Goat Hill Activity Reports

Significant Milestones


1984 After a proposal to start mining at Goat Hill an effort led by Rose Chase culminated in The Nature Conservancy (TNC) purchasing the land. Susbsequently a portion of the property was sold onto the Bureau of Forestry.

1998 TNC scraped first plot of land.

1st Scraped Area
First Scraped Area, 28th March 2011

2006 Second tract scraped. (25th April).

2nd scraped area
Second Scraped Area, 28th March 2011

2009 The Friends started work on restoration on the Bureau of Forestry land.

Map of Goat Hill Bureau of Forestry Serpentine Sites (first numbering scheme)

Map of Goat Hill Bureau of Forestry Serpentine Sites (second numbering scheme)

2011 Rose Trail opened (1st October).

Activity Reports

1996: Date unknown

1998: Spring

2002: 19th June

2003: 8th March29th March19th April7th May24th June9th July

15th July31st July8th August6th September23rd November.

2004: 28th April13th May5th December;   20th December.

2005: 7th February20th February12th March17th March11th June18th August16th September.

2006: 10th March16th March25th March30th March25th April25th May2nd June4th November.

2007: 3rd March12th June.

2008: 18th March27th April29th May10th July11th August21st August

5th September18th September5th October26th October9th November.

2009: 4th January30th April28th May27th June2nd July15th August19th September8th November

2010: 8th April6th May3rd June21st October

2011: 14th April26th May30th June20th December

2012: 15th February;  15th March;  31st May23rd June7th July11th August10th November15th December.

2013: 29th March; 5th April; 10th May; 31st May.