conard went with them. Deborah Wood staid all night.

8/25/1838 I went with Deborah to see July Ann Davis and calld to see Martha Johnson. Daniel took her to Charles Adamson this afternoon.

8/26/1838 Joseph Roberts and I met at the Depot at Phoenix - took the carr at half past 8 o’clock and arrived at Reading at a quarter of ten. We went to Samuel Griscoms and had a cup of tea and went to their little meeting. Spent the afternoon pleasantly at Sammys and staid all night there. Martha Matlack come home from Meeting with our folks. Phebe Roberts and Tabitha Adamson staid all night with our girls.

8/27/1838 This morning Ann Griscom and her son, Chalkley, took Deborah, Joseph Wood and I round the town to take a view of the surrounding countryside, which was a beautiful sight. The men folks went to see James Wittaker. After we got back we had a good feast on watermelons. After dinner we hurryed off to the Carr office, where we arrived in good time, and had a pleasant ride to Phoenixville about 4 oclock. I walked down the railroad and up to Charles Adamson and waited unitl Joseph come for me, as he went another way and met Daniel bringing the chair for us. Little Jonathan Adamson died last night.

Maria her daughter and daughter-in-law went home this morning. Phebe and Tabitha went home.

8/28/1838 I went to Charles Adamsons and staid till after the funeral, which was tolerably large for a child. He had been sick 15 weeks, aged 5 years. Joseph and Mary W. Roberts attended the funeral. Martha Johnson took tea.

8/29/1838 Mary W. Conard and Mary W. Roberts went to John Saylors.

8/30/1838 Alletta went to a quilting party at E. Coggins. They say John Miller was here.

8/31/1838 Lewis took Mary W. Conard and Mary R. Matlack to Pawlings Bridge to take the carr to Norristown, stopped for Phebe Roberts, went on the Norristown rail road to Philadelphia, and met with Ann M. Conard at one of the stopping places.

9/1/1838 Tonight about 9 oclock the Upper Ferry bridge at Fairmont was set fire too and burnt down.

9/3/1838 Joseph and I went to Kimberton Meeting. Mary Kimber and Thomas Janny passed Meeting. We dined and teaed at Dr. Griffiths.

9/4/1838 This morning about 9 oclock John Rankin and wife from Ohio and Nancy Potts from York county calld here. We got them breakfast and while they were eating Sarah R. Williams come here. After the space of half an hour Samuel Garrigues and wife and Jane Maule come here to see Mary W. Conard. She not being home their stay was short. Mary W. Roberts went with her sisters to the store. Our Ohio friends staid till after dinner. Mary W. Conard come home with Sarah and Mary. The strangers went away after dinner.

9/5/1838 Joseph and I went to Preparative Meeting. Dined at Havard Walkers.

9/6/1838 Lydia Poole come here on an errand. Mary W. Conard went to the Valley to a quilting. Lewis went for her this evening.

9/7/1838 Tabitha Adamson, ? and Martha Matlack come to Grandfathers today. Mary W. went to see her grandmother with her father as he goes to town.

9/8/1838 Mary come home with her father, her and M. Conard dined at Caleb Hoopes.

9/9/1838 Joseph and I went to Joseph B. Pennypackers from Meeting.

9/11/1838 This morning I went with Joseph to William Haines. William went with Joseph to Westchester and back to Williams. We staid all night there.

9/13/1838 Cousin Anna Morris come here from J. B. Pennypackers. Her and I went to Monthly Meeting. Dined at Pugh Davis’s, took tea at John Fawkes and on to aunt Leah Moores to stay all night, found her very feeble and unfit to keep house as it ought to be.

9/14/1838 We left aunt Leahs about 11 oclock went in town to Joseph Conards to dinner. Here we seen part of the destruction of the fire. They sustained some private losses. Their garden was much scorched and some of their vegetables stolen. Maria has her pockets picked of a silver clasped purse containing about $2 50c, silver thimble and pencil. She went downstairs when the alarm was given to secure the doors in her night clothes. They carryd her and Sarah out of the house and put them down across the street, and began to clear the house. Several things were broken and carryd off.

Paul Conard went with us in a little boat over Schuylkill to see Cornelius Conard and his family at Fairmount Weigh Office. We took tea with them and returned to Josephs. We walk up to the basin, and to Jabes Smalls awhile in the evening. Elijah Pryors wife had a son a week old, calls it Samuel. Lodged at J. Conard.

9/15/1838 We took breakfast at Josephs in company with Nathan and Albert Matlack, on their way to Jersey. We went into the Black Bear. Cousin Anna stayed there, while I went to meet a committee at Cherry Street house, appointed at our last Quarter. We dined at James Woods and left town at 3 oclock and come to Walker Moores for tea. Here we fell in company with Ellin Haines, Jane Hoopes, and Rachel Roberts. We all come to David Roberts to stay all night.

9/16/1838 We left Davids around 9 oclock and come to Radnor Meeting, from there we come to brother Josephs to dine. Here we met John Leedom, wife, and grandson.

9/17/1838 We made sauce today. Joseph took cousin Anna to Joseph B. Pennypacker this afternoon Caleb Foulke and Evan Penrose come here today.

9/18/1838 Joseph went with Caleb to Westchester. Sally Pennypacker calld for me to go with her to Martha Johnson. We went to Edward Scholfield for a few minutes.

9/19/1838 Mary W. Conard helping Hannah Bloom with her sauce.

9/20/1838 Joseph and I went to Meeting. Very few going to the Monument today.

9/21/1838 Frederick Kliver went to town with Joseph.

9/22/1838 Joseph come home this evening. Cornelius Conard come here after we had gone to bed. Lewis and the girls were up.

9/23/1838 The boys took Cornelius to the rail road to take afternoon Carr to Norristown. Sister Sarah come here this evening. I spent this night at Norton Rowlands.

9/24/1838 Sister here till afternoon. I went with her to see Isaac Anderson, who fell about 3 weeks ago and hurt himself.

9/25/1838 We began to clean the house.

9/27/1838 This afternoon I went to Peter Blooms, little Mary very poorly.

9/28/1838 Lewis gone to town. Lewis went to township meeting. Nathan Conard come to Johns this evening.

9/29/1838 I went to see Susan Rowland and her young son, and Hannah Bloom, her little girl better. John and Martha Rankin come here to stay all night on their way home to Ohio. Lewis went to the Valley.

9/30/1838 We went to meeting and Isaac Walker, wife, and daughter come home with us. John and Sarah and their 3 children spent the afternoon here. Alletta went to John Williams.

10/1/1838 This afternoon I went to see Anna Robinson. Martha Johnson took tea here.

10/2/1838 Joseph and Benjamin Funk walked over to the rail road to go to town to attend court between Cornelius Conard and Lee. Alletta and Mary gone to Nortons this evening to see the young son.

10/3/1838 I spent the afternoon at Norton Rowlands.

10/4/1838 Mary W. Conard and Mary Marys went to help Hannah Hendy quilt.

10/5/1838 Alletta and I went to aunt Susy Richards to tea. I left Alletta there and went to cousin Jane Cleaver to lodge, where I fell in company with cousin Mary Jones and her son Owen.

10/6/1838 I left cousins and calld at H. Walkers a few minutes and went from there to Charles Thomas, diner there, and Ruth went with me to Enoch Richards. I brought Ruth back to their gate and come on to Havards, where I expected sister Rachel would be ready to come home with me, and lo, she had gone to Norristown with brother Joseph and Mary. I came home alone, and found Joseph and Lewis here before me.

10/7/1838 Mary W. Conard and Mary Matlack went to Moses Robinson.

10/9/1838 This afternoon Mary W. Roberts had a party of ten little girls, at a sewing match.

10/10/1838 Stephen and Mary W. Conard went to Kimberton to see Mary Kimber married, but they went a day too soon. David and Susan Havard and Mary Rinehart come here to dine.

10/11/1838 Joseph went to town on the Carr, to hear the decision of the court between Cornelius and Lee.

10/12/1838 Daniel went to town with the Marketing.

10/13/1838 Sarah and her two youngest children come here to stay all night. John Williams gone to New York. John Allen come to see us. Joseph come home this evening. Cornelius [Conard] gained the suit, was allowed four thousand dollars.

10/14/1838 John Allen left this morning to see some more of his old friends. All out folks went to Meeting. I kept Sarahs babe. Havard and Jonathan Walker come here to dinner. Lydia Poole come to help Sarah home with her children.

10/16/1838 Boiled apple sauce today.

10/18/1838 I went to meeting with Mary W. Conard. Joseph Longstreth and daughter in law was at Meeting.

10/19/1838 Benjamin Fussell was buried today.

10/20/1838 Maria Conard come home with Joseph and Daniel and Sarah Conard come here this evening.

10/21/1838 Several of us went to meeting. Clementine and Ann F. Roberts come home with us. Afternoon Joseph and I went to Moses Robinson..

10/22/1838 Caleb Foulke and Evan Penrose come here to settle up uncle John’s estate. Sarah Conard and I went to see Sarah R. Williams this afternoon Martha Matlack come here.

10/23/1838 All our strangers went away today.

10/24/1838 Mary W. Conard and Mary Marys was at a quilting at Jacob Akers.

10/25/1838 Joseph and I went to Meeting and calld to see Isaac Anderson, who was very low.

10/26/1838 Joseph went to town. I spent the afternoon with Ann Funk.

10/27/1838 I went to the funeral of Jesse Yeagar at Phoenixville. He was buried at the Ridge.

10/28/1838 Lewis went to the two Dr. Andersons to tell them of the death of their father [Isaac Anderson]. Lewis and Harriot Roberts and two of their children come from meeting with us.

10/29/1838 Several of us attended the funeral of Isaac Anderson, where a large concourse of friends and neighbors assembled. His remains were interred in the family burying ground.

10/30/1838 Martha Johnson come here towards evening.

10/31/1838 Mary W. Conard and I went to preparative meeting. Stopt at Havard Walkers, where we seen Samuel Richards from Susquehanna county. We come home by brother Josephs.

11/1/1838 We took in our cabbage and beets.

11/2/1838 Joseph went to town. Adam Bloom very sick, I was there the afternoon.

11/3/1838 This evening Ann Eastburn and Alletta Pugh come here.

11/4/1838 Ann and Alletta went homewards this morning.

11/5/1838 Joseph and I went to Norristown, dined at Lindley Rossiters. We heard of the death of James Pawling esq. - he drank 1 quart of brandy 1 pint of wine and two ounces of laudanum.

11/6/1838 We went to town, stopt at James Woods, attended our Quarterly Meeting, and back to James to dinner in company with Hannah Fogg and two daughters and Daniel and Sarah Conard. This evening we come home as far as David Roberts, found Rachel poorly with a sore throat.

11/7/1838 We left Davids about 9 oclock and come home about 1, found all well. Lewis went this afternoon to attend Horsham Quarter.

11/8/1838 Mary W. Roberts and Mary W. Conard went to Monthly Meeting.

11/10/1838 Nathan and Eliza Conard and their son dined here.

11/11/1838 John and Sarah and children come here. I am better today.

11/12/1838 Sally Pennypacker calld to see me this morning. I am much better.

11/13/1838 Ann Funk calld this morning, I was well enough to go with her to Peter Blooms children who have all 4 in number had the scarlet rash.

11/15/1838 Buttered and made ready for market. Joseph went to John Hawk’s vendue. Sent for Dr. Coffman to see Lewis.

11/18/1838 Sister Rachel come here and brought Alletta Pugh with her. Took Mary W. Conard home with her. Jane and Mary Ann Thomas come here this evening. Mary Ann went homewards and left Jane [Thomas] here to Taylor a week or so.

11/22/1838 Joseph and I went to Meeting. Moses and Anna spent the afternoon here.

11/23/1838 Whitewashed our room and kitchen.

11/25/1838 Stephen gone to J. Williams. Jane Thomas and I went to Peter Blooms a little while.

11/28/1838 Havard Walker and Hannah Bloom took tea here.

11/29/1838 We were busy preparing for market. Betsy Rapp, Harriot Watson, and Mary Sloan was here this afternoon. Also John Steeper Rapp, Rachel Watson and Molly Cumming.

12/1/1838 Betsy Barefoot come here this evening. Joseph come home from town.

12/2/1838 Daniel took Jane Thomas to the Paoli to go on the carr to Haverford. Mary W. Roberts went from the Meeting to Moses Robinson. Joseph and I went to John Williams, their youngest child poorly.

12/3/1838 Betsy Barefoot went away this morning. We butchered two hogs. William and Ellin Haines come here this evening.

[Mary W. Conard and Mary W. Roberts seemed to be living with them.]

12/5/1838 William and Ellin went home afternoon. We got all our butchering work done this evening.

12/6/1838 Jacob Famous come there and took Sister Rachel off to be married by Esq. Highly, Havard Walker and Mary W. Conard accompanied them. Lewis went down there to sup with them. I went to Amos Rapp’s - and we had a young daughter there about half past seven.

12/8/1838 Mary W. Roberts went to John Williams this afternoon. Joseph gone to the Corner. Sally and Jane Hoopes come here this evening.

12/9/1838 Sammy and Lewis took a walk over to see Joseph Anderson. Jane went with us to Meeting. They went home this afternoon.

12/10/1838 Mary W. Roberts and I paid a visit at M. Pennypackers.

12/11/1838 This afternoon I spent in company with Ann Funk, Barbara Robinson, and Susan Rowland at a sewing match at Peter Blooms.

12/12/1838 Sarah and her two youngest children come here. I went with her to Havard Walkers. Left Mary Jane here.

12/13/1838 I went to Monthly Meeting, come back to brother Josephs. Attended a debate on Abolition and Colonazion [sic] at the Valley School house - the Colonization first took the floor - the speakers of both parties were - Samuel Beaver, William Vanderer & Lewis Peirce - Abolitionists - George Lewis, Dr. Bartholomew Fussell, Isaac Roberts, Lawrence Corson, Elijah F. Pennypacker - Stephen Stephens, Richard C. Walker, and Isaac Richardson were called to the chair. The meeting was largely attended by both sexes.

12/14/1838 Sarah and Rachel come to brother Josephs. In the afternoon Sarah and I come home and when we arrived we met with Margaret McVeigh and two of her daughters and young son Franklin and Dr. Coffman. Who all took coffee with us.

12/15/1838 Alletta spent the afternoon at John Rapps. Lewis got home from town, he took a load of oats - brought forty five cents per bushel - got himself a Bangup.

12/16/1838 Susy went visiting today. Joseph, Alletta and I went to Meeting. When we come home found H. Walker and M. W. Conard here. Matthias Pennypacker and wife took a walk up to see grandfather. Martha Patterson brough Maria Conard up here this afternoon. Martha went home and left Maria here. Havard and Mary went home this evening.

12/18/1838 We butchered a beef and 7 hogs. Sent for July Roberts to help us.

12/19/1838 Benny Pennypacker calld to see us.

12/20/1838 Juley went from here to Thomas Rapps. Joseph went to Meeting.

12/21/1838 Whitewashed stove room and kitchen.

12/23/1838 Edward Worrell and Mary Ann Drury come here just as we were going to dine. He staid awhile and went homewards and left Mary Ann here.

12/24/1838 Isaac Walker come to see us, he went home this evening.

12/25/1838 Mary W. Roberts and Susy Johnson went to Phoenixville to Baptist Meeting. I took tea at Amos Rapps.

12/27/1838 Joseph and I went to meeting. When we got home found two of Alletta’s cousins of the name of Jacob Clair. I was sent for to go to John Werslers, their child not expected to live. I went there and staid till evening, seen but little change in it.

12/28/1838 Had a man party today filling the ice house - we had 18 men kind to dinner.

12/29/1838 Snowed smartly thro the night, about 5 or 6 inches. Sleighs run.

12/30/1838 I went to Meeting in the slay. Alletta, Mary Ann and Lewis Matlack went to Baptist Meeting. Lewis and Stephen gone asleighing. Jacob Klair here tonight.

12/31/1838 Stephen took his clothes to Moore Hall this morning. Mary Ann Drury come back. Jacob Klair went away. Between 8 and 9 oclock William and Jane Hallowell and son Caleb and Ann Stroud come here.

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1/1/1839 We prepared a dinner and invited some of our friends to attend and several came without knowing we were to have company. Those we invited were Jacob & Rachel Famous, John & Sarah R. Williams and their 3 children, Washington & Mary Pennypacker. Those that accidently fell in were: William, Jane, & Caleb Hallowell and cousin Ann Stroud, Joseph B. Pennypacker, wife, son, and daughter and cousin Anna Morris - all welcome.

1/7/1839 Attended the Abolition Quarterly meeting where Lucias C. Matlack and Dr. Batholomew Fussell were in attendence and spoke several times to the several reports read.

1/12/1839 Alletta Pugh went home to see her folks. Joseph went to Peggy Rapp’s sale of the place which brought $15 [per acre]

1/13/1839 Daniel & John Kivler went with me to meeting.

1/15/1839 Alletta come home.

1/22/1839 Stephen went to his work at Moore Hall.

1/23/1839 We whitewashed our stove room.

1/24/1839 Afternoon we prepared marketing.

1/26/1839 Uncommon heavy rain which raised the water higher than 1822. I went to John Wersler’s with our Mary, Becky, and Charles Vanleer. The hill was very icy and the horse smooth - he fell and broke the gears but [we] tackled them up so that they got there. I walked across the orchard, the day was so stormy and water dangerous. There were few there as they buried the child at Phoenix Baptist burying ground. and when they come back to Pickering Bridge the water was so deep on the race bridge that we turned round and went to Joseph Pennypacker’s till the water fell. Lewis went to see Schuylkill and saw a man that had come down the river on the roof of a building that had washed off from Phoenix. And when he floated down on the island above the long ford he caught hold of a small tree, and clung to that until he became exhausted and fell down into the water, calling for help, but none could be had. Joseph Roberts left his waggon at the Valley Forge and crossed with his horses on the railroad bridge and come home on horseback. - much damage done to Mill and Dams and live lost (3 at Phoenixville).

1/27/1839 Lewis went to see the destruction around Valley Forge. Great losses sustained, the Schuylkill and Pickering were never known to be so high. Schuylkill come all about Joseph B. Pennypacker’s house, and even in the house about 2 inches in some of the rooms, and drowned one cow in the barnyard. The water was 2ft on the second floor of Moore Hall mill.

1/29/1839 Lewis took William to the Paoli.

1/31/1839 We had the company of a public friend of the name of Stephen Treadwell at our meeting who spoke largely to the satisfaction of, I think I can say, all who heard him. He dined here in company of Stephen Stephens, Joshua Bowman, Daniel and Sarah, and went home with Stephen.

2/1/1839 Joseph & Daniel went to Phoenix to see the destruction there which was awful. A house swept entriely off with a man and wis wife, leaving 5 children behind.

2/2/1839 Lewis went to Nicholas Bean’s for coal for grandfather.

2/5/1839 Our son Lewis and Sarah Marys were married today.

2/12/1839 Our men began to haul logs for the barn.

3/12/1839 We whitewashed our stove room.

3/19/1839 Sarah A. Williams come here in the morning. Put her horse in our waggon and Joseph, Mary W. and myself went to the funeral of uncle Thomas Walker. Joseph Foulke spoke at the house and also at the meeting, likewise Emmor Kimble.

We dined at brother Josephs in company with sisters Sarah, Jane & Rachel, and their husbands, and Caleb and Sarah Hoopes; and Rachel Roberts and Samuel Richards - the latter my nieces and nephews, and cousin Naoli Rhoads.

3/28/1839 [We] moved John Chrisman to the Spread Eagle tavern on the Lancaster Turnpike.

4/2/1839 Mary W. Conard and Mary W. Roberts went to move Norton Rowlands to their father’s house on the Bull road. I went to help Major McVeigh to move from the tavern to Benjamin Morris’s farm, formerly Oppy Davis.

4/8/1839 Lewis and his wife moved in part of the house with Peter Bloom, on Quimby’s lot.

4/9/1839 Our men started to tear down the old barn.

4/16/1839 The carpenters come this morning to commence the new barn.

4/17/1839 Had several of the neighbors help dig the foundations for the barn.

4/23/1839 The masons commenced the barn.

5/7/1839 Joseph Pennypacker and Tazamine Workizer were married today.

5/9/1839 Dr. Isaac Pennypacker and Maria Whitaker were married.

5/20/1839 Joseph and Benjamin Funk was at Alex. Akins on an arbitration. I was at the store.

5/21/1839 We had several men helping raise the barn.

5/25/1839 Death of cousin Joseph Thomas. He had been low in his mind for several months previous. He committed suicide by cutting his throat with a razor.

5/27/1839 Joseph went above Kimberton to lay out a road.

5/29/1839 The masons finished building the barn.

6/6/1839 William come home. He had his valise, clothes bangup[?] stolen from the Norristown Carr office in Phila.

6/10/1839 The masons come back to plaster the barn; the carpenters here also.

6/13/1839 Accident happened on their way up from town. A cow run across the track and the car run over her and killed her, and wounded several men.

6/19/1839 The masons finished the barn.

7/4/1839 Our men began to cut the rye.

7/8/1839 the men busy harvesting.

7/11/1839 Our men finished cutting their grain.

7/14/1839 Our men finished hawling their grain.

7/20/1839 Our men finished their hay today.

7/24/1839 Our men cutting their oats.

7/29/1839 Our men finished their oats.

7/30/1839 Jane and Mary Ann Thomas come here this morning. Mary Ann went home afternoon and left Jane here to do some tayloring for us.

7/31/1839 Dined at brother Josephs and home. We stopt at Valley Forge Hotel till the shower was over.

8/3/1839 Ann Housman and I went to the Corner to meet the funeral of Mary Rossiter, widow of Samuel. She died at her son Lindleys in Norristown. A large number of relatives and friends accompanied her remains thither, and after interment a meeting was held, and Emmor Kimber and Henry Woodman spoke to satisfaction.

8/4/1839 Samuel Griscom, wife and son Chalkley come here to lodge on their way to Quarterly meeting [at Radnor].

8/7/1839 Griscoms went home this morning.

8/12/1839 Joseph come back to Williams tonight [had been at the West Chester court].

8/16/1839 I went to town in company with Sarah Conard. I met with Joseph at the Bear. I lodged with Ingrim Parke.

8/18/1839 John & Sarah Williams calld here this morning on their way to their work on the railroad near Manyunk.

8/26/1839 Our men began to mow second crop.

8/30/1839 Cold enough to have fire in the stove.

8/31/1839 Stephen and Mary W. Conard, Mary M. Funk, Mary R. Matlack, and Osborne Conard went to Phoenixville to take the carr to Norristown on their way to Jersey.

9/9/1839 The carpenters came back to work at the barn.

9/13/1839 Lewis hauled a load of scaffold poles for William Taylor to Samuel Sowers new building.

9/20/1839 Very few going to the monument [Battle of Paoli].

9/23/1839 We stuft our peppers. Stephen about taking MH Mill [Moore Hall Grist Mill]

9/26/1839 Mary W. Roberts is fourteen today in consequence there she had the company of several girls near her age to help quilt, viz Clementine and Ann Roberts, Mary E. Anderson, Jane Rowland, Eliza, Supple, Janette Davis, Rebecca Ann Taylor, Anna Maria McVeigh, Cornelia Morgan.

9/27/1839 I went to market. Maria Conard went home with me, I took her near the landing and in a little time Joseph and his little son soon come over Schuylkill in a boat to take her home.

9/28/1839 I sold my butter for 31 and 35 cents per pound. Joseph attended an arbitration at the White horse between John Taylor and the administration of John Coffman decd. - nothing done.

10/1/1839 Joseph and Ann Hays come here, I went with them to see the Tunnel.

10/3/1839 The carpenters finished the barn.

10/5/1839 A great fire in Philadelphia last night.

10/11/1839 We whitewashed our stove room.

10/12/1839 Whitewashed our kitchen.

10/15/1839 Lewis began to hawl pig iron to Westchester [from where?].

10/17/1839 Joseph went to the Bull tavern on an arbitration.

10/18/1839 We dipt candles.

10/22/1839 We began to clean house.

10/25/1839 finished cleaning house.

10/26/1839 Thomas Vanderslice and Ezekial Powel dined here, they come to measure the barn.

10/29/1839 Brother Issac there [Dr. Isaac Pennypackers] studying physic. We took a walk to see the furnace which was in operation and in the counting house to get weighed. Sally Pennypackers weight was 1.86 lbs [?} and mine 184

10/30/1839 They went to see the lead mines and tunnel.

11/4/1839 John Jones went with Lewis to Westchester, he expects to go to the West shortly. William went to his contract.

11/16/1839 Joseph come home this evening and brought word that sister Jane come home from Ohio.

11/17/1839 Sister Jane had not been gone quite four weeks. She went with William and Ann Potts, and Priscilla Adamson.

11/21/1839 Joseph took the children to the Tunnel.

12/3/1839 Joseph, Mary W. crossed Schuylkill by the long ford and went to Joseph Roberts two miles above the trap.

12/6/1839 Went to aunt Ann Penrose an old aunt aged nearly ninety five years. Her health is remarkable well. She is able to go some about in door and out; she reads a good deal to pass time.

12/7/1839 Dined at Evan Penrose. Saw aunt Mary Penrose aged 91. She fell down some steps and hurt her hip.

12/8/1839 Spent time with aunt Jane Green aged 89, her health is poor. She dont look as if she will be here long. These are my father-in-laws sisters.

12/18/1839 Charles Conard left here for Indianna. We butchered a beef and ten hogs.

12/30/1839 Reuben Taylor here making a partition in the barn.

12/31/1839 Today Joseph and James Bones bargained for Quimby’s lot.

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1/3/1840 Had several of the neighbors here filling the ice house.

1/6/1840 Our children go to school.

1/10/1840 We dined with cousin Zillah, she was married last third day the 7th to Evans Kendall, a house painter.

1/11/1840 John G. Wersler and James Boones come here to article for Quinbys lot.

1/13/1840 We got up early and got our washing done soon.

1/19/1840 John [Williams] had been at a fire in Norristown, which burnt down a two story house adjoining the hotel. The fire was discovered about 2 oclock and was put out after great exertions particularly on the part of the Ladies of the borough after burning the roof of the hotel.

1/24/1840 Lewis went to Waters vendue, Valley Forge.

1/27/1840 Aunt Sally Griffith moved to Drs. [Griffith in Kimberton] in December 1839

2/9/1840 Job Hallowell buried today.

2/21/1840 We whitewashed our stove room and kitchen.

2/24/1840 The funeral of Esther Buckwalter, quite a collection of friends and neighbors. William Latta spoke at the house.

2/26/1840 The barn and outbuildings of Joshua Evans Paoli was burnt today. Caught from sparks of the locomotive.

2/28/1840 Our men gone to Esq. Morgans.

3/5/1840 The Green Tree tavern burnt.

3/7/1840 Sally Buckwalters house was burnt down today.

3/19/1840 Tommy Rapps vendue.

3/25/1840 I went to John Saylors to help them pack up some of their goods for moving. John Rinewalt moved from Moore Hall to Bridgeport.

3/28/1840 Joseph and I went to Joseph B. Pennypackers. Isaac Moore had a vendue there.

3/31/1840 Several of us went to help John Saylors move. Samuel Weidner moved to Chrismans farm.

4/2/1840 Went to help William Taylor move over Schuylkill. Joseph and I and the boys were helping Peter Bloom move to John Places house.

4/6/1840 Lewis and I helping Dr. Coffman move to his Pickering lot.

4/8/1840 Joseph, Lewis and I went to help John Wersler move to Taylors farm. Afternoon, Joseph and I started down to cousin Pugh Davis. Eliza had her wrist broken about 3 months previous, and can make little use of her hand as yet. Their son Thomas was married 2/13/1840 to Catharine Baker.

4/16/1840 Joseph purchased an additional 18+ acres of land4. This was at the NE end of the main farm tract, and where Lewis Roberts and family were living.

4/20/1840 Joseph took William to Phoenixville to go to Reading.

4/27/1840 Our folks planting corn.

4/30/1840 Brother Joseph Walker, his sister-in-law Sarah Robinson and sister Sarah Roberts started to see our friends in the state of Ohio.

5/15/1840 Lewis brought the marketing down today. [Mary and Joseph were in Phila.]

5/16/1840 We came home this evening and we had 11 friends to lodge here on their way home. They were from Fishing Creek.

5/19/1840 Becky Lynch was buried today. Joseph and I was there. Coming home our horse ran a piece, but no bones broke although much frightened.

5/20/1840 We had 4 friends here for breakfast from Phila. They had come up on the carr.

6/10/1840 This morning our girls went away, Ann Jones our school teacher dined here.

6/12/1840 Went to see our new neighbors Samuel Weidners.

6/18/1840 Sarah R. Williams come here for Cherrys.

6/23/1840 Men began to cut the rye.

6/26/1840 Sister Sarah had a very pleasant journey to Ohio and back. Found all our friends well.

6/29/1840 2 Germans here helping mow.

7/1/1840 Uncle Enoch Walker and his daughter dined here. On their way home to Susquehanna County.

7/2/1840 The men busy harvesting.

7/5/1840 Joseph, William, Mary W. Conard and I went to the funeral of Dr. Fussels wife. She was buried at Pikeland.

7/10/1840 Daniel Johnson come to help harvest.

7/11/1840 Barbar Reader come to see her brother Jonathan. Finished cutting.

7/13/1840 Hauled some grain.

7/14/1840 Lewis and the boys gone to Weidners to haul in our crop we bought of John Saylor. It turns out to be a very poor crop, both in wheat and rye.

7/15/1840 Men busy hauling grain.

7/17/1840 Our flocks done hauling the grain.

7/20/1840 Our men cutting oats.

7/28/1840 Michael Merry helping at the oats.

8/9/1840 Several of us went to meeting. On going down the hill the creature took a traces and kicked up and fell in the gears. We all got out of the carriage. Got another horse and went to the meeting, but not without being a little frightened. None hurt.

8/22/1840 Joseph went to Howellville to meet an arbitration between Joseph E. Anderson and his father-in-law, executors.

8/28/1840 John Umsted and John Rossiter here fixing our threshing machine.

8/29/1840 Washington Pennypacker brought his wife to his fathers today to dine. They were married on 5 day last, her name Eliza Wright.

9/5/1840 Johns cleaning the race.

9/8/1840 Mary W. Conard had the company of her orthodox friends to see her.

9/10/1840 The boys making cider, and the girls at the butter.

9/11/1840 The girls busy making sauce, aunt Martha here helping them.

9/12/1840 Lewises made their sauce.

9/13/1840 Mary Weidner come to see me this evening.

9/15/1840 Joseph and I went to the funeral of Mary Gwyn. She died at Peter Suplees. She had been there about 3 weeks. She died of fever and was buried at the Valley Baptist.

9/25/1840 We whitewashed.

10/1/1840 The Whigs had a very large meeting near the Valley Forge at the old encampment. A great many ladies attended.

10/8/1840 The masons began to work here.

10/10/1840 I was sent for this morning again to Samuel Davis. Martha died around 7 oclock.

10/13/1840 Election day.

10/14/1840 Our men were hauling logs and in loading one, old Jonathan Devow got badly hurt.

10/15/1840 Sarah Jane Evans and Henry Forck were married by minister Knipe.

10/17/1840 The carpenters and masons are moving the wheelwright shop we are about converting into a dwelling.

10/20/1840 Mary W. Conard and I went to John Rapps to pay the brides visit.

10/25/1840 William and the girls went to eight square school house to a Mormon meeting. We sent Lewis R. Matlack after them.

10/27/1840 Ann Jones school was out today.

10/30/1840 Presidential election today.

11/1/1840 Joseph Davis has come home from his tour of Ohio and Indianna.

11/2/1840 William, Mary W. Roberts and I, called for Mary W. Matlack, and crossed by Pawlings Bridge. Proceeded down the turnpike to Laurel Hill and them took our leave of William who is engaged in overseeing the rail road in that section of country. We travelled to the Black Bear, Phila., where we put up our horse.

11/5/1840 Abel Fitzwater was buried today at Friends burying ground Schuylkill.

11/9/1840 Funeral of cousin Mishal Davis [at Valley Baptist]. He died at his sons near the Gulf, his disease was dropsy.

11/16/1840 John and Daniel went over Valley Hill to see some land that John owns.

11/17/1840 Our men finished husking corn.

11/23/1840 Mary and I busy doubling and twisting carpet yarns.

11/25/1840 Martha Johnson ill. Sent for me. Joseph walked up with me and carryd the lantern.

11/26/1840 Butchered two hogs.

11/28/1840 We dined at Joseph Roberts [Norristown?]. Went to see the jail. 8 persons in some for debt and some for fighting. 2 or 3 for stealing.

11/30/1840 Went to brother Jacob Famous where we found sister Rachel and all well.

12/3/1840 Joseph and I attended the funeral of Benjamin Boyers, seventy four aged about.

12/3/1840 Joseph and I went to meeting in the slay, and to Major McVeighs to see them in their new hotel. When we come home found William. He is done railroading for the season.

12/21/1840 Our men commenced threshing out their crop of grain they bought of John Saylor.

Joseph met with a sad accident. He was attending to the horse power and slipped with his right foot into the wheel and mashed his toes all off. Dr. Coffman examined the wound the skin and sinews of the big toe had to be cut off and two bones of the smaller ones had to be taken out. He bore the operation with great fortitude.

12/26/1840 We butchered a beef and ten hogs.

12/29/1840 Filled the ice house.

12/30/1840 Finished butchering and picked turkeys for marketing.

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1/8/1841 The waters very high, Schuylkill clear of ice, much damage done along the river.

1/9/1841 Cousin Anna Morris to spend a few days with us, Joseph being often left lonely.

1/10/1841 Stephen was here, he has been travelling thro Baltimore and about to find a situation for milling.

1/14/1841 The Doctor sawed off the bone of Josephs big toe; he bore the operation well.

2/16/1841 Mary W. Conard and Mary R. Matlack went to David Havards to take supper with the bride and groom, in company with several others.

2/18/1841 Lewis W. Roberts and Jonathan Reader went to town with a load of oats, which brought 27 cents per bushel.

3/3/1841 J. J. Pennypackers vendue yesterday.

[3/16/1841 William and Susanna Havard married.]

3/17/1841 Stephen B. Roberts moved his miller up to Downingtown yesterday.

3/23/1841 We whitewashed our room and kitchen.

3/24/1841 Joseph went down to the shop in the cart.

3/30/1841 Sammy Weidner moved to Jane Evans place.

4/1/1841 Stephen moved to Downingtown.

4/3/1841 Our men began to plough. The carpenters finished the house.

4/8/1841 Grandfather breathed his last [William Roberts].

4/10/1841 A large funeral and a good many friends here to dine. Emmor Kimber and Phebe Wood spoke at meeting.

4/12/1841 Moses Robinson and others here all day. Grandfathers will was read.

4/14/1841 William, Susanna, Mary W., and myself went to the Valley to see the marriage of Thomas R. Walker and Mary Baines which was accomplished orderly. We dined at Havard Walkers.

4/16/1841 Lewis went to town and took his aunt Sarah with him. Grandmother went again to Johns. This afternoon we cleaned the new house for George Hoopes to move in.

4/17/1841 Michael finished whitewashing the house. Henry Fruck moved to Morton Tuckers.

4/19/1841 Sowed oats.

4/20/1841 George Hoopes moved to the new house.

4/22/1841 Joseph and I went to meeting. Reuben Taylor took part of the roof off the house.

4/25/1841 Isaac W. Conard come to see us and Lewis took him to the rail road this afternoon.

4/26/1841 John here dividing Grandfather things.

4/27/1841 Commenced cleaning house.

5/4/1841 Sowed oats.

5/5/1841 Finished cleaning house.

5/11/1841 Joseph and George Hoopes went to West Chester as witnesses for J. E. Anderson.

5/14/1841 Joseph come home this evening his foot some better. Lewis went to market. Our men finished planting corn.

6/9/1841 William and Jonathan at the Valley hawling bark.

6/11/1841 I went to town with Lewis. Lodged at James Wood, called to see Joseph Conard, they have gone to live at Cherry Street to have care of the meeting house.

6/21/1841 Joseph took a ride around the neighborhood.

6/24/1841 Bad hay weather.

6/28/1841 Our men began to mow.

7/1/1841 Last evening we had the company of Hannah and Tabitha Adamson, Mary R. Thomas, Eliza Fudge, Mary and Deborah Matlack here to partake of ice cream.

7/9/1841 Joseph went to market.

7/17/1841 Finished hawling the grain.

7/20/1841 Joseph and I went to John Williams, they are busy building an addition to their barn.

7/28/1841 Our men cutting oats.

8/14/1841 Brother Cornelius Conard had got badly hurt with the wheel of the Weigh lock.

8/16/1841 Our men hawling out manure.

8/20/1841 I attended the funeral of Benjamin Morris. The neighbors generally in attendance.

9/2/1841 Began to mow second crop.

9/4/1841 We whitewashed the stove room.

9/6/1841 Joseph and William went with David to the sale of Jacob Taylors place. William Roberts bought it for 100.3 dollars per acre.

9/17/1841 We left Daniels and come on to Fairmont Locks to see Cornelious’ family.

9/20/1841 Benjamin Griffith was found dead in a corn field and buried this afternoon. He had been missing some days, he was an intemperate man.

9/23/1841 Our men sowed the Mediterranean wheat.

10/5/1841 We whitewashed our stove room.

10/11/1841 Joseph and I attended the funeral of Elizabeth Oakman a friend, aged about 92 years. Her nephew James Allen lives in Phoenixville.

10/19/1841 David Buckwalter here mending gear.

10/20/1841 We began to clean the house.

10/22/1841 Evans’ store was burnt down this morning caught from the bakery (in Phoenixville).

10/25/1841 We went to the Chester County Poor House [West Chester] to see our cousin Walker Yarnall and wife who are located there to have charge of the house.

10/26/1841 Went to Downingtown to William Downings where our son S B Roberts boards. David R. Walker and Hannah Cogill were married today.

10/27/1841 We took a walk to the mill and was weighed. Joseph weighed 222 and I weighed 175.

10/29/1841 Our men husking corn. Harris Templeton and Samuel Coffman putting up a stable for George Hoopes.

11/5/1841 We butchered a beef. Our men finished the corn.

11/6/1841 Lewis finished his corn today.

11/21/1841 We heard today of the death of our elderly friend Rebecca Cleaver [aged nearly 78] whose home was at her son-in-law Adam Siter, Great Valley.

11/24/1841 Lewis W. Roberts and Jonathan Reader went to Westchester with a load of coal.

11/30/1841 Went to the funeral of Martha Wilson of Charlestown Village, a friend.

12/2/1841 Elijah J. Pennypacker’s wife, Sarah died. Mary W. Roberts come up on the carr in company with James and Thomas Woods family to attend the funeral of their deceased cousin.

12/21/1841 We butchered 8 hogs.

12/24/1841 Grandmother died.

12/25/1841 Daniel & Sarah Conard coming to the funeral of their mother.

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1/21/1842 Mary Clair buried today. She was found dead in her bed yesterday.

1/26/1842 Our men and some of the neighbors filled the ice house. William hawling coal and lime.

2/4/1842 Peter Wells buried.

2/23/1842 Mary W. Conard went to town in the carr. Mary W. Roberts took her to the forge.

2/28/1842 I went to Rowlands mill. Dined with cousins Benjamin and Mary Rowland.

3/4/1842 They all come to our vendue which was mostly in stock.

3/17/1842 Stephen and Ann M. Conard went with Elijah Lewis and Mary W. Conard to Esq. Highly to see them married.

3/30/1842 William went to help Norton Rowland move to Lawrenceville.

4/7/1842 I went again and finished cleaning the house.

4/8/1842 We went over to our new intended home to clean the house.

4/9/1842 Joseph and I went to Peter Supple to acknowledge deeds. When we came home we received a letter from our dear son Stephen who under some discouragement has gone off from his residence to endeavor to get in better business, sorrowful to us all.

4/10/1842 Henry Shafer came, he endeavored to cheer me up saying his books was sufficient to pay his demands there that was against him.

4/12/1842 Several of our neighbors helped us move.

4/14/1842 Ann M. Conard come here early, and about 9 oclock Elijah and Mary come all loaded. Albert had a 3 horse waggon and took Ann M. Conard and Mary R. Matlack with him, and Mary W. Roberts went with Elijah and Mary. The arrived at their home in Doylestown, Bucks county about sunset. All things went safe.

4/19/1842 Major McVeigh here on business. Also Peter Suplee.

4/20/1842 I went with William and Susan to the funeral of her uncle Ezekial Potts. His remains were entered at friends burying ground Valley.

5/1/1842 Joseph, Mary, Walker and I went with them to J. Williams. We took cousin Nancy over the creek to go to John Roberts. We dined at Johns. He was poorly, Sarah and her babe well.

5/31/1842 Whitewashed the stove room.

6/11/1842 John Boyers sold his place at public sale. Thomas Peart was the buyer brought 45 dollars per acre.

6/29/1842 Mary went to Lewis’s. The men there making hay.

7/5/1842 Lewis began to cut his grain.

7/7/1842 We got our hay in.

7/9/1842 John Saylor here cutting his grain. our men folks helping the boys.

7/11/1842 Lewis at Williams. Joseph went to help them.

7/13/1842 Our men folk helping the boys.

7/14/1842 Our folks finished hawling their grain.

7/16/1842 Very heavy rain all day. Two men drowned, one in Perkiomen, one in Schuylkill.

7/18/1842 John Saylor here fixing his grain to get it dry.

8/1/1842 Lewis W. Roberts and Billy Murphy here cutting our oats.

8/24/1842 I went to Lewis to help Sarah with her butter.

9/12/1842 We washed and whitewashed our kitchen.

9/14/1842 I went to Moore Hall to see J. Wood’s family.

9/15/1842 Abisha Hamilton has his right arm taken off above the elbow with the threshing machine in Jose Davis’s barn Valley on the morning of the 13th.

10/2/1842 I went to Moore Hall to see J. Wood’s family.

10/4/1842 Mary W. Roberts began to go to school to Hannah Adamson. [she was 16 yeards old]

10/8/1842 William came for me about 4 oclock in the morning and about 5 oclock this evening we had a fine son. Mary W. and Martha went with some young folks to the tunnel.

10/10/1842 Mary Matlack began to pull down her house.

10/19/1842 Jesse Webster went on horseback intending to buy our old property but was disappointed by John Roberts not being a man of his word.

10/21/1842 Dipt candles.

11/11/1842 We began to clean house.

11/12/1842 We finished our cleaning.

11/17/1842 We butchered a hog.

11/20/1842 Herman Husband is at Phoenixville as a writing master.

12/7/1842 We butchered three hogs, Lewis W. and William Murphy here helping.

12/15/1842 Jonathan Pawling began to dig the well.

12/28/1842 Our men came to water in the well.

[1842 Stephen Roberts, son, absconded]

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1/5/1843 Evan and his sister took our girls to school.

1/13/1843 I took the girls up to school.

1/17/1843 Maryanna McVeigh come from school with Mary.

1/20/1843 Jonathan Pawling went away.

1/21/1843 Joseph and I went to Plymouth to attend the funeral of our aged friend, Phebe Wood, aged about seventy seven years.

1/24/1843 I went to see cousin Sarah Richards and went with her to Phoenix to meet the funeral of Barbara Rhoads. Preaching in English and Dutch.

2/13/1843 Mary Bane died (b. 2/16/1780).

2/21/1843 Mary staid from school today.

2/27/1843 I went to Sammy Whites, heard from them that Stephen was well and in a mill near 100 miles up the Mississippi from Alton.

3/2/1843 Joseph went to the Paoli on an arbitration. Ann Housman come here, she is about to move to Isaiah Thropps house near Valley Forge.

3/4/1843 Lewis come and took Ann and the rest of her goods to her home. This evening Augustus Housman come here to see Sarah, he has been away nearly 12 years.

3/6/1843 This morning Augustus and Ann come here this morning. They have agreed to live together the rest of their lives, if satan dont interfere and altereth their minds.

3/18/1843 Jonathan Pawling come back.

3/21/1843 Joseph went to Phoenixville to meet arbitrators, they did not all come so there was nothing done.

3/22/1843 Our men hawling some of our things from Williams. Mary went to Williams to help them with this moving.

3/23/1843 Peter Bloom moved into the old part of the house today.

3/29/1843 John Roberts began to move into our house. Unpleasant feelings enough to me. And if it was not so to him ? must have a stoney heart.

4/1/1843 Lewis W. Roberts moving.

4/10/1843 The Valley Forge Mill was burnt today from sparks of the locomotive.

4/25/1843 began to clear house.

4/27/1843 We received a letter from Stephen stating he was well and had travelled much.

5/6/1843 Our friends planting corn.

5/11/1843 Brought Ann Housman home with us to keep house while we go to yearly meeting.

5/12/1843 Walker Moore and family moved there [where?] this Spring. Aunt Leah lives with them, she was 88 years old today

6/1/1843 Lewis R. Matlack working on the roads.

6/16/1843 Rolling Mill & Nail Factory visit (with Major McVeagh?)

6/19/1843 This afternoon we had company of Joseph and Ellin Davis, Ruth Thomas, Vanleer Eachus, Moses Robinson, and John and Becky Roberts. The friends endeavored to reconcile the parties but in vain. We proposed to Becky to divide the half dozen table and tea spoons her brothers and sisters and she might have what she claimed here or what was here which she refused to do.

6/26/1843 We commenced our haying.

7/1/1843 finished our hay.

7/14/1843 William, Susan, Benny and their black man come up to cut the grain.

7/19/1843 William come up to hawl his grain.

7/28/1843 We whitewashed our kitchen.

8/5/1843 Rainy morning. We left about 10 o’clock and come very well homewards till coming down the first Baptist hill the horse fell and broke the shafts and I had to ungear him and lead him down to the Smiths this side of Baptist Meeting House. And got some men to go and bring the waggon down - they got to work and in about two hours had mended it. William Roberts came by while we were there - While it was raining tremendous, he went home and sent his dearborne for us to go to his house, but the waters raised to such a degree that we had to wait for some time for the flood to abate before we could with safety cross - many places where there was no creek the water collected and swept post fences - and everything in its way thro Radnor and on toward Chester there was great destruction both lives, bridges etc. also Mill dams and manufacturers - we stayed all night at William.

8/14/1843 Five masons here to breakfast, began to build the addition to the meeting house.

8/17/1843 Had boiled corn for dinner.

8/19/1843 The masons went away at noon.

8/21/1843 rain towards evening heavily up Pickering so as to break Coffman and Kinsey’s mill dams.

8/25/1843 The masons went away today

8/28/1843 Joseph went to help raise at Thomas Pierts.

9/8/1843 As we were coming down Tinker hill the britch band broke and the horse sprang on the bank and upset us and broke the top of the dearborne. We made a miraculous escape, no bones broke, and but a few bruises. We went in to William Rossiters and got our gears fixt up and come safe home.

9/13/1843 Sowed the Mediterranean wheat today.

9/16/1843 Sarah went to school this forenoon.

9/20/1843 Our folks busy at second crop.

9/21/1843 We boiled apple sauce.

9/25/1843 Joseph sowd wheat.

10/7/1843 We were informed of the death of Joseph Conard.

10/19/1843 Attended the wedding of Elijah F. Pennypacker and Hannah Adamson.

10/20/1843 The sheriff had a sale of Grandfather’s property today.

10/26/1843 William and his man come up to thresh his crop at the old place.

11/3/1843 We whitewashed our kitchen. Went to the funeral of Samuel Sowers.

11/5/1843 Joseph and I took Mary to the Kimberton school.

11/6/1843 Two masons come home for breakfast to put up steps at the Meeting house.

11/18/1843 I went to see Mary, she seems well satisfied with her school.

11/21/1843 Butchered a hog.

11/22/1843 Philip Rapp died this morning.

11/23/1843 William come to thresh his crop.

11/24/1843 The funeral was very large. William Latta spoke at the house and Hellerman at the grave. Jonathan Pawling here helping William thresh.

12/2/1843 Joseph went to Kimberton to bring Mary W. Roberts and Hannah Ann Wood on a visit.

12/3/1843 L. Matlack took the girls back to school.

12/8/1843 Joseph went to Phoenixville with butter.

12/26/1843 Mary W. Roberts went back to school with Hannah Ann Wood.

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1/4/1844 Received a letter from our son, S. B. Roberts.

1/20/1844 Elizabeth Pierts vendue, her brother-in-law Lewis Piert bought the place.

1/25/1844 Widow Marshall from Valley Forge was buried at friends burying ground, Schuylkill.

2/4/1844 Lewis Matlack took the girls back to school.

2/14/1844 Jonathan Pawling comes back.

3/4/1844 Dined at E. Kimbers, seen the girls they are all well, 13 scholars.

3/8/1844 Funeral of neighbor Henry Wersler.

3/18/1844 David Roberts had gone to Goshen on the Carr [?].

3/22/1844 New neighbors Lewis and Abana Piert.

4/2/1844 Major McVeagh’s move from the Hotel Phoenixville to John Morris farm.

4/3/1844 Joseph and I took a walk to Moore Hall to see our friends, but Job had gone to the city.

4/11/1844 Jonathan Pawling come here, paid his board, and went away.

4/16/1844 We began to clean house.

4/18/1844 Finished our house cleaning.

4/22/1844 Men began to plough for corn.

5/1/1844 Our men finished planting corn, James Johnson helping them yesterday.

5/5/1844 Joseph took Mary up to school this afternoon. J. Roberts Williams went to accompany them.

5/8/1844 Came home on the Reading Carrs to Valley Forge.

5/18/1844 Came home on the Reading Carrs to Valley Forge. Walked home from there. Martha Johnson here keeping house.

5/21/1844 Had Lydia here helping me wash.

5/26/1844 We had new potatoes for dinner.

6/8/1844 Joseph brought Mary and Hannah Ann Wood home from Kimberton this afternoon.

6/9/1844 Joseph took the girls back to school this evening.

6/10/1844 Joseph and Jonathan began to mow.

6/12/1844 Our men got in some hay.

6/18/1844 I went to Thropps store [Valley Forge] this morning, Lydia here helping at the hay this afternoon.

6/21/1844 Our men got 3 loads good hay in out of the field, Edinboro Coggins helping them. James Wood here picking cherries.

6/23/1844 Michael brought the children this evening ready for going to school tomorrow.

6/24/1844 Lydia helping at the hay.

6/26/1844 Finished the hay and began to cut the grain.

6/28/1844 I took my butter to Amos Rapps, for Lewis to take to market.

6/30/1844 We had cucumbers for tea.

7/1/1844 We hawled all the grain in that was cut.

7/3/1844 Finished the grain.

7/8/1844 Our men cutting oats.

7/10/1844 went to Phoenix to the store and the tin mans.

7/18/1844 Jonathan went to help Lewis with his oats.

7/22/1844 Funeral of Adam Rinewalt.

7/29/1844 Went to the soap manufacturers and got half a barrel.

8/14/1844 Joseph and Jonathan went for coal.

8/19/1844 William Roberts and his man come here to assist threshing out some wheat.

8/29/1844 Went to Williams, they busy fixing his well.

9/2/1844 A steam engine above Reading on the rail road was struck with lightning and killed four men.

9/3/1844 Boiled apple sauce today.

9/7/1844 Began to cut off the corn.

9/16/1844 I went to the store.

9/20/1844 Finished cutting corn.

9/23/1844 Edward Evans, son of Joshua and Lydia Evans, Paoli, (his mother deceased many years ago. She was the daughter of Dr. John Davis, Great Valley), was buried buried, aged about 36.

9/26/1844 Finished sowing the rye.

10/3/1844 Great mass meeting at Valley Forge computed to be over 20,000 [religious?].

10/7/1844 Cousin Richard C. Walker brought his son Richard here this afternoon to board while he goes to school to E. F. Pennypacker.

10/8/1844 Election day.

10/13/1844 Come on to John Adams to dine, his wife is my first cousin, my mothers side. Aunt Ruth Pugh lives with them.

10/26/1844 Aunt Polly McCoy died.

11/3/1844 Joseph took Mary W. and Hannah Ann Wood to Kimberton, another term.

11/7/1844 Received a letter from Stephen.

11/11/1844 Hawled to corn fodder today.

11/13/1844 Lewis W. Roberts and Edinboro here helping butcher a hog.

11/15/1844 A man was found murdered in Gwyns Hollow.

11/17/1844 Our neighborhood seems in great consternation in consequence of the murdered man, which took place to 21st of last month.

11/22/1844 Started to town early. Market dull, I did not sell much.

11/24/1844 Brother Joseph Walker brought his son Joseph here to board and go to school to E. F. Pennypackers.

11/29/1844 Sent for Martha Johnson to help butcher. Lewis W. Roberts and Edinboro were here also.

12/1/1844 Called at Charles Adamson for our esteemed friend Elizabeth M. Peart who we engaged to accompany on a religious visit to Uwchlan Monthly Meeting. [seems much a wider area than just Uwchlan]

12/31/1844 James Wood brought Mary W. and Jane Petty home with Hannah Ann Wood to spend the new years day.

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1/4/1845 William had sold a lot to Jacob Rossiter.

1/25/1845 James Johnson had been here threshing oats these last 3 days.

2/20/1845 Jonathan Thomas had a vendue today.

2/24/1845 Washed and cleaned the springhouse.

3/4/1845 Major McVeagh’s vendue.

3/18/1845 Charles Vanleer and Elizabeth Miller married.

3/21/1845 L. W. Roberts got home with his drove of sheep.

3/24/1845 Began to plough for corn.

3/26/1845 Joseph finished ploughing. I cleaned house.

3/28/1845 Joseph and I went to L. W. Roberts vendue, sold his stock and farming tools.

3/29/1845 Joseph went to Kimberton after Mary W. Roberts, her 3rd term is out.

3/31/1845 Richard Leekly brought his son William here to live, aged 10 years.

4/1/1845 Lewis W. Roberts moving to a house of John Williams. Intends to try to make some other way of living than farming. Benjamin Funk died.

4/10/1845 Joseph sowed the oats.

4/21/1845 Mary W. Roberts [19 years old] began to teach school at Phoenixville. Jonathan Devo come to help plant corn and other work.

4/23/1845 Our men planting corn.

4/29/1845 Lewis W. is at Court as witness against George Peace.

5/3/1845 We planted potatoes and beans.

5/17/1845 George Peace is cleared of murder.

5/29/1845 Joseph and I went to the funeral of Ruth Potts, aged about 93 years.

6/18/1845 Joseph and I went to Williams. They are very much engaged in building their house.

6/21/1845 John Weller and Lewis Griffith was here cutting our grass.

6/22/1845 Sixty years of age.

6/25/1845 Many came after cherries. We began to cut our wheat.

6/28/1845 Finished hawling the hay and cutting the wheat.

6/30/1845 Rainy, difficult harvest so far.

7/3/1845 Lewis and John Griffith began to mow the orchard.

7/3/1845 Edinboro here helping in with the grain, finished.

7/10/1845 Busy at the grain.

7/23/1845 John Weller cutting the oats.

7/24/1845 John Weller and Henry Kyley helping taking in the oats.

8/1/1845 Marys school out today.

8/18/1845 Samuel Mitch come here to dig the well deeper.

8/23/1845 Mary W. went along to Morgans school house to meet the directors of the district school. After being examined by E. F. Pennypacker she was admitted to teach the primary school at Phoenixville.

8/25/1845 John Weller here digging the well deeper, the water come in too fast to make much progress.

8/26/1845 Mary and I went to J. Pennypackers this afternoon, found Palona Roberts very poorly, she had been teaching school and boarding there.

8/27/1845 Lewis W. Roberts started to Ohio after a drove.

8/31/1845 Dear friend Stephen Stephens died.

9/1/1845 Joseph took Mary up to her school, they not being ready she come home again.

9/6/1845 Joseph, Mary and I went to the house of John Morris, and followed the funeral [of Ann Morris] to our gate.

9/7/1845 Joseph and I spent the day over Schuylkill at cousin Isaac Walker, where we had plenty of peaches and watermelons.

9/8/1845 Cyrus Davis here fixing our pump. I took Mary up to her school.

9/10/1845 Funeral of John Umsted. Sowed wheat today.

9/23/1845 I went to Stephen Stephens to lodge with aunt Betsy Walker.

9/30/1845 Susy confined to bed, would not see Dr.

10/6/1845 Susy died.

10/30/1845 Martha Johnson here helping dress poultry for market.

11/10/1845 Betsy James come here to help me wash. [funeral of Wilson Pyle] The deceased left a wife and two children.

11/20/1845 Butchered a pig.

11/24/1845 Joseph went to Phoenixville for coal. Mary went to her school. Deborah G. Matlack brought her clothes here to wash.

11/25/1845 Brother Joseph brought his son Joseph here to board to go to school to E. F. Pennypackers.

12/1/1845 Ivins Walker brought Richard up to go to school.

12/6/1845 Edward Davis was buried today, at Port Kennedy at the new burying ground.

12/8/1845 Sarah Johnson here helping butcher a beef and three hogs.

12/9/1845 Betsy James here helping me.

12/12/1845 Made candles.

12/22/1845 Mary at home, no school this week.

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1/1/1846 [Doylestown] Elijah and Joseph took a ride round and come home in time to dine on turkey.

1/4/1846 Rebeckah Stephens died.

1/27/1846 Death of aunt Leah Moore.

1/29/1846 A trying time parting with our friend Elizabeth who expects to go to the city the remainder of the winter, and then to reside in Wilmington where she has purchased a house for her accommodation.

2/2/1846 Joseph took Mary up to her school, and in the space of a couple of hours returned, bringing her home as there was to be no school for three weeks.

2/10/1846 We whitewashed our kitchen.

2/13/1846 Mary went to Phoenix to see after a subscription school.

2/14/1846 Mary was successful in procuring a school.

2/21/1846 Joseph took Aunt Betsy to Stephen Stephens, there they met with several of their friends as they were appraising the property of the late Stephens, the valuation was 85 dollars per acre.

2/23/1846 Joseph took Mary and Billy up to school.

2/24/1846 Joseph went to E. Funks vendue.

3/2/1846 Richard drove Mary and Billy up to school.

3/14/1846 Heavy rain this morning, the snow nearly all gone, occationing a great flood.

3/16/1846 Nancy come home after taking Mary to her school.

3/20/1846 Eliza Coffman died.

3/22/1846 Funeral of Ellis S. Davis.

3/31/1846 John Kane moved from old place to John Rapps, and George March moved to the old farm.

4/1/1846 People moving about.

4/3/1846 Cleaned our spring house. Jonathan Devoc here digging garden.

5/1/1846 Joseph and I attended the funeral of our cousin by marriage, Eliza Davis, widow of Job Davis.

5/8/1846 Joseph went to Lewis’s and brought Sarah and the 3 children to keep his company while Mary and I went to Yearly meeting.

5/16/1846 Cousin William procured us a cab to convey us to the Reading depot where we took the carr to Phoenixville, where Joseph met us and brought us home.

5/18/1846 Betsy James helping wash. Joseph and I went to the funeral of Mary Dempsey at Phoenixville, aged nearly 100 years.

I have not taken down the particulars this summer as I have been very much engaged about my domestic concerns so that my time has been so employed I could not settle down enough to go on as I have here to fore.

10/5/1846 Joseph and I attended the funeral of Gen. Joshua Evans of Paoli.

10/7/1846 Our men cut the corn off. John Shuman and William Steele helping.

10/11/1846 Mary went to a reform meeting this afternoon at the corner. Lucretia Mott was there and spoke for an hour and half.

10/15/1846 Joseph went to see Michael Daley at J. Williams, had cut his shin below the knee a few days previous cutting corn, which resulted in a mortification taking place which was stopt in time to save the limb.

10/22/1846 Joseph and Billy went to Williams to get winter apples.

10/23/1846 Joseph and I went to Phoenixville to get paint.

10/27/1846 John Keemer come here today to begin to paint the house.

10/30/1846 Husking corn today.

11/8/1846 Joseph and I attended the funeral of Mary Coggins, wife of Edinboro, a solemn discourse was delivered by the grave by a colored man - very appropriate.

11/21/1846 Billy took Patience to see her parents.

11/30/1846 John Cliff here this evening, sold their place to Abram Brower for $79 per acre.

12/2/1846 I took Patience and her child to her fathers.

12/4/1846 William and John Goldy brought 3 steers to winter here.

12/5/1846 Our men hawling in corn fodder.

12/7/1846 Mary began to board at Hasleys. We were picking turkeys and ducks for market.

12/9/1846 Finished my marketing, took Billy about town some, as he had never been in before.

12/12/1846 We butchered a beef and 4 hogs, L. W. Roberts, William Steele, and Charles Irons helping us.

12/14/1846 Very busy the whole day about our butchering.

12/15/1846 Joseph went to assist Lewis about his butchering.

12/21/1846 Began to quilt a petticoat for Patience Thomas.

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1/11/1847 Billy took Mary to her school.

1/14/1847 Joseph and Patience went to Phoenixville to the Soap Boilers.

1/22/1847 Patience went home, her father sick.

1/27/1847 Samuel Griffith come here to inform us of the death of George March.

2/22/1847 James Wood sale.

2/25/1847 Deborah, Hannah Ann, & Franklin Wood went to town on the carrs.

3/1/1847 We come home this evening. Sarah A. Walker, staid with Mary. They were round hunting scholars as Marys friends is desirous of her taking the school at this place.

3/8/1847 Eli King moved to Moore Hall today. Mary W. and I went to meet them.

3/14/1847 Jonathan Pawling went to Darby.

3/15/1847 Mary commenced teaching school at friends schoolhouse at this place.

3/18/1847 Joseph went to our old place to George March’s vendue.

3/19/1847 Jonathan Pawling come back.

3/22/1847 Jonathan Pawling went to the Valley Forge to plaster Roger’s new store house.

3/28/1847 Jonathan Pawling come home this morning.

3/30/1847 Joseph took cousin Nancy, Billy and I to G. March’s, they were moving out, for Lewis W. Roberts to move in.

4/3/1847 Joseph was at Eli Kings this afternoon on an arbitration between Benjamin Skeen and the administrators of the estate of James Woods. They made an amicable agreement. All parties satisfied.

4/5/1847 Jonathan Pawling went to Valley Forge to plaster.

4/9/1847 Joseph began to clear his oats ground.

4/14/1847 Joseph finished sowing oats.

4/20/1847 Began to clean house.

4/25/1847 James and Lucretia Mott was at our meeting this morning, Lucretia spoke largely. Cousin Jane Pennypacker and two of her daughters dined here, they and Mary went to the hall at Phoenixville, to a reformed meeting, James and Lucretia was to be there. Our butter was stolen last night.

5/22/1847 Patience went to see her mother.

6/14/1847 Joseph went to Westchester.

6/16/1847 Joseph went to Westchester.

6/21/1847 John Shuman dressing the corn.

6/22/1847 James got here dressing corn.

6/28/1847 Tom and John Davis began to mow.

6/29/1847 L. R. Matlack here helping to make hay.

7/2/1847 James Johnson and L. R. Matlack finished hawling the hay.

7/3/1847 Amos Peasley and wife, Hannah Pennypacker and child, Mary and Sarah Adamson was here a while. Amos spoke very feelingly to the state of Sarah Ann and also to the privations and afflictions of us all as the Lord loves those he chasteneth.

7/4/1847 Amos attended our meeting today. Sarah Ann Mary and Billy went. Sarah Ann had not been able to go to meeting for eight years.

7/7/1847 Charles Irons cutting wheat.

7/10/1847 John Williams call to see us, brought a letter from my dear husband [Joseph must have been in jail].

7/13/1847 EJP [E. J. Pennypacker]sent his waggon and boys to help in some of the grain. Charles Irons finished cutting the grain.

7/15/1847 Tom and John Davis come today and finished hawling the grain.

7/16/1847 William and John Golder come afternoon and got in several loads of hay.

7/17/1847 William come this morning and got in all the hay.

7/19/1847 Jonathan threshed the rakings. William and J. Smith cut the oats for hay.

7/20/1847 Sent a grist of wheat to mill.

7/26/1847 L. W. Richards come here after 10 at night, he had been at WChester and brought us somewhat cheering news.

7/27/1847 Dr. J. A. Pennypackers brought me a letter from my dear husband.

7/29/1847 John Shuman cutting oats.

8/2/1847 George Whipple brought his wife and son here to board.

8/8/1847 Lewis W., Mary W., and myself went to West Chester to the prison to see my dear husband and their affectionate father, detained there for false position of the Court. We found him well in health, and thanks be to our Dear Redeemer to strengthen us in meeting and parting with him. Sarah Roberts and her children come to stay with their cousins in our absense. All rejoice to know that we had seen and coversed with him and how kindly he was used by the family of Robert Erwin.

8/9/1847 Mary W. and I took our cousins to William Roberts, where we dined, afternoon William took them to the Railroad to go home on the carrs.

8/12/1847 Major McVeagh brought me a letter from my dear husband.

8/26/1847 Lewis R. Matlack and I went to West Chester to see my dear husband, who we found in good health.

8/29/1847 Billy and I went to the funeral of Mary Anderson.

8/31/1847 Tom here today hawling manure.

9/2/1847 Girls went to town on the steam boat. Mary W. Roberts took their baggage to Pawlings Bridge.

9/3/1847 Patience went to Eli Kings for peaches.

9/6/1847 Friend Mowry brought me a letter from my dear Joseph.

[9/13/1847 Joseph Roberts hearing, filed 8/5/1847.]

9/14/1847 William brought his dear father home. A solemn joyful meeting.

9/17/1847 Joseph ploughing for wheat.

9/20/1847 Jonathan Pawling went to work for Evan Kendall (Centreville)

9/22/1847 Patience and Mary Jane Thomas gone to live at Eli Kings.

9/25/1847 Rainy all day. A great rise in the waters, the new bridge over French Creek gone.

9/26/1847 Jonathan [Pawling] gone to Mifflin Lewis.

9/30/1847 Joseph done sowing wheat.

10/4/1847 Joseph took Mary up to Dr Griffiths [Kimberton] to teach his children.

10/19/1847 John Fox here threshing oats.

10/22/1847 Joseph and I went to Phoenixville with our friends. We took a walk to the tunnel and round the mills and furnaces.

10/27/1847 Finished husking corn.

10/30/1847 Billy helping Lewis at the corn.

11/5/1847 John Fox threshing the wheat.

12/9/1847 William Roberts had a sale on his place today. It did not sell.

12/10/1847 Joseph went as a witness on an arbitration between J. Woods administrators and Samson Fudge.

12/13/1847 Friend Jacob Famous died.

12/18/1847 Lewis W. Roberts here helping butcher 4 hogs.

12/22/1847 Whitewashed the kitchen.

12/27/1847 Ann Housman here helping me awhile. Billy took her a quarter ton of coal. Joseph and Billy brought 3 pigs from Elijah Stuarts.

12/31/1847 Joseph went to the Depot for Mary, but owing to some appointments she did not come.

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1/1/1848 Joseph went again after Mary. Samuel and her come home on the carr.

1/13/1848 Joseph was at the arbitration between Woods and Fudge.

1/24/1848 David McCowen come here to enquire when Daniel Conard sold his place.

1/29/1848 Billy went to Majors with some butter.

2/3/1848 A vendue for Joseph B. Pennypacker.

2/11/1848 Mary went to Phoenixville to know about her school.

2/14/1848 Jane Davis come here to learn to knit suspenders.

2/17/1848 William had a sale here today.

2/18/1848 Several come after their purchases. William here awhile.

2/24/1848 I went with Billy to his fathers and to Robert Miller to get his coat cut out.

3/4/1848 Mary was at Maryann Rhoads at a carpet party.

3/7/1848 Joseph and I went to the vendue of Jacob Famous’s effects.

3/14/1848 Funeral of Nathan Pennypacker.

3/16/1848 Sewing circle met here.

3/17/1848 Mary went to John Williams to see about her school.

3/26/1848 Thomas Erle had a lecture on abolishing slavery this afternoon at Phoenixville. Widow Buzzard was buried today.

3/28/1848 Tom come here to plough his oats ground.

3/30/1848 Whitewashed the stove room. Tom finished ploughing.

4/1/1848 Rachel Wilson and her neice Caroline spent the day here. They live now in Wilmington having bought Elizabeth Pierts house.

4/2/1848 Patience and MaryJane come to see us. Billy went to his fathers and brought his sister Harriot here to stay awhile.

4/3/1848 Deborah G. Matlack come to help us get ready to move.

4/4/1848 Joseph and Mary R. Walker, Mary R. and Deborah Matlack, John Longstreth, Enoch Davis, William and Susan and Lewis W. Roberts, Jerome Rhoads, Stryker Rossiter, and Johns little boys were all to help us move.

4/5/1848 Very busy all day fixing our things.

4/6/1848 Washed and cleared up most of our things.

4/7/1848 Jonathan Pawling come here toward noon and commenced digging the garden.

4/8/1848 Joseph and Samuel went to the old place to bring the remainder of our things home. Samuel began to plant the oats ground.

4/9/1848 Samuel went to Cedar Hollow.

4/10/1848 I was planting in the garden.

4/11/1848 I went to John Williams to bake.

4/12/1848 Jonathan Pawling went away.

4/13/1848 Joseph and I went to Charlestown village.

4/14/1848 I cleaned the springhouse.

4/19/1848 Rain, hail and snow all day. Blew up cold and freezing. The peach trees in full bloom.

4/20/1848 I believe the peach trees not much hurt.

4/21/1848 Mary went to Phoenixville to exchange flour for bread.

4/22/1848 Moses Robinson come for me to stay with them tonight as Elizabeth was near the close of time.

4/23/1848 Elizabeth L. Longstreth breathed her last.

4/25/1848 Buried her at Horsham [?] by her father and mother. Her mother died when she was about 18 months old. Her aunt Anna Robinson took her as her own and raised her.

4/30/1848 Billy and Harriot began to go to sunday school.

5/1/1848 Hugh Quay and Jose Felter come here to build an oven.

5/2/1848 Planted corn. The masons here until near evening.

5/3/1848 Jose here again to work on the oven.

5/5/1848 We whitewashed the kitchen. Finished planting corn. The men picking stones.

5/6/1848 L and B hawling stones off the mowing ground.

5/12/1848 The bull gored a fine horse so that it died in a few hours after.

5/13/1848 Several men here this morning to help away the horse and tie the bull in the stable.

5/22/1848 Sammy went to I. Thropps.

5/25/1848 Samuel went to Cedar Hollow. A young man here selling apple trees.

5/27/1848 Several men sawing the bulls horns off.

5/28/1848 Billy and Harriot went to their fathers. Richard Leckbee come after Harriots clothes as she was going to stay at home.

5/29/1848 Mary W. and I cleaning house. Samuel went to John Magils to fix his portico.

6/2/1848 We finished cleaning house.

6/3/1848 Samuel Robb come here to live awhile.

6/12/1848 Cool enough for a frost. We began to mow the meadow.

6/19/1848 Finished our hay. Samuel Robb and William Leckbee went to help Lewis with his hay.

6/27/1848 John Kane began to cut his wheat. Sold 3 quarts, 1 pint of cream.

7/1/1848 John Kane hawling in the Mediterranean wheat. Samuel Robb come home from Lewis’s, they had not done the grain harvest.

7/3/1848 Samuel Robb went agian to Lewis’s.

7/6/1848 John Kane finished his grain.

7/7/1848 Jonathan Pawling here tonight.

7/8/1848 Jonathan Pawling went to J. Williams, poor hay weather.

7/17/1848 David McCowen brought a summons here for Joseph and I to appear at West Chester to testify to certain facts known to us (or by us) relative to his concerns in his Grandfathers will.

7/18/1848 Several men here at the hay.

7/19/1848 Joseph and I went to Westchester to Browns Hotel, where we were not detained over an hour or so.

8/7/1848 Commenced hawling manure.

8/21/1848 Samuel went to Isaiah Thropps to work at his piarra [?].

8/28/1848 John Williams come here awhile and told Mary to prepare to start on the 4th day morning to go to the Capes.

9/2/1848 Lewis W. Roberts brought John, Mary, and Mary Jane home, the time of going to the Capes was over the 1st of this month. They come home in the fast line to Phoenix.

Joseph Walker jr. come home. His father traded three hundred and twenty acres of land with Charles Baker for his carriage horses and harnesses, and he come up for them and brought him here to stay all night. Samuel and Mary went with Joseph in his new carrige and match horses to Phoenixville.

9/4/1848 The boys getting in the potatoes, a light crop.

9/6/1848 I went to Lewis’s to help them make apple sauce.

9/20/1848 Orin Beerbrower and J. Roberts Williams here hawling logs. Samuel and Mary W. went to Moses Robinson to help them about apple sauce.

9/22/1848 Samuel Richards began to plough for wheat.

9/30/1848 I went to Lewis’s to help make sauce for ourselves. Our men finished the wheat today.

10/1/1848 Mary come home after dark. An accident happended to her at the gate, she got out and opened it but did not prop it, and in leading the creature through the wind blew strong against the gate and blew it before the fore which frightened the beast and he made a spring and broke the gears and cleared herself of the carriage. She led the creature home much frightened, providentially not much damage done.

10/3/1848 Misty Lewis and Morris Miller come here to help butcher a beef.

10/6/1848 Samuel and Orin here making a pig pen.

10/10/1848 Samuel and Orin Beerbrower went to work above the springs.

10/13/1848 The dogs among the sheep last night. Killed 2 and wounded one. Joseph and the boys at J. Youngs making cider.

10/14/1848 Tom Little and John S. Davis here appraising the sheep.

10/26/1848 Our men husking corn.

11/2/1848 I went to Dr. Coffman and got two teeth extracted.

11/4/1848 Our men finished hawling the corn fodder.

11/8/1848 Samuel went to Moses Robinson to help hawl corn fodder.

11/13/1848 Billy commenced going to school to John Magill.

11/14/1848 Joseph and I went to the funeral of aunt Ruth Pugh, she was aged about 81 years.

11/17/1848 We whitewashed upstairs.

11/19/1848 A party of indians encamped in Matthias Pennypackers woods below Pickering bridge last 6 day, there were sixteen in number, men, women, and children.

11/22/1848 No school today for Billy.

11/23/1848 We butchered a hog.

11/24/1848 Billy went to school.

11/28/1848 Samuel better went to work at B. Funks.

12/9/1848 Lewis W. Roberts here helping butcher 7 hogs.

12/11/1848 Very busy doing up our butchering.

12/21/1848 Jacob Gearhart died.

12/27/1848 Samuel L. Richard went home to go to school to S. Aaron.

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1/29/1849 Lewis W. Robetts here helping butcher a beef. Samuel Robb went home with him to thresh.

2/1/1849 John Cain here threshing with a machine, with 3 other men.

2/3/1849 John Cain finished his threshing.

2/21/1849 Betty McCarty here washing.

2/26/1849 James Moses here, paid me $5.50 for 8 turkeys and 4 ducks.

2/28/1849 Funeral of aunt Betsy Walker.

3/5/1849 S. Robb cutting off corn stalks.

3/6/1849 Betty McCarty here washing.

3/15/1849 Mary went to John Williams to see about her school. Moses R. Walker and Sarah Davis is to be married this afternoon at her fathers.

3/27/1849 Tom Dyer moved to Moore Hall mill.

3/31/1849 Joseph and Samuel Robb went to Phoenixville for coal.

4/3/1849 Samuel Robb went away. Joseph and I took his trunk to Phoenixville.

4/6/1849 Henry Ashenfelter commenced working here.

4/16/1849 Joseph took Mary and Sarah Ann to the Union schoolhouse, she commences her school today. Robert, son of Daniel and Betty McCarty come to live here today.

4/18/1849 Robert gone to his father to help him move, nearer to J. Williams.

4/20/1849 Sarah R. Williams and Eliza Kuncle come here for me, take her daughter Mary Ann to live with us.

4/23/1849 Mary went to her school.

5/1/1849 Mary went to her school.

5/2/1849 Our men planting corn.

5/5/1849 John Miller come here and took to his mill thirty bushel of John Kains wheat, which he had sold to him for $1 3c.

5/12/1849 I started from Phoenixville in the stage about sunrise, to Norristown. Took the carr and arrived in Phila. about 8 oclock.

5/19/1849 I took the carrs this morning and come up to Phoenixville.

5/21/1849 Mary went to school this morning.

5/24/1849 Betty McCarty helping clean house.

6/5/1849 Men dressing the corn.

6/19/1849 Men commenced mowing.

6/21/1849 Our men finished hawling in the meadow hay.

6/25/1849 Our men busy at the hay.

6/27/1849 The men busy hawling hay.

6/30/1849 The men finished the hay.

7/6/1849 Got several loads of hay in the barn.

7/7/1849 Several cutting their grain.

7/12/1849 Busy at the grain.

7/13/1849 Jacob Sloanaker, son and a lad that lived with them was buried today, all died of the Cholera with a few hours illness.

7/16/1849 James Jones of Valley Forge was buried at Schuylkill today, aged 82 years, he had been blind several years.

7/29/1849 Sister Sarah Roberts died yesterday, aged 73 years, 7 months, 13 days. Also died sister Ann Richards at Trenton, Ohio. They moved from Valley Forge in 1824 or 5.

8/4/1849 Mary went to Littles schoolhouse to meet the directors.

8/6/1849 Mary W, and Mary Jane Williams went to town in the fast line.

8/25/1849 Mary went with Enoch Davis on an excursion to the falls of French Creek.

9/6/1849 Got a letter out of the Post Office for Mary, it was an invitation to a wedding.

9/8/1849 Enoch Davis come here today to say farewell before he goes to California.

9/11/1849 Betty McArthur here washing for me.

9/13/1849 Our men busy with the horses.

9/26/1849 Enoch Davis and Darlington Jones sailed for California.

10/5/1849 Our men sowed the side field, and harrowed it.

10/8/1849 Our men cutting of corn.

10/9/1849 Joseph went to the election.

10/12/1849 Joseph went with me this afternoon to Phoenixville to see the elephants and camels.

11/21/1849 Mary Ann Kungle come here to go to school.

12/11/1849 Lewis W. Roberts and Morris Miller helping butcher a beef.

12/22/1849 Lewis W. Roberts brought 8 steers here.

12/25/1849 Lewis and Andrew Kirkpatrick here helping butcher.

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1/4/1850 Baked and dipt candles. Samuel Buckwalter’s wife died.

2/1/1850 Joseph and I went to funeral of our aged neighbor [John Buzzard]. He left a widow older than himself, they had lived together upwards of sixty years.

2/24/1850 Brother David Roberts died, aged 84 years 11 months, 2 days.

3/6/1850 We all went to help John Jones move Mary & Catharine went with them to Jonathan Jones, Green Tree, where they put their goods in a store house. Rachel Ann staying with her mother who lies low in a consumption.

3/21/1850 Lewis Walker and Susanna Davis’s wedding.

4/8/1850 Mary W. went in search of a school. She went to the Bull tavern, meet the directors there. She got the school at Frog Pond College.

4/26/1850 Planted peas and onions.

5/6/1850 Davis and I engaged in dressing chickens to send to market by J. Reese.

5/8/1850 I went to Lewis’s. He come home from Marcus Hook and brought us some shad.

6/5/1850 Finished cleaning house.

6/19/1850 Our men began to mow.

6/26/1850 The men began to mow the clover field.

6/28/1850 The men busy turning the hay about, got some hay in.

7/5/1850 The men began to mow the clover field.

8/5/1850 Jesse and Deborah Matlack and Mary W. Roberts, took the boat Penobscot and went down the Delaware to Cape May, for $1.00 apiece, $1.50 passengers [?]. They had a very pleasant trip.

8/10/1850 Mary cleaning up to go to her school.

8/11/1850 Davis started with Mary to the valley to her brother Williams to teach the public school in that district. They met with William and some of the children at the Corner, and released David.

8/21/1850 Afternoon I went to see Daniel Kearneys and got peaches and pruins.

9/2/1850 Very heavy rain. John and Sarah brought Davis home. We hear of great destruction of life and property occasioned by this flood though the mountains and along Schuylkill.

9/10/1850 Mary Ann and I went to J. Chrismans for peaches to make sauce.

9/17/1850 Our men busy preparing to seed.

9/20/1850 I went this afternoon to see our neighbor, Agnes, wife of M. C. Pennypacker.

9/25/1850 John Creager and son here cutting corn.

10/1/1850 John Williams and L. W. Roberts drove 8 steers to market.

10/7/1850 Edith Kirkpatrick come to live here awhile.

10/11/1850 Our folks at Susan Llewellyns making cider.

10/22/1850 Joseph took our Dearborne to Ottoes to get repaired.

11/1/1850 Edith Kirkpatrick went home. She was here 3 weeks and 3 days.

11/15/1850 Joseph went to Ottys after the Dearborne.

11/26/1850 Joseph went to the sale of John Youngs farm. John Sheldrake purchased it for $10,000.

12/2/1850 Catharine come home.

12/17/1850 Quilted Catharines skirt.

12/31/1850 Catharine come home.

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1/2/1851 Put a letter in the PO for Stephen B. Roberts.

1/3/1851 I feel against the stove and burnt my hand badly.

1/6/1851 We butchered 5 hogs, sold one to Creager, L. W. Roberts, Benjamin Rhoads and Andrew and Mary Kirkpatrick here helping.

1/7/1851 Sarah R. Williams and Mary Kirkpatrick helping all day.

1/11/1851 Funeral of Hannah Coates, aged 82 years and 3 months.

1/13/1851 We come home this afternoon and brought Mary Emily Roberts with us.

1/17/1851 David Wells bought the fat oxen, and gave $122.50.

1/20/1851 Davis went with his father to drive the cattle to the Bull tavern.

1/21/1851 The Cotton Factory was on fire but soon got it subdued.

1/26/1851 Joseph and I went to the funeral [of Major Little], met with Mary Jane Williams at the Mill and see went with us.

1/27/1851 Catharine come here. I took her to Phoenixville with her clothes, and brought home my carpet [from where?].

2/2/1851 Sarah sent for Mary Jane to come and stay with her grandfather.

2/3/1851 James Paiste took them to Philadelphia.

2/4/1851 Resumed the winding up of our concerns.

2/6/1851 The cotton mill at Cedar Hollow was burnt down tonight.

2/11/1851 Patrick went to John Williams to help thresh.

2/12/1851 Kitty Miller here helping wash.

3/5/1851 Davis went with me this morning to the Valley preparative meeting. I called to see Mary W. at her school. John Sheldrake moved to John Youngs old place.

3/14/1851 Lewis W. Roberts and Jonathan Major here to dinner, brought hay here.

3/17/1851 I began to quilt Ann McCowens skirt.

3/19/1851 I quilting Mary Janes skirt.

3/24/1851 Invited to the funeral of James A. Pennypacker. He died at Durham Forge and his corpse was brought to Phoenixville.

3/28/1851 Henry Frock and Daniel McCarty here building an addition to the spring house.

3/29/1851 John Williams here awhile, said we to move to our old home.

3/31/1851 Lavinia Jackson and Mary Jane Williams here helping us prepare to move. J Roberts Williams and Patrick Leebe each took two loads down.

4/1/1851 John and Sarah R, Williams, L. W. Roberts and his two daughters, Jacob Rhoads, Maragret and Sarah Davis, Janette Davis, Margaret McVeagh and son B. Franklin, and J. W. Williams come to help, also Henry Christy. We got down about 10 oclock all safe.

4/2/1851 Very rainy, bad for those that had to move. We were very busy all day fixing.

4/3/1851 The girls fixed me up quite snug.

4/4/1851 We washed and ironed and done up many things.

4/14/1851 Jane Murry come to wash for Sarah. Ferman Coar come here to take the impression for Sarah’s teeth. [where is Joseph in all this moving?]

4/19/1851 Sarah, little David, and I went to Norristown to see Fermon. He fixed what he could.

5/2/1851 Men fixing the house for Wheatley [Charles Wheatley, the miner. The mine was started in 1851 and closed in the 1860’s].

5/6/1851 Cousin Jane Pennypacker got badly hurt this evening with the Carrs, was taken in at Nicholas Beans. She was badly bruised but no bones broken.

5/23/1851 J. Williams got some shad and herring of a man passing by.

5/24/1851 Patrick Leebe had his leg broken by the kick of a horse.

5/26/1851 Davis went home today.

5/31/1851 Davis come for his clothes.

6/9/1851 Jane Murry sick, sent for me. They live in the house with John Rapp.

6/10/1851 I washed and ironed.

6/16/1851 Our men began to mow.

6/21/1851 The childrens school out today. They very pleased with their oranges.

7/1/1851 Our men got all their hay in last evening.

7/3/1851 The men busy harvesting.

7/12/1851 Our men got all their grain in about 5 oclock.

7/13/1851 Uncommon fine day, harvest both hay and grain. Mary Ann Kungle come here awhile.

7/16/1851 Priscilla Small and her daughter Emma come to see us this evening to spend some time among us.

7/20/1851 Priscilla and Emma went with Debby [Matlack] to John Roberts.

7/21/1851 John brought them here this evening.

7/24/1851 Debby and the little girls went to J. Williams a Blackberrying.

7/25/1851 Engaged in doing up the blackberries.

7/28/1851 A good many men at Lewis’s building a house for seniors.

8/12/1851 John Williams took Priscilla and Emma to their uncle Jaber Wilsons beyond Norristown.

8/27/1851 Mary went round collecting her school funds.

8/31/1851 Joseph took Mary to Thomas Walkers in Montgomery county to engage in a school nearby.

9/1/1851 Mary boards at Jonathan Ellis’s near her school.

9/15/1851 John Williams sent Davis with a note saying Sarah was ill and wished to see me. I went there and at 3 oclock she presented us with a daughter [Henrietta].

9/16/1851 I still with Sarah, her nurse disappointed her.

9/17/1851 John brought Kitty Rinker there, and I was released.

9/23/1851 Joseph, Sarah and I went to the funeral of Peggy Rapp.

10/7/1851 Joseph and I went towards Norristown to see a ploughing match.

10/8/1851 Many of the neighbors here at Lewis’s cleaning the race.

10/16/1851 Murry here helping clean house.

10/22/1851 The men husking corn.

10/30/1851 If Sarah R. Williams out lives me this diary is her property.

11/3/1851 Joseph and I went to the city early.

11/5/1851 Went to Arch Street wharf, got on the steam boat Edwin Forrest and had a delightful ride to Trenton to see our brother Cornelius Conard.

11/9/1851 I hope we enough thankful for our manyfold blessings, which the great giver sees meet to bestow upon us.

11/11/1851 Mary Rapp went home. Sarah has no help.

12/8/1851 We all butchered our hogs, we had five and Lewis nine, which amde for a busy day.

12/9/1851 A very busy day.

12/10/1851 We washed this morning.

12/11/1851 Mary and I started early. I took her to the new bridge at the head of Valley Forge dam. I called at mothers for a bit. She informed me that Dr. J. R. Walker had bought Brintons place. 80 acres for one hundred and ten dollars per acre. What stock and grain would reduce it to 103 dollars. I went to Even Kendalls to see aunt Margaret Walker.

12/14/1851 Lewis W. Roberts accompanied his sister to Norristown where she expects to commence school in the new peabled school house.

12/20/1851 John Senior took his son Joseph, a young man of about 25 years of age, to Chester county poor house, he being insane for several years.

12/24/1851 Philip Cliff buried his wife and two children. John and Lewis went to the funeral.

Lewis went up to Browers after Mary, she come from Norristown to Phoenixville on the stage.

12/27/1851 Uncommonly cold. Thermometer stood 16 deg. below zero.

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1/1/1852 We dined on roast turkey at Lewis’s.

2/9/1852 Went to Seniors to twist some yarn.

3/4/1852 Received a letter from Mary informing us she had succeeded in getting a comfortable house for us.

3/25/1852 Widow Beaver moved to Phoenixville.

3/31/1852 Betty Buzzard buried today, about 92 years. Thomas Senior moved to Charlestown village.

4/1/1852 Thomas Senior got a bedstead of us and Joseph took it to Charlestown village this afternoon.

4/5/1852 We felt bad to leave the neighborhood at such a time when our kind old friend was to be entered, but being all ready and our waggons loaded we felt we must go. Our kind neighbor, Mary King, wife of Eli from Moorehall come to assist us.

4/6/1852 Janetta Davis came to see us, we were all ready to start, her father had not come with his horses, as the waggon was brought the day before and loaded. She told us he would come if it quit snowing, which it did about tha time. Eli and Mary King come with their two horse Dearborne which took a good many things. Joseph Roberts had a two horse Dearborne and Lewis’s big waggon, and Morris Miller to drive it. Lewis and Sarah in their Dearborne. Joseph, Mary Jane Williams and myself in our dearborne We started about ten and seen Samuel Davis coming with his horses.

We arrived in Norristown on the main street opposite S. Aaron school about one oclock, to our new home.

4/8/1852 Friend Hahn come home with Mary from school to help her fix her carpet.

4/14/1852 Anne Foulke and I went to the new friends meeting house to make cushions, it being too cold in the house we all went to Isaac Stokes to sew until noon. We finished sixteen cushions, some very long ones, there were about 20 of us, we had quite a pleasant time, most of them strangers to me. We were treated to oranges and apples.

4/17/1852 Mary Jane went home this afternoon. We shall feel quite lonely without her.

4/21/1852 Today Mary F. Roberts, sister of Lewis, the plough maker, was buried at Schuylkill friends burying ground.

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1853 - no entries


8/28/1854 I went to town in Carr to attend the funeral of our dear aged uncle Lewis Walker in the 88 year of his age.

9/2/1854 Mary engaged in a school in Delaware county.

9/11/1854 Sally here helping wash.

9/16/1854 William Roberts called here on his way to the city. Received a letter from our daughter in law of Illinois, also one from our daughter Sarah R. Williams.

9/27/1854 Little Mary Famous our next door little pet is quite poorly.

10/1/1854 Oliver Jackson of Charlestown county[?] brought his sister Mary to board with us to go to school.

10/3/1854 Sally Flowers here cleaning house.

10/16/1854 Sally here helping wash and cleaning stoves.

10/17/1854 Attended the funeral of John Richards. He was buried at Laurel Hill, aged 58 years.

10/22/1854 [last entry]

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  1. George Truman (1798-1877). He was a Quaker merchant and doctor and a recognized minister who visited Indians in the American West and former Quaker settlements in the West Indies. He was one of the founders of Swarthmore College. - George Truman Family papers, TriCollege Libraries, Archives and Manuscripts.
  2. The Panic of 1837 was a financial crisis in the United States that touched off a major depression, which lasted until the mid-1840s. Profits, prices, and wages went down; unemployment went up; and pessimism abounded. The panic had both domestic and foreign origins. - Wikipedia
  3. A tract of land the northeast corner of Nutts and Whitehorse roads. The tract was inherited by Joseph from John Roberts. There was a store and post office there for many years. Chester County deed O4-450.
  4. Chester County deed R4-561