Chrome Activity Reports

Significant Milestones

The Chrome Barrens are split into 2 sections: Lower and Upper Chrome. Lower Chrome is owned by TNC the land having being donated by the King family. Upper Chrome is owned by Elk Township but TNC has an agreement with the township to manage the property.

1st Scraped Area
Upper Chrome

1st Scraped Area
Lower Chrome

Activity Reports

There were resoration activities before 2003 but they have not been recorded.

2003:  9th January20th January28th January12th March27th March24th April30th April3rd May

12th June4th October; 18th October18th December30th December.

2004:  20th December.

2005:  4th February19th October.

2006:  7th January26th May22nd July17th August26th August12th October; 21st November17th December .

2007:  7th January; 31st January; 3rd April; 19th April; 2nd May; 12th May; 14th June; 30th June; 17th July;

31st July; 27th August; 6th September; 17th September; 9th October; 28th October; 11th November .

2008: 21st February10th April19th April21st June31st JulyChrome Scraping (18th August)

28th August22nd September9th October.

2009:  workdays took place on the 30th June and 7th August (and perhaps other days) but no activity reports were created.

2011: 5th May; 29th September; 4th December.

2012: 26th February.

2013: 23rd March; 20th April; 7th June.