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A Valuable Merchant and Grist Mill

11.07.1854 Village Record
A Valuable Merchant and Grist Mill
at Public Sale. - The subscriber will
offer at public sale, on TUESDAY, Nov. 14th
1854, on the premises, his Mill Property, situate in
Tredyffrin township, Chester county, Pa., 20 miles
from the city of Philadelphia, in the great Valley of
Chester, 2 1/2 miles from the Columbia Railroad at
Paoli, about the same distance from the Reading Railroad
and Schuulkill Navigation at Valley Forge, and
within half a mile of the Chester Valley Railroad at
Howelville [sic] [Howellville]. This property is very handsomely located,
consisting of a Stone MERCHANT &
GRIST MILL, 51 by 41 feet, three and a half
stories high, built in the most substantial manner,
with two water wheels, three run of
French Burrs, and all necessary machinery, all nearly
new, completely arranged for doing Merchant and
County work without interfering with each other ;
a large and substantial dam near the mill, with 12
feet head and fall. The stream is ample and less effected
by drought or ice than any other stream in the
county The mill has a good country business ; and
has always commanded a large share of the grain
produced int he valley and surrounding districts. The
DWELLING is commodious and finished in the best
manner, together with out kitchen, wood house,
smoke house, cistern with bath house over, and a
well of excellent water, with a pump therein near the
door, and also a good spring convenient thereto ; a
large stone barn, wagon house, cooper shop and other
outbuildings. TWENTY-THREE ACRES of fertile
land ; divided into convenient fields, under a high
state of cultivation ; a good apple orchard and a variety
of other fruit and shade trees. This property
has desirable local advantages seldom met with in
mill properties, it has always been remarkably healthy,
is accessible by public improvements, convenient
to places of worship of different denominations, and
is well worthy the attention fo the business man or
capitalist, and would be a desirable summer residence
for a citizen, and will be sold on accommodating
term. Persons wishing to view the property,
will please call upon the subscriber, residing thereon.
Sale to commence at one o'clock on said day.
Chester Valley Mills, SAMUEL BEAVER, Jr. Oct. 10

See the David Meredith for the deed history of Chesterbrook Mill. Samuel Beaver posted numerous advertisements trying to selling the mill, 9/30/1845, 10/19/1847, 9/29/1853, 10/10/1854, 11/7/1854, and 11/12/1854 (notice of sale). He eventually sold it to Lewis Worrall on 3/27/1855 (deed X5-426).

Found by Herb Fry. Digitized by Heidi Sproat 6/2/2022.

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