New Texas Activity Reports

Significant Milestones

The New Texas Barrens are privately owned. The first records of restoration activities date from 1997.

1st Scraped Area
Aerial Photograph of the New Texas Barrens, 2006

Activity Reports

1997: 15th February; 25th October

1998: 11th March; 13th July; 7th November; also grassland #5 cleared (Tim Draude).

1999: 10th February; 12th March; 5th June; 7th July; 21st October; 13th November; 18th November;
also grasslands #7/10 and #8 were cleared around 1999 (Tim Draude).

2000: 30th June; 30th September; 5th December

2001: 26th May; there was also a workday on the 17th November but details are unknown.

2002: 4th April;  26th April;  22nd June;  14th September.

2003: 30th April17th May1st July9th November.

2004: 19th January10th April8th May22nd May20th November5th December.

2005:  19th March10th May18th May23rd June9th July30th July   1st November10th November18th December.

2006: 19th January29th January2nd May13th May6th June17th June1st September.

2007:  17th January; 10th February; 29th March; 14th April; 24th May; 7th June; 28th July; 18th August;

18th October; 17th November; 20th December.

2008: 12th January28th February25th April26th June16th August23rd October

20th November18th December.

2009:  11th July20th August8th October10th December.

2010: 11th March

2011: 6th November

2012: 24th May;  19th July;  8th September6th October

2013: 3rd May;