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Dr. John Davis (1744 - 1816)

John Davis lived in Tredyffrin for all of his life. He did participate in the Revolutionary War as a physician, was captured by the British in New York and held as a prisoner of war until he was exchanged in a prisoner swap. After the war he continued to practice medicine.

In the early 19th century John became the largest land owner in Tredyffrin. He owned 3 farms which totalled over 550 acres in area. He did not live long to enjoy his property as he died intestate in 1816. It took many years for his property to be sold and his affairs completed.

When his father James Davis died in 1802 James' property descended to his 3 sons: Dr. John Davis, Dr. Elijah Davis (of Maryland), and Benjamin Davis. For unknown reasons Benjamin received a smaller portion than his brothers. Then in 1815 Elijah sold his inheritance to his brother John.

John Davis died intestate on the 13th February 1816. As part of the administration proceedings his Davis property was split into 4 tracts, two of them being woodland. The two woodland tracts were each split into 8 woodlots and sold (see advertisement). The deeds are all dated 1st April 1817 and can be found on tables AO.3 and AO.4 in the deed histories. The two farms were sold seperately.

The westerly farm of 156½ acres was purchased by Enoch and Elijah Davis at the same time as the wood lots (see table AO in the deed history), and was known as Greenwood Farm. (See the TE Quarterly article A brief history of Greenwood Farm). They lost it in a Sheriff's sale (see advertisement) in 1819 and it was subsequently purchased by Dr. William Harris in 1820.

The easterly farm of 162¾ acres proved to be difficult to sell (see court notices in 1818 and 1819, and sale notices on 17th and 23rd December 1823. In 1830 it was purchased by Levi Lewis and it descended to Lydia Lewis by 1883. At one time it was called Farmfields.