Thursday March 8th. A dull disagreeable day. Rachel is still quite unwell. Immediately after breakfast Mother sent me into the back room to assist Charlotte in laying out her quilt which we succeeded in getting very nicely accomplished. After dinner Mother, Amanda, and I plucked chickens for market, besides a pair for dinner tomorrow, and one nice, fat, young one for Rae.

Friday March 9th. A much more pleasant day than yesterday. Rachel still not well. Amanda and I helped Charlotte quilt all day.

Saturday March 10th. It has been a very disagreeable, and rather changeable day; a high wind, and several little snow squalls in the afternoon. I helped Charlotte quilt all day again, Amanda helped after dinner, and Rachel was able to quilt some too; between all hands we got it out this evening and I am real glad of it, for my fingers are pretty badly pricked. Josiah went to church-meeting at Willistown this afternoon, in all probability for the last time.

Sunday March 11th. A very pleasant day, but quite a high wind. Mother, Amanda, Samuel, and I went to Presbyterian in the morning, the house was well filled. Mr. Patterson preached a very plain but good sermon from Isaiah 49:21. “Produce your cause, saith the Lord; bring forth your strong reasons, saith the King of Jacob.” Josiah, Jonathan and Charlotte went to Willistown, Jonathan came home after meeting, but the others did not. I spent the afternoon and evening in reading. None of us went out in the evening as Mr. Patterson did not have meeting at his church. I read a new and very excellent book this afternoon, written by Austin Phelps, Professor in Andover Theological Seminary and entitled the “Still Hour”; or “Communion with God,” treating of Prayer, that mighty power by which we are enabled to move the hand that moves the world. Oh! what a blessed privilege is it that we can hold intercourse with the High and Holy One who governs the Universe, that we can go to Him with all our joys, with all our sorrows, and ever find Him, what He has promised to be, “a friend that sticketh closer than a brother”!

Monday March 12th. Rained in the morning, cleared off before noon, but rained again in the afternoon. I was quite sick when I arose this morning, Amanda was not well, and Charlotte not at home, so we did not wash. About 11 A.M. Mr. Dunlap brought Josiah and Charlotte home, they had gone home with Deacon Ruth from church yesterday.

Tuesday March 13th. Cloudy and windy. Rachel is considerably worse today, can scarcely manage to walk at all. Mother has quite a sore throat from sleeping with the window slightly raised last night. Charlotte and I were working at my silk dress, she at the body, and I at the skirt. Amanda and Jonathan spent the evening at Cornog's. Rachel is not so well today. I received a letter from my room-mate Mattie D. Jones this evening.

Wednesday March 14th. A beautiful day. Arose rather late. Charlotte and I both sewing at my silk dress all day. I finished my part early this evening, and she is now about finishing hers. All the boys are out, Samuel went to Mr. Worrel’s, Josiah went to prayer-meeting at Deacon Ruth’s, Jonathan went over to Emmon Griffith's, Nathan Griffith’s, and Mordecai Cornog’s to invite them to our moving.

Thursday March 15th. A beautiful Spring day. Soon after breakfast Squire McCurdy came to survey the farm, several of the neighbors came to witness the
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performance and to assist in determining upon the proper corners where no corner stones are to be found. John Acker, the recent purchaser, was also among the number. Young Jacob and his new wife, together with Miss Sallie Chrisman came to look over the house and take some measurements preparatory to purchasing carpets, etc. In the afternoon Emma Geddes came over, staid to tea, and went down to church with our folks in the evening. I had expected to go, but when it came to the starting point, though (sic) I had better stay home. The object of the meeting was the ordination of Elders and Deacons, three of each.

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